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Kate Mellor

11:37 AM, 19th August 2019
About a month ago

£200 outstanding bill on prepayment/key meters?

It may be the balance of a debt they ran up before the supplier switched them to prepayment meters. Assuming the meters weren’t there when they took occupation that is. It is usual for some arrears to be paid of each week, so when the tenant tops up, some money goes to the old debt & the rest towards new charges.
Aside from that the advice already given is correct. You won’t be charged for the debt.... Read More

Kate Mellor

21:09 PM, 9th August 2019
About a month ago

Higher SDLT refund via selling property to limited company?

Yes, I believe that you could reclaim your SDLT by selling within the 3 year period, however the purchasing company would have to pay SDLT at the additional 3% rate, so what you receive with one hand you will be paying out with the other. (Ignoring your costs incurred for being a party to BOTH sides of the transaction).

Unless of course the SDLT on your new property is SUBSTANTIALLY higher than the SDLT on property A would be at the additional 2nd property rate your return for your efforts may not be worth it, bearing in mind the ongoing accountancy costs of a company. Are you planning on expanding your portfolio by purchasing more investment property in the company, or continuing to rent out your second property in the company, or just buying time to sell it at a later date?

You will of course pay Corporation Tax on any gains made in that time.... Read More

Kate Mellor

20:54 PM, 12th July 2019
About 2 months ago

What to do now we have moved away?

Hi Emily,
When you say your “deal runs out in December” are you referring to your entire mortgage term? As in it needs to be redeemed, or that your fixed term rate is ending and it will revert to the standard variable rate?

In either case you may be eligible to roll over into another product with your existing lender at very little expense, which is definitely something to look into.

If it is the latter, I personally would renew the tenancy at an increased rent and agree to allow them to carry on month to month. Heading into spring is a better time to market if you decide you do want to sell and you’ve gained some more rent and breathing space in the meantime.

I use one of Howard Rueben’s mortgage advisors, Jenny Reeves. She is excellent and works to help us achieve our personal goals and needs. She also has come up with some clever work around for us. I can’t speak highly enough of her and would definitely recommend you to take some advice from Howard’s team. I’m a very satisfied customer.

All the best with your decision and your future. It’s so hard when you’re not sure what to do for the best.... Read More

Kate Mellor

22:16 PM, 3rd July 2019
About 3 months ago

Pests in hot weather?

The only reason a landlord would be liable to pay for pest treatment when you have a clause such as yours is when the infestation was already present when the tenant moved in, (eg the carpet was full of fleas which all hatched out when the new hosts arrived), or if a defect in the property caused the infestation to occur, (such as a drainage problem, or cavities allowing rats to gain access).

As others have said £300 is ludicrous for flying ant treatment. Did they ask you to agree to them getting the pest treatment done before hand? Did you approve it? Did you or they get a quote first?

Even for work that is something you would normally pay for most tenancy agreements warn tenant's not to have work done themselves without first getting approval to do so or they are not guaranteed you will meet the cost. If you did agree to the job being done and didn't ask the price first you may be in something of a moral conundrum. In that case I would get a couple of quotes for a comparable service and offer to pay that amount only and either you or they should challenge the price and try and get a significant reduction from the pest controller.

If they've simply engaged the pest controller without any approval from you, then I would just direct them to the relevant clause in their tenancy agreement. They'll certainly think twice the next time they try dipping into your pockets as though money's no object.... Read More

Kate Mellor

16:11 PM, 1st July 2019
About 3 months ago

Don’t Panic ARLA

Ian, that makes no sense at all to me!
Both rent and a refundable tenancy deposit are allowable charges under the Tenant Fees Act 2019, nowhere is it required that these must not be paid prior to signing the tenancy agreement. In fact my AST stipulates that rent is payable 'on, or before xth of the month', thus specifically allowing for early payment.
"Holding deposit
3(2) In this Act “holding deposit” means money which is paid by or on behalf of a tenant to a landlord or letting agent before the grant of a tenancy with the intention that it should be dealt with by the landlord or letting agent in accordance with Schedule 2 (treatment of holding deposit)."
It doesn't say ALL MONEY PAID BEFORE THE GRANT OF A TENANCY, just money which the tenant paid before the grant of a tenancy with the INTENTION that is should be dealt with as a holding deposit.

In your very own words it is purely the belief of the tenant which would create the problem, therefore by following the argument to its logical conclusion we simply need to ensure that we have in writing what the tenant is paying and what it is for to show that they understood they were making an allowed payment of a different sort? It doesn't follow that if ARLA is right in suggesting this is the case that ANY AND ALL payments made prior to a tenancy ARE a holding deposit, just that you may be at risk of it being deemed one! So no, it's not unlawful if it's clearly a permitted payment just because it was made prior to the tenancy signing.... Read More