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10:00 AM, 2nd September 2020
About 2 months ago

Title split for house redevelopment?

Hi Andy-when you say problems could you elaborate, we have done this to good effect a number of times so may be able to give a pointer?... Read More


10:29 AM, 26th August 2020
About 2 months ago

Can I charge for a woof?

Dogs and cats....!? I've always taken a view on this indeed we have a few tenants with pets..For me if the tenant is going to stay for a considerable length of time then a pet has minimal impact as you'll be refitting/decorating/replacing carpets anyway at yr 6-9... If however the tenancy is shorter term then i wouldn't take a tenant with a dog, as a set of carpets/replacing chewed doors and a redec at say year 2/3 post tenancy is a financial killer- £2-4k anyone?---£50-75pm additional rent is the only way to go..... Who'd want to be a Landlord! lol... Read More


10:23 AM, 25th June 2020
About 4 months ago

The last two weeks has been hectic

Who would ever want to be a Landlord after reading that-tales of honest well intentioned decent landlords being bullied and fined out of all proportion..Shame on the establishment..
New government press release on Monday-government has allowed the utility companies to start perusing non paying customers again as it reasons that they cannot be expected to provide unlimited credit....Prs LL'ds on the other hand have no such concessions..... Read More


11:09 AM, 3rd June 2020
About 5 months ago

Tenants fallen out and neither will leave?

Eeee nowt queer as tenants! Does she realise how long the waiting list is for council property! She won't be anywhere near the top of the list for years and years...Give her a reality check, council house data and waiting times will be available from local authority, that may focus her somewhat...... Read More


8:30 AM, 3rd June 2020
About 5 months ago

Tenant paid for repair herself at extortionate price?

Sounds like the relationship is under question from the start as most tenants would have advised agents/LL first, i would pay a reasonable sum to the tenants, and hold the the rest with the proviso that if the tenancy goes well then you will pay her the balance at the end of the tenancy or maybe at month 12 for good behavior..... Read More