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Kate Mellor

21:43 PM, 13th March 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Mortgage lender insisting on 6 month AST for product renewal?

I’d get some quotes. A landlord can’t force a tenant to sign a new fixed term agreement. I’ve usually been asked to tell the solicitor in writing that my tenant is currently on a statutory, or contractual periodic tenancy if the fixed term has ended. Get your solicitor, or mortgage introducer to speak to the lender about it. If you can’t get any sense out of the lender, but you do want to use them then go with the break clause suggestion and hope your tenant is happy to sign it for you. It’s quite frustrating when they stick you with these daft conditions.... Read More

Kate Mellor

13:37 PM, 7th March 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Freeholder charging £36k for a new roof for my BTL Flat!?

For my two cents, your choice is either to self manage and treat any jobs as a householder would, saving yourself money on both the job itself and the laborious processes that a management company is forced to carry out in order to protect themselves from any comeback; or accept that if you don’t want the responsibility and extra workload of day to day self management, you need to accept that major works will cost far more. If your management company doesn’t use trained professionals to assess requirements and create a full safety framework they are probably not qualified to manage your property. The downside of having this detailed framework is you’re going to be restricted to the bigger more professional firms who are used to operating with CDMs, safety files & detailed surveys. These firms will cost significantly more than the ‘one man banders’ who will just get on with the job & that do jobs for ordinary householders. You can’t have your cake & eat it usually...... Read More

Kate Mellor

12:43 PM, 7th March 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Which Solicitor is responsible for not recognising restriction on property?

Reply to the comment left by DSouth at 06/03/2020 - 17:51
The purchaser’s solicitor will have a legal responsibility to their clients, the purchaser and their lender, for any loss they incur through professional negligence, but not in any capacity to you. The solicitor’s insurers would in turn have a claim against the vendor for fraudulent misrepresentation. (That is my interpretation, but I’m not a solicitor).... Read More

Kate Mellor

14:48 PM, 24th February 2020
About a month ago

Upstairs refuse to claim on their insurance for damage?

I agree with Paul & Ian’s comments above. In addition, do you have legal expenses cover on your policy? If you do you should put them on notice of the threatened legal action over this situation.... Read More

Kate Mellor

11:28 AM, 24th February 2020
About a month ago

Can our father change an Irrevocable Trust?

Reply to the comment left by Harveydog at 24/02/2020 - 09:33
Hi Tony, All the people commenting on Joyjoy’s situation have already commented on your original post and have opted to follow the thread, therefore we’ve offered you what advice we can and have tried to help someone else who’s commented on your post & is obviously also struggling. Any new readers will be drawn in to the thread by your original post and not this tangent. So anyone with any suggestions for you will still respond even though we’ve gone slightly off-topic. Unfortunately your situation is a very difficult one, so there will be very few suggestions anyone can make, as much as we all do really sympathise with you.... Read More