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20:14 PM, 27th January 2021
About a month ago

Alleged Council Enforcement Officer threatening over the phone?

Listed status applies to whole of the building within the curtilage, the particular part of importance could be a façade externally, or a stucco cornice internally is fairly irrelevant as the whole building comes under the listing umbrella regardless, and perms are required for any works at all as a result including those works which have no influence at all on the listed element- As for the 'officers' visit, probably another bad day at the office dealing with listed building refubs! Conservation officers are well known for being ott dramatic types...If you've ever had a planning app within a conservation area you dread the arrival of the conservation officers report..Tread carefully though as technically unauthorised works are unlawful.... Read More


21:38 PM, 19th January 2021
About 2 months ago

Taken to Court by no win no fee solicitor?

OMG Clint-as suggested we need a concerted effort by a united conglomeration of industry groups..I've decided land-lording is just not worth the pain/tax/frustration any more so we will not be growing and reinvesting into the portfolio for the time being..... Read More


10:09 AM, 6th January 2021
About 2 months ago

Sell it or rent it?

Hi, I have with good success let direct via the local borough council here in Reading under one of their rental-guarantee schemes. They pay just below market rates, tenants are fully vetted by them and I on normal AST's, so I get to make the final decision, and as the title suggests all rents are underwritten by them for the duration and RBC undertake to return the property in the same order at the end. If your council is switched on to both tenants and landlords needs then it would be worth approaching them to see if they operate such a scheme? A bit less rent, but less hassle than going through a letting agency with all the associated fee's and liabilities which become yours, and they have a waiting list so nil voids.... Just my 2 pennies worth..... Read More


9:53 AM, 4th January 2021
About 2 months ago

Mould with a Covid Twist?

A bit late to the party on this one but the link below may be useful-I refer my tenants to it if we have a damp problem that's really interstitial condensation. The fact its from the local borough council seems to make it carry a bit more weight. Read More


22:07 PM, 16th November 2020
About 4 months ago

Legal action against Government's lockdown evictions ban

Sadly I suspect by the time any review is sought those affected LL'ds will be bankrupt, long gone, or having sold up and jumped ship....My disgust at the Tory party's position on the rental sector in general is absolute-you couldn't make it up! Good luck and good to see some push back taking place.... Read More