Unsavoury goings on?

Unsavoury goings on?

9:48 AM, 29th November 2016, About 8 years ago 6

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In a conversion building , one of the owner/Leaseholders ( no share in Freehold) is a thoroughly undesirable element. He has unsavoury ‘visitors’ arriving at all hours of the day and night and in many other ways is in complete contravention of the terms of his lease.unsavoury

This has been going on for years, but it is a worsening situation. Other people in the building are seriously troubled by him. Some unsavoury visitors have now broken down the main entrance door to the building.

The aforesaid owner is mainly dependent on Benefits as, at the age of 34, he suffered a drug related accident some 6 years ago just after he had bought his flat.

He has about 61 years left on his Lease. As Freeholders, could we refuse to renew his lease if he were to request an extension

We need to get him OUT.


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Neil Patterson

9:51 AM, 29th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Hi Margaret,

if you are suspicious of illegal activity I would report it to the police rather than the council in the first instance as the police can be relied upon in vulnerable situations to keep your anonymity.

Lynette Morris

9:40 AM, 30th November 2016, About 8 years ago

I had a similar problem with a tenant who was a heroine addict. He went on holiday and gave keys to his druggie friends who wrecked a fire door and remained for 6 weeks ,all the while dealing drugs to other dodgy visitors. There was a bit of a punch up and they left on the QT. The place was full of used needles and various drug paraphernalia. A probation officer had called the police who apparently sent in a crime seen team. However as Owner, they didn't bother to inform me and did nothing about the criminal damage and theft of £800 worth of small items. Even when two taken to court for driving offences weeks later gave the flat as their address,a criminal offence, the police did nothing. They now know where these criminals are but refuse to cooperate with me in giving an address to serve private prosecution papers. You've guessed it.. DATA PROTECTION!! They are protected but not the innocent landlord. The system is on its head and not fit for purpose.

Only after two official complaints did I get a full written report from the police, but still no address. Now my flat is plagued by debt collectors and letters showing people using it falsely to claim emergency benefits money.

maggie hurst

10:35 AM, 30th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Lynette Morris" at "30/11/2016 - 09:40":

A pretty horrifying tale, and one which is continuing alas. .. A warning ..not to get into touch with the Police. I can't say I blame the Police as they are understaffed and overburdened, but certainly the Law in general seems to squeeze landlords into tight little corners, exiting from which costs enormously in Money and Time.

John Simpson

13:40 PM, 30th November 2016, About 8 years ago

If he is in "complete contravention of the terms and conditions of the lease" why don't you just officially give him notice to desist otherwise you'll take action to rescind it, which is your ultimate right of remedy as freeholders?

maggie hurst

14:38 PM, 30th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "John Simpson" at "30/11/2016 - 13:40":

yes.; helpful, simple and we haven't got around to it. Definitely will do immediately..

Kate Mellor

21:55 PM, 5th December 2016, About 8 years ago

Margaret, have the Leasehold Advisory Service not been of any use?

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