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Mary Latham

13:26 PM, 29th July 2016, About 6 years ago

Open Letter to Philip Hammond MP - Chancellor of the Exchequer

The most recent English Housing Survey shows that In 2014-15, 19% of all households were private renters. This equates to 4.3
million households.
• The sector increased from 11% to 18% between 2004-05 and 2012-13 and then
to 19% in 2014-15. .

Social housing provision is going to be reduced further by the Right to Buy from Housing Associations.

In addition to your suggestions they should remove the penalties for those who rent social housing so that they can offer spare rooms to rent because they are short of smaller homes and many people have more rooms that they don't need and could do with the extra cash.

A good letter Mark well done.

In addition to the overt taxation of landlords we all need to remember that there is also the hidden taxation in the form of more licensing, which most councils are now using to raise funds. A licence in Birmingham will add £1,150 to the landlords overheads before he meets any additional costs relating to extras conditions attached to the licence and even a renewal costs £850.

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Mary Latham

19:33 PM, 21st July 2016, About 6 years ago

What are the implications of more of us becoming landlords?

I am sorry to say that in my experience it makes very little difference whether a landlord is full time or part time - most landlords no very little about their legal obligations. Some try to keep up, join landlords associations, engage on fora like 118, facebook groups, sign up for newsletters.... but the reality is that our business is complicated and becomes more so every time a new piece of legislation or regulation is introduced.

Some people want to get it right and often pay thousands of pounds to be "taught" by property guru but they are not learning about their legal obligations they are learning about making money from investing in property to rent in the UK.

Landlords/property investors usually find me when they are in trouble and it is sometimes very difficult to stop myself from reacting to their lack of knowledge.

Chris you asked "Or will it have a negative effect on the reputation of landlords as a whole?" I am sorry to say that it will and it will bring more regulation and legislation with the associated costs.

A good example of this is the huge increase in the number of HMO and this is the result:

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Mary Latham

13:58 PM, 29th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Mark Robert Alexander vs West Bromwich Mortgage Company High Court Judgement

Mark I am so sorry that you did not win but well done for putting up a fight on behalf of buy to let borrowers.

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Mary Latham

14:43 PM, 6th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Had a CCJ demanding 3 times the deposit

Steve Did they move out at the end of December? Very curious to know

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Mary Latham

14:40 PM, 6th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Had a CCJ demanding 3 times the deposit

Reply to the comment left by "Peter Mclelland" at "20/12/2014 - 19:41":

Peter I am sorry I have just come back to see how Steve got on and picked up your post.

I can see no problems at all with what you have done - I too have done this in the past, sometimes we just have to take a common sense approach and do what we feel is best... Read More