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Kate Mellor

11:39 AM, 15th November 2019
About 4 days ago

Can I contract that any new tenant provides their own reference?

I think Jamie’s specific question has been thoroughly answered now, but I have a related question which I’ve been wondering about since the tenant fees ban came in.
After the ban came into place I initially required the applicant to sign up to a free credit referencing service such as Clear Score and to provide me with a copy of the report. I would then carry out my own landlord and employment checks, however I then became concerned that this may fall foul of the Data Protection Act in that it may involve the applicant providing personal information which was in excess of that required by me to make an informed decision. To be honest I haven’t yet sat down and reread the act to evaluate that, but this question has reminded me about it. I was also concerned that I may lose potential applicants who felt this was too invasive.
What do others think about this option?... Read More

Kate Mellor

20:44 PM, 23rd October 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Reduction in rent procedure?

I think if you want to maintain a deposit you’ll have to refund and re-protect it so as not to fall foul of the tenant fees ban. I don’t think you can refund part of a deposit and keep the rest as is. You’d be best advised to check what you need to do with your scheme.

I’ve started using Zero Deposit recently which avoids the deposit requirements. It must be optional not mandatory for the tenants, but the basics are that the tenant pays the equivalent of one week’s rent to Zero Deposit and the landlord is insured for 6 weeks rent. If the tenant then doesn’t pay his dues Zero Deposit pays out and they then pursue the tenants themselves for the debt. They are insurance backed and FCA regulated so I felt confident they’d come through. They use TDS arbitration in the event of a disputed claim.

It may be an option that would suit both parties in this case as it frees up money for the tenants purchase costs and saves you a lot of extra paperwork.... Read More

Kate Mellor

9:19 AM, 2nd October 2019
About 2 months ago

Rat Infestation - Tough?

Totally agree with Ian & Neil! The crux of the responsibility depends on the cause of the infestation. The landlord is responsible where the infestation was either pre-existing OR is caused by a failure of the building (such as gaps giving access). This MUST be addressed if you wish to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Are there food businesses in the row? Are their drains covered? Are they chocked up with food grease etc. How are they disposing of food waste? Assuming of course there are food businesses close by, if there are, report the issue to environmental health & tell them you want them to identify where the problem is coming from & ensure these businesses are acting correctly.
Take note of the bin/rubbish situation in the area, check one of your tenants isn’t “feeding the pigeons” 🙄
Get the flats inspected by an experienced pest controller to identify areas that are allowing rats to gain access. These MUST be blocked up and the existing infestation treated.
As regards payment, as a long leaseholder wouldn’t any cost of works have to be recharged by the freeholder to the leaseholders as part of their annual service charges in any case though, or am I wrong?... Read More

Kate Mellor

9:50 AM, 21st September 2019
About 2 months ago

Section 21 abolition stinks!

Reply to the comment left by at 16/09/2019 - 18:02
Luke wasn’t BLEATING as it happens he was pointing out the very real hole that exists to cover this type of scenario in the S8 process! Who on god’s green earth wants to keep a pair of tenants who are sh*tting in buckets & keeping it for posterity! Not me I can assure you. I’m actually very soft hearted and caring towards people with issues, but I’m also in business and that business is not running a psychiatric unit. If I get a tenant like this I want to know that a mechanism exists by which I can evict them and get my property back. Up until now that would be S21. Post repeal it’s an unknown quantity and THAT’S the point of this post!... Read More

Kate Mellor

9:25 AM, 20th September 2019
About 2 months ago

Concerned about DPS certificate and issuing a section 21?

If a new deposit hasn’t been taken for the second tenancy then wouldn’t the way be clear to issue S21? This deposit is for a previous tenancy that no longer exists and as such must be returned to the tenant(s). Perhaps you could suggest that she uses it to pay some of her arrears. Then issue S21.... Read More