Can I see your waste carriers licence please Mr Landlord?

Can I see your waste carriers licence please Mr Landlord?

20:36 PM, 4th April 2013, About 11 years ago 14

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Can I see your waste carriers licence please Mr LandlordDid you know that if you carry waste in the course of your business (property letting) for profit, then you are likely to require a Waste Carriers License?

If you use contractors, they must have one.

Do you think that it may not apply?

Well, guidance states that it includes all these items:

Examples of construction and demolition wastes would include:

  • baths
  • sinks
  • fences
  • windows
  • walls
  • doors
  • plasterboard
  • pipe-work
  • radiators
  • any items that had been part of, or had been, an infrastructure

If these related to your own home, you’d be exempt.

Okay, so now you’re aware, let’s pretend you’ve not read this and everything will be okay!

Well, you can get fined up to £50k or face a 5 year jail term for not having one!

Okay – still not convinced?

Here’s a plumber who was fined for taking a radiator away from a house – LINK HERE

Read this story about somebody being pulled up for putting a bacon butty wrapper in a bin (no joke!) – LINK HERE 

If you need to register, or are not sure, you should visit THIS LINK

The cost is currently £154

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16:46 PM, 5th April 2013, About 11 years ago

2 qs:

1 - Can I put my tradesmen on my license as part of my organisation for this when they work for me casually? Obviously one still needs to do the paperwork and the other administro-bollocks.

2 - Why do we cross-subsidise the free licenses for charities operating commercially?


19:09 PM, 5th April 2013, About 11 years ago

Totaly out of order but expect a fine if you leave your house these days.
Did this plumber say he was scrapping the radiator and copper pipe, I wouldd have said I'm taking it home to fit in my garage as it's getting cold, my sister wants a rad, any excuse really. I would have said taking it to the scrap dealers, they pay money for it,
If you can't be bothered to sell this stuff leave it outside your house someone will take it away.
i have left old boilers, Cast iron baths, washing machines and tumble driers. Ther'e gone in two days. Once had a guy on a push bike take away a large micowave.

Never use a van to dum things at the local council site. If you get there without a fine the charge you to dump it.

Get a 5 door hatch back or estate car, shift your rubbish in that, it's household waste

Lisé Willcox

23:40 PM, 5th April 2013, About 11 years ago

Waste is a nightmare but I found a few ways around it....

Plan from day one how to remove it, I've never had a skip as a result...flats are more difficult if no garden.

If garden I keep a collection of sacks and old style plastic dustbins, and sort as I go, I employ contractors for their skills not their time clearing up or disposing of rubbish. So I get the job of clearing, sorting. I utilise the local council collections with green bags and wheely bin days too. Every day that I attend on site that I might check, manage or plan, or go shop for them for parts, I try to have manageable bags and half filled bins going back and forth in my little Yaris car. I fill it with cut up flooring etc and dismantled storage heaters. So a trip to the plumbers specialist via the dump is good, then enroute home another trip, if done a every opportunity it's no big deal and it's amazing what I've got in my car. Unwanted metal to the scrap dealer, (£45 for a copper tank recently), all bits add up! Old kitchen cubboards squash down and piece by piece go. Leave the nice bits out with a 'free' sign, pop on free cycle website or even EBay and someone comes and takes it and pays u lol! I can't get a bath in thou and recently had to borrow a pals old estate to do that disposal, though, but that was it really. Even a pile of bricks can go ten at a time if the dump is between the site and home. In 9 projects where each was done up and let it was managed this way, that was 3 kitchens, 5 heating systems updated and 3 baths/suites replaced. I did have an estate for a few years, which helped.

Asbestos has been an issue twice in ten years, however if you research carefully the rules - it can be done carefully, legally and reasonably. It is something that I would factor in now when making a property purchase.

Obviously I do not do more than two properties at once and have a small portfolio, however, I have found my strategy works each time, the downside is my car is not always as clean as I would like, but then I have four dogs anyway !!

Joe Bloggs

13:17 PM, 6th April 2013, About 11 years ago

potential defences:
1) im not convinced this applies to waste that an owner/landlord removes from a property he owns, as he/she also owns the waste.
2) is it in the course of a business as HMRC class BTL as investment income rather than business?

Mary Latham

14:24 PM, 7th April 2013, About 11 years ago

The waste reception site near the University of Birmingam has been charging landlords for some time and they even charge if a landlord turn up in a van with rubbish left by tenants. Some landlords get away with it if they use a car boot and don't go too often. The other alternative is to give your "tenant" a lift to the tip to dump their rubbish - some landlords have found their teenage kids useful for this.

Working with other landlords is also a good idea and you can share the cost of the licence so long as you also share the vehicle used to visit dump the rubbish.

Follow me on Twitter@landlordtweets

Joe Bloggs

20:26 PM, 7th April 2013, About 11 years ago

mary - the charge is for a van, rather because you are a landlord. if you turn up in a van they assume its commercial. this is also what recardo says.
glad youve found a use for teenage children!

Ian Ringrose

10:38 AM, 8th April 2013, About 11 years ago

Assuming that a landlord with 2 or 3 properties using a car is likely to get fined no more than the plumber then the chance of getting fined in a given year must be close to 50% for this to be an issue.
Now if a landlord is effectively running their own private building company doing up lots of properties it could be a real issue.

Robert M

15:47 PM, 8th April 2013, About 11 years ago

Now if I could be treated as running a business for all tax purposes I might think this a bit more fair.

My solution is a Chrysler Voyager. All the seats fold flat, line it with old duvets and you're away! Having said that, I am dealing with old furniture, tenant leftovers and little else.

Joe Bloggs

15:51 PM, 8th April 2013, About 11 years ago

ian - i think the odds are far, far less.

david Brinsden

17:07 PM, 11th April 2013, About 11 years ago

Just wasted! an hour looking over the environment agency's website, talk about jobsworths!
Looks like we would all need a licence but I guess most of us use our cars to visit the local civic amenity site as it's called these days.

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