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Adam Hosker

13:09 PM, 16th July 2019
About 12 months ago

Illegal HMO- Do we advise Council?

You are responsible for the property, not any agent (rent guarantee or not). You should probably seek legal advice and let them inform the council. What your next actions will be, etc..... Read More

Adam Hosker

10:53 AM, 8th July 2019
About A year ago

Starting a legal challenge to Leeds Selective Licensing?

Wish you best of luck Saeed. There have been a few Legal Challenges before would recommend you have a read up on them Brown v Hyndburn Borough Council [2018].... Read More

Adam Hosker

16:18 PM, 1st July 2019
About A year ago

A case of communication, cooperation and compliance

"The landlord may have decided to evict the tenant when communication between the two broke down"

Well? The tenant has still pocketed £3k in rent, just because an APA has been put in place does not negate the bad faith and uncertainty. The landlord should still have an eye on taking possession of the property.... Read More

Adam Hosker

17:16 PM, 12th November 2018
About 2 years ago

Restraining Order put on Mortgage Customer?

The customer should use the avenues available to them, such as the courts. Rather than visiting employees houses. Given the customer has not, after 9 years. It sounds like customer is a fantasist.... Read More

Adam Hosker

16:22 PM, 20th October 2018
About 2 years ago

Open Letter to Landlords and Shelter

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 20/10/2018 - 11:45
Residential Landlord Association (RLA), National Landlords Association (NLA), Landlords Guild, Landlords Union and Landlord Alliance.

Individually a small voice(s) together an influential one.

The RLA Articles of Association is online ( ). Id read from this your efforts would be better placed, getting those members of P118 and Landlord Alliance to put a nominated person down as there proxy vote. With the numbers behind one member force the issues within the RLA? Take up a board membership to continue that direction.

Perhaps the same at the NLA whilst your there, get them to merge resources, members and influence.

Either way, wish you best of luck in your efforts.... Read More