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Lynette Morris

7:59 AM, 8th December 2016, About 5 years ago

Tenant is sub-letting without permission - what can I do?

I had a tenant who did this and was pocketing £800 a month over my head. The extra bodies greatly affected the condition/decor etc of the property and its contents. He left when rumbled as did the illegal tenants whom I gather he threatened! I know where he is. Can I take him to my small claims court for compensation?... Read More

Lynette Morris

9:40 AM, 30th November 2016, About 5 years ago

Unsavoury goings on?

I had a similar problem with a tenant who was a heroine addict. He went on holiday and gave keys to his druggie friends who wrecked a fire door and remained for 6 weeks ,all the while dealing drugs to other dodgy visitors. There was a bit of a punch up and they left on the QT. The place was full of used needles and various drug paraphernalia. A probation officer had called the police who apparently sent in a crime seen team. However as Owner, they didn't bother to inform me and did nothing about the criminal damage and theft of £800 worth of small items. Even when two taken to court for driving offences weeks later gave the flat as their address,a criminal offence, the police did nothing. They now know where these criminals are but refuse to cooperate with me in giving an address to serve private prosecution papers. You've guessed it.. DATA PROTECTION!! They are protected but not the innocent landlord. The system is on its head and not fit for purpose.

Only after two official complaints did I get a full written report from the police, but still no address. Now my flat is plagued by debt collectors and letters showing people using it falsely to claim emergency benefits money.... Read More

Lynette Morris

8:58 AM, 20th March 2015, About 7 years ago

Budget 2015 - Government intend to make it easier to sublet!

When private no longer means private I wonder if 'sharing' is to be interpreted as the new communism? The manner is which the proposed legislation was sneaked is in cynical. There seems to be an attitude that landlords are some sort of elite club of wealthy people to whom rental incomes come as easily as picking it off a "money tree". The obvious sheer ignorance of what is involved in hard work and effort plus the landlord's preparedness to invest, is breathtaking. This in a kneejerk reaction to solve a problem which has been growing on the horizon for years. More importantly it is a BREACH OF PERSONAL FREEDOM and puts democracy 'where the sun don't shine'!

There a great pressure group called 38 DEGREES. They have over a million supporters and they take on and petition the government over this type of unjust interference. I would love it if we could get them to take this one on board. They have extremely successful on other issues. Direct public action. Any thoughts please?... Read More

Lynette Morris

19:02 PM, 21st May 2014, About 8 years ago

Rent after death

It would be easier to take this response, though obviously well intentioned, more seriously , if it were less garbled and the grammar of a better standard.

The comment misses the basic, simple response: you cannot be held personably responsible for the debt of a third party.... Read More

Lynette Morris

17:52 PM, 12th July 2013, About 8 years ago

Who is responsible for council tax when a property is abandoned?

Re finance Act: The wording in AST to which tenants sign up states they are responsible for all utililities for the duration of the AST. If they choose to reside elsewhere within the timeframe of the AST, then I can't see that this abdicates them from the full responsibility for that which they have freely signed up to. I would have thought a prior AST for the time frame in question should take precident over any other residence they take on. It is after all a contract freely entered into by two parties.... Read More