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Robert M

23:53 PM, 10th March 2019
About a month ago

Discrimination against high risk tenants

Don't discriminate. Just require any tenant to provide details of a potential guarantor. Dealing with singles or unmarried couples with no children, I have to say that in my (limited) experience I have no problem with anyone using benefits to top up low income. I have had problems with those who simply seem to believe that work is an option best avoided.... Read More

Robert M

23:45 PM, 10th March 2019
About a month ago

Home Office to appeal High Court Right to Rent ruling

Am I missing something? As I understand it the offence is to rent to someone not entitled to be in the UK, failing to carry out the checks is not an offence on its own? However, if you discriminate in the checks you carry out there could be a problem. So if you rent two rooms one to Fiona from the Home Counties and one to Mohamed from India but only check the latter's Right to Rent that would be a different offence.... Read More

Robert M

23:38 PM, 10th March 2019
About a month ago

Suspected falsification of employment reference?

Have the tenant actually defaulted yet? They may prove to be good. A lot of mortgages were taken out using iffy evidence of earnings but the loans were honoured.... Read More

Robert M

23:36 PM, 10th March 2019
About a month ago

Rent calculation on Periodic Tenancy termination by tenants

This is a boring technical legal point I was one told. How accurate it is I do not know. You cannot unilaterally end a periodical tenancy, it automatically renews for (usually monthly rent) a month. What you actually do is give notice you do not want it to renew at the end of a period, which is why notice always had to expire at the end of a period. How this reconciles with the "new" rules for section 21 notices I do not know. Of course both parties may agree short notice.... Read More

Robert M

14:19 PM, 8th May 2017
About 2 years ago

Thailand refurb tax deductable ?

The advice already given is correct in that a UK resident is taxable in the UK on word wide income. In that respect your income is added together. However, in calculating your total income there are rules about loss offsets and a loss on your foreign property cannot be set against a profit on your UK rental business. This stops dubious claims for holiday homes. Look to the relevant tax treaty to see if you would be taxable in Thailand on any profits there.... Read More