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david Brinsden

14:31 PM, 18th October 2019
About 6 months ago

Landlords selling up in frustration - Rightmove

I am getting ready to sell my 3rd property this year.
I didn't sign up to be an unpaid civil servant whether it's to check their status or to take on extra tax work or be a form filler.
I am diversifying in to small commercial properties or even lock up garages. Simples!... Read More

david Brinsden

15:39 PM, 6th September 2019
About 7 months ago

Meeting MP about S21 Abolition - What's the latest status?

I am doing the same. Selling 3rd house this year & not taking on any new tenants. I am concentrating now on commercial properties.... Read More

david Brinsden

9:41 AM, 28th August 2019
About 7 months ago

Tenants bearing brunt of government home ownership focus

I have been a long term landlord with 12 properties, half of which have been let to benefits claimants. This has peaked for me & I am now selling up. I am selling my 3rd property & really don't think I will go back into residential, I am now focussing on commercial properties.... Read More

david Brinsden

16:35 PM, 23rd August 2019
About 7 months ago

The Alliance position on Section 21

Reply to the comment left by DALE ROBERTS at 23/08/2019 - 15:02
I was in a similar position but problem was, my tenant had vanished, taking their clothes etc with them. Solicitor said that I couldn't just assume abandonment so had to do the whole section 21 palavar, took months but have of course now had to sell to get money back. Also just selling another property with good tenant but on benefits which fluctuated massively. So that's 2 this year, luckily in 2 financial years!... Read More

david Brinsden

15:39 PM, 6th March 2019
About A year ago

Discrimination against high risk tenants

I have been renting to high risk dss clients for a number of years & due to the number of them who have left owing rent due to them being sanctioned or just trashed the place, I now only rent to a tenant who is being supported by a housing charity, this seems to work well as they can pick & choose who will appreciate being housed in a nice flat. I still have 4 tenants who have been as good as gold apart from the odd hiccup with their payments being stopped by the dss usually through no fault by them.... Read More