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Carol Thomas

21:46 PM, 6th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Demand from renters to accelerate past a million

Reply to the comment left by "michael fickling" at "03/02/2016 - 16:03":

Show me where to sign please Michael !!... Read More

Carol Thomas

21:27 PM, 6th February 2016, About 6 years ago

New Landlord Tax Could Affect 4.6 million Tenants

Reply to the comment left by "Anthony Endsor" at "05/02/2016 - 10:47":

Such a sad comment on our times Anthony! I have a lovely young couple with a little boy who were overjoyed to find a clean, tidy well-equipped rental at a reasonable price. They said upfront that they would like to rent their new home for at least seven years ( how often does that happen!). They asked to redecorate and as the husband is a decorator, I agreed and supplied all his materials. He did an amazing job, improving my property no end and in turn, making it their own. I've been a bit of a coward and have stuck my head in the sand with this bloody tax - I don't want to put rents up and I definitely don't want to evict them or any of the other lovely families in my huge portfolio of four houses! I couldn't bear having any of my tenants being made homeless and I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I bet I'm no the only one either!... Read More

Carol Thomas

21:18 PM, 6th February 2016, About 6 years ago

New Landlord Tax Could Affect 4.6 million Tenants

Excellent article, best I've read yet! The following has just gone up on Facebook from me.....
This is an extremely well-written article and is a true picture of what is to come. Not many young people can get a mortgage these days - not their fault at all! The banks have made it so difficult for them and getting the huge deposits the banks require - well, who wants to buy a house when it's taken them fifteen.....twenty years or longer just to save a deposit, which can't keep up with price rises !

This whole fiasco is not the landlords' fault, nor is it the tenants, but it is the tenants who will suffer. George Osbourne's "TENANT TAX" is worse than the bedroom tax and the poll tax put together. The only people being "taxed" are those people who want/need/have to rent a private property! Where else will they go - the Council, B&B .......just so, so very wrong!... Read More

Carol Thomas

18:32 PM, 4th February 2016, About 6 years ago

A Good Letting agent for Buy to Let Advice in Manchester?

Reply to the comment left by "JD M" at "04/02/2016 - 11:56":

I have used most of the "usual" letting agents and I was horrified not only at the amounts they charged me, but the tenants had to pay a ridiculous amount too! I started using Lettingsupermarket about 18 months ago and they have found me good tenants and I am generally pleased with what they do. A big plus - the rent goes straight into my account, no hanging around. They have recently expanded, in fact a lot of 118 members have invested in them (a great vote of confidence) wish I had as it goes. They have had the usual teething problems with a far bigger landlord customer base, but are settling in nicely now. Also, it's a family run firm. Ring/email them and check it our for yourself.
OZZY - please listen to the guys on here - they have been doing it for years and have already smoothed the way for new investors!... Read More

Carol Thomas

20:25 PM, 29th December 2015, About 6 years ago

A simple and efficient way for Property118 members to further fight Clause 24

Thanks Gareth. Just spent an hour pasting on our local Gumtree. Unfortunately, Plymouth is mostly student rentals but I managed a good few private emails and a couple to agencies. Fingers crossed!... Read More