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Robert M

13:05 PM, 17th May 2022, About A week ago

Dry rot in two leasehold flats and the joint freeholder is not responding?

Write to him advising that as he is a solicitor he has an obligation to deal with such matters in a professional manner and you reserve the right to complain to the Law Society with copies of all unanswered emails etc.... Read More

Robert M

23:31 PM, 24th April 2022, About 4 weeks ago

Listed property EPCs - possible exemption?


Just email your local council planning department.

Tell them that the housing department are unable to confirm if an EPC is needed for an HMO licence. Therefore, advise them that you are considering solar panels, heat pumps, double glazing and external wall insulation to meet the EPC C requirements and ask them what would be liklely to be accepted on a planning application. Seriously, they need to come off the fence and decide. I understand Edinburgh approved slimline double glazing for listed properties. What does your council allow? Also, the listing may be for paricular fetaures allowing other improvements. I know a pub that is listed for its bar area only.

You could also tell them that the property has electricity and gas central heating installed but you are unable to trace authority for these and ask for retrospective approval.

A typical council appears to confuse conservation with preservation. I have a modern property built in the 1980s in a conservation area and wonder precisely what is being conserved.... Read More

Robert M

23:09 PM, 24th April 2022, About 4 weeks ago

Purchase of mixed use Freehold and Leasehold titles?

I own a house with a separate flat above it. Two separate land register entries. The flat owns the leashold of the house and the house owns the leasehold of the flat. No I do not understand either. Apparently, this is known as a Tyneside lease or a cross over lease where the leaseholder of each property is also the landlord of the other. Clear as mud to me. However, it occurs to me there may be some inheritance tax planning opportunity. Do not automatically go for saving of a few pounds in SDLT if you can save a larger amount in IHT.... Read More

Robert M

21:35 PM, 5th March 2022, About 3 months ago

Paying for major works in March - which tax year?

As a chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor I am reminded of the story about a business owner asking what his profit for the year just ended and the reply asking what he wanted it to be.

If you are on the cash basis it would seem date of payment prevails. If you are on the accruals basis I would argue it depends on when the work starts (or started) and ends (or ended).

As it sounds as if this is a one off, I would expect the agent to want cash up front, in which case the work has not yet started? On an accruals basis I could argue that if the work starts after 31 March / 5 April it falls into 2022/23. On the other hand, the need for the work has been identified and at this year end the liability is known so you could accrue it into 2021/22 even if paid later.

I'll get my coat ....... Read More

Robert M

23:52 PM, 14th March 2021, About A year ago

Government's so-called protection is damaging decent tenants' prospects

This thread amply illustrates why I have never used draft documents provided by well meaning organisations but drafted by non-landlords. The concept of limiting a rent review to one day in a year is an obvious trap. I have had an agency pinch my draft which I suppose is a form of flattery.... Read More