Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

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9:40 AM, 21st January 2013
About 8 years ago

Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

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Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

I have a shared house where the tenants are respectful and love this refurbished property as their home. The only thing they are requesting is proper drying facilities so they no longer need to use clothes racks or hanging stuff outside in the winter months

What do I do ?

The tenants would be happy to purchase tokens off me for its running cost if I purchased a token/coin operated timer equipment controlling a standard dryer

Any comments suggestions on any of the equipment necessary please




1:56 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

sounds too hard. just say no

Omran Baker

3:05 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

Rather rent the machine with maintenance inclusive & increase the rent to reflect the hire & electricity charges


Jonathan Clarke

4:08 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I`m in the `too much hassle` camp as well. Increase the rent or absorb the cost or go for the rental option. If you only have one property and its in the same street as you live though it may make sense but the bigger the portfolio the less attractive the idea appeals in my view. (Maybe invest in a laundrette though and diversify if you feel strongly about it he added tongue in cheek)!

Allyson McCord

5:16 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

This is not a problem I can comment on. My houses are not HMOs. However, I agree with the comments made by Vanessa Warwick. In an HMO I was budgeting for (didn't go ahead in the end) I had a laundry room in the plan though - seemed an obvious inclusion to me.

6:21 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

All our flats are self contained in converted Victorian/Regency stock. With listed buildings front window condensation is always a problem and we have often thought of doing this, but never satisfied ourselves with the answers to these questions. And we doubt that many would use it - it would be on the bottom floor or in a basement, and they're unlikely to stay down to watch or want to leave it unattended. Where we can we have provided separate laundries with internal and external washing lines. Not all are suitable for vented dryers. The still use clothes horses or the radiators. Sometimes I regret putting in washing machines at all when we have a launderette within 50m of the flats!

We have tried washer dryers but they're not robust and a lot of tenants don't halve the load before starting the drying cycle. And others don't use the dryer 'as it costs too much to run'!

For what it's worth, we'd put in two high capacity coin operated dryers in a locked room - tenants only - no visitor use, if we ever decided to do it. Otherwise its trickle extraction at the moment.

I take the point that the helix of ever improving standards doesn't stop turning. I like the suggestion of renting our washer/dyers - must look into it. [When we rented the flat we now own & let out it had an Ascot Gas heater in the kitchen, and the loo was on the mezzanine landing of the common staircase and no dishwasher or broadband or hardwired fire alarm! And that was barely a decade ago] cb

7:23 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I do not think it wise to provide electric dryers to HMOs A couple of good modern clothes horses should do the job and I am sure you need to worry about the damp. The more you provide the more problems you will give yourselves

Angus Ryan

8:28 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I would advise hooking up a vented dryer hardwired to a coin meter charging £1 for an hour. You'll be providng a valuable facility which the tenants will appreciate and you'll make enough money to pay for a replacement when the dryer finally konks out. Just remember to go round regularly to empty the coin box!

9:29 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I would just supply them with an ordinary vented dryer, a mid range one will set you back £250-£300 and should last 3-5 years. For the margins usually achieved on HMOs it is a menial cost. The machine will come with a reasonable warranty and tenants can be billed for any damage caused as a result of misuse, just make contact with a good local appliance repair firm for the latter part of it's life who can correctly diagnose fault and then blame for any repairs. It is beneficial for the preservation of your property alone, let alone the added value to tenants.

10:32 AM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I have been using gas tumble dryers in my himo's for 20 years. Gas tumble dryers cost about a fifth to run compared to an electric one, an important consideration if your paying the bills and they tend to last longer than electric ones. Annual servicing and gas check costs have to be factored in. I used a cash meter originally but this was stolen so I replaced it with a token meter. Just make sure whatever you get is vented to outside.

micky alderson

12:38 PM, 22nd January 2013
About 8 years ago

I would only rent this property to nudists NO CLOTHES...NO PROBLEM!!!

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