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Robert M

14:23 PM, 10th August 2019
About 2 months ago

If Students don't provide proof I'll have to pay Council Tax?

Some comments on this post are misleading so I thought I might summarise:
A property let to more than two unrelated individuals is an HMO. Therefore if you have a four bedroom house let to students it is an HMO, regardless of whether it is let on a joint tenancy or a single joint tenancy. You do not "create" an HMO by opting for individual agreements.
Personally, I would always recommend a single agreement for students. This gives you leverage for persuading them to find a replacement and cuts down on (not eliminates!) arguments about responsibility for communal areas. You can always elect not to pursue extra rent from remaining students, or keep it as a negotiating point when discussing deposit returns.
The council can demand that the landlord be liable to them for the council tax if there are separate tenancy agreements. However, contrary to the casual advice given by Wayne or Tracey on the council helpline, the fact that the council (quite correctly) regards the landlord liable to them, it does not alter the terms of the tenancy contract which may make the tenants liable to reimburse the landlord.
Finally, watch out for the standard council trick of ending the student exemption as soon as the student's course ends. Not correct.... Read More

Robert M

21:03 PM, 18th June 2019
About 4 months ago

Subject to status and referencing

I have a far more simple approach. No guarantee, no tenancy. If you are over 25 and pass the gut instinct test (along with other tests) an exception might be made.
Broadly, as already stated, anyone using benefits as a top up are usually OK. Many living solely on benefits are high maintenance in one way or another.... Read More

Robert M

23:53 PM, 10th March 2019
About 8 months ago

Discrimination against high risk tenants

Don't discriminate. Just require any tenant to provide details of a potential guarantor. Dealing with singles or unmarried couples with no children, I have to say that in my (limited) experience I have no problem with anyone using benefits to top up low income. I have had problems with those who simply seem to believe that work is an option best avoided.... Read More

Robert M

23:45 PM, 10th March 2019
About 8 months ago

Home Office to appeal High Court Right to Rent ruling

Am I missing something? As I understand it the offence is to rent to someone not entitled to be in the UK, failing to carry out the checks is not an offence on its own? However, if you discriminate in the checks you carry out there could be a problem. So if you rent two rooms one to Fiona from the Home Counties and one to Mohamed from India but only check the latter's Right to Rent that would be a different offence.... Read More

Robert M

23:38 PM, 10th March 2019
About 8 months ago

Suspected falsification of employment reference?

Have the tenant actually defaulted yet? They may prove to be good. A lot of mortgages were taken out using iffy evidence of earnings but the loans were honoured.... Read More