The FPC are to be given new responsibilities over the BTL market

The FPC are to be given new responsibilities over the BTL market

16:12 PM, 22nd October 2015, About 7 years ago 8

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The Chancellor George Osborne has said he will give as yet undisclosed powers to the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) to intervene in the Buy to Let market as soon as possible.FPC

The FPC are the Bank of England committee who vote every month on decisions regarding the Bank Base Rate and levels of Quantitative easing. They were given powers previously to cap Loan to Income and Loan to Value levels in the residential owner occupier market.

Osborne said “The governor of the Bank and the FPC have asked for additional powers over buy-to-let mortgages and we have granted those powers.” He was then asked if this was a new announcement and he said “I’d better wait until we actually make the announcement, but this will be as soon as possible.”

Last year the Bank of England requested powers to cap the size of landlords’ mortgages as a multiple of their rental income, similar to the Loan to Income maximums on residential mortgages. However, Osborne at the time thought more consideration was needed before any changes were implemented.

The additional powers have been requested by the Bank of England in order for it to take any necessary steps to protect the stability of the housing market.


by Jon Pipllman

8:56 AM, 23rd October 2015, About 7 years ago

Given the glorious success of the BoE in hitting its primary target (2% inflation).... well actually missing it by an increasing margin in every one of the last 21 months, then surely we should have great confidence in its ability to handle a wider remit successfully?!

It is hardly necessary anyway in the grand scheme of things: Surely Basel III will do more to effect BTL lending (2017) than almost anything the BoE could dream up in the meantime.

by Neil Patterson

10:03 AM, 23rd October 2015, About 7 years ago

I am a big fan of Mark Carney so it will be very interesting to see how they handle this in the future.

At the moment the Bank have said there is no immediate risk or need to interfere which is good news.

by JohnCaversham

10:27 AM, 23rd October 2015, About 7 years ago

Oh God....The blind are leading the blind again...i wonder what sort of ill thought out scheme they'll come up with this time......?

by Adam Hosker

12:31 PM, 23rd October 2015, About 7 years ago

It is yet to be seen; what increased rental calculations will be? how this will reduce supply of rented properties? and the effect it will have on rents charged by landlords.

The Bank of England has requested such powers as they see Buy to Let as a risk to the economy, the micro-management powers requested of amending the criteria of lenders deciding for both Landlord and Lender what risks they can take in there businesses is seen as the failure of government with "too big to fail" banking

by Recardo Knights

19:17 PM, 23rd October 2015, About 7 years ago

Someone sweeping a clean floor rather than sitting on a chair seems productive. These pen pushers who know nothing and probably never had a job are pushing the broom on a clean floor to keep employed.

They have already gone to far with licencing fees, Legionella reports on 1 bed flats to 3 bed houses, and carbon monoxide alarms, changes to sec 21 etc. I have had a word with all my tenant on these subject and asked them to write to their MP's, arguing they have been classed as second-rate citizen, and putting unnecessary paperwork on landlords.

Politicians don't think these poor people are clever enough to protect themselves with smoke alarms, CO2 alarms, and landlords should be like the nanny state and hold their hands. I'm their daddy and should tell tem how to get rid of condensation, that wall they painted brown, should have been a neutral colour, when they have written info on this when they moved in.

In a hotel I would expect to find these thing as I don't carry them in my pocket, and I am short stay. In a rented property I would provide these things myself for MY SAFETY.

More regulation on btl are a waste of time. Has no one told them that because of new tax, LL are now selling, not buying. Start building council homes or providing tents and caravan parks for all the homeless families starting next year.

I have always had smoke alarms to protect my family, I don't need CO 2, Gas certs as I am savy enough to know if something is working or not, and I don't have a cooker, boiler, gas fire, BBQ, or solid fuel burner in my bedroom. As I have done the legionella assessments (which all tenants thought crazy) I will not bother with my own. Happy to know cold water mains is under 20c but if it was higher there is nothing that can be done apart from putting the mains pipe through a freezer underground!

I plan to start selling next year before I get buried in BS.

by Gemma

4:10 AM, 24th October 2015, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Jon Pipllman" at "23/10/2015 - 08:56":

Oh yes I'd love someone ( Mark Alexander ?) to write an article explaining the possible implications of Basel lll. Surely this is a must for a landlord/property website as worries over the recent tax changes along with the BOE new powers are small fry compared to Basel lll .

by Dr Rosalind Beck

9:13 AM, 24th October 2015, About 7 years ago

I think the fact that they took measures against the owner-occupier mortgages first shows that this is the main problem area in terms of the market 'over-heating,' confirmed by the fact that GO didn't feel the need to do anything about BTL mortgages last year when he apparently looked at the issue. The BoE also hasn't been in a rush. Certain people just like to bring up the 'issue' as a further slur on landlords.
I agree with Recardo that the PRS is being subject to regulation to a ridiculous degree. Well, they'll be sorry soon when their 'data' goes all wonky - the rents go up and the supply of rental houses goes down just when they need more of it. Idiots.
I never realised how stupid MPs were until now. Now that I've had a lot of correspondence with them I realise they don't understand the issues, can't grasp the complexities, don't care about the misery C24 will inflict and how they really just care about keeping their job and protecting number one.
And the amount of a*se-licking is incredible - from grown adults. You wouldn't catch me behaving sycophantically towards people I didn't agree with, just because they were members of my own party (probably why other Labour Party canvassers told me not to come with them anymore on their door-to-door canvassing when I was a student, as I wouldn't toe the party line).
In Wales now, in addition to having to get a stack of houses licensed this year, we also now have to get ourselves registered and licensed even if we are only going to show one person a house to rent. So to say to someone 'and here is the kitchen, and this is the lounge' we have to go on a raft of training courses - when some of us could be running the courses. It's all just a form of extortion by the state - they are trying to bleed us dry with all the huge fees and now the massive state tax grab. And this from the party of 'business.'

by Carol Thomas

10:14 AM, 24th October 2015, About 7 years ago

Well said Ros, I am one, of no doubt many, voters who can't believe the total change in the party we voted in! I and my family are all ex-military and as such, have always voted 'blue'. I had just started work in London at 18, when the famous Labour caused strikes where happening - no loo rolls, sugar, electricity etc and mountains of rubbish everywhere! I vowed never to vote for Labour after that experience, but what these idiot Conservatives are doing now is far worse IMO. They have nothing on that maligned God Janus, he of two faces! I am a small landlady, I own five local properties that weren't liveable when my hubby and I purchased them and we spent a lot of time and personal funds, making them into the lovely homes they are now. We constantly assess what can be done to improve the renting experience and have spent over £4k this year alone on things like privacy fencing, gardens and decor. None of these things were vital but we like our tenants to feel that we care. I haven't done the figures yet, I'm a coward, but I really hope that this time next year I will still be the caring landlady I have been in the past! With regard to her last comment, I feel sorry for Ros and her fellow Landlords, at least my part of the country hasn't gone totally bonkers - yet!

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