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Kate Mellor

2 weeks ago
Eviction and return of deposit from inherited tenancy?

Photo's taken at the start of the tenancy will go a long way towards showing the condition on commencement. Especially if they are digital (which they mostly all are these days) and therefore contain embedded code showing the date, time and location the pictures where taken.... Read More

Kate Mellor

2 weeks ago
Access to my tool shed - Who Is in the wrong?

It would be interesting to find out what inspired the agent to issue you with this demand. Has this come about through a complaint by the tenants, or just some inspiration of the agent? It's unlikely the tenant would have complained as the area is entirely separate from the area they rent from you, and has it's own access and privacy from the house and garden curtilage. It seems very much a non-issue. I presume you insure the buildings along with landlords contents and you maintain this area of the garden yourself. The only point I could imagine would be an obligation to contribute towards the CT, but this would be fairly negligible as the bulk of the value is in the house itself. I can imagine there may be some legal implications in other areas as suggested by Joe, it would be interesting to hear if there were, but regards 24hrs notice for access I would say that was a load of twaddle myself...the best advice, may be to have a chat with the tenant and hear what they have to say as Neil suggested.... Read More

Kate Mellor

2 weeks ago
Housing Benefit Claim declined for sister tenant?

Reply to the comment left by Robert Mellors at 27/11/2017 - 20:06
That is one way of looking at it. However, I would argue that as the property owner's circumstances have changed and she is now not in a position to support her father she needs to charge rent for the property. His subsequent claim for housing benefit is incidental. As he is actually unequivocally using the property as his main residence and the property is owned by someone else he is receiving the benefit for which he would be claiming and she is more than entitled to receive rent for that benefit. She has been refused housing benefit herself as the council expects her to use her asset to support herself. They can't then find her at fault for doing so.... Read More

Kate Mellor

3 weeks ago
Undervalue sale of property repossession

Reply to the comment left by Nrinder Gosal at 26/11/2017 - 10:03
Sorry Nrinder, crossed wires. I was answering another posters question asking whether the purchaser who RESOLD the property at auction two weeks later had added value by splitting titles. Two weeks to turn this around wouldn’t have been possible.... Read More