Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

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9:40 AM, 21st January 2013
About 8 years ago

Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

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Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

I have a shared house where the tenants are respectful and love this refurbished property as their home. The only thing they are requesting is proper drying facilities so they no longer need to use clothes racks or hanging stuff outside in the winter months

What do I do ?

The tenants would be happy to purchase tokens off me for its running cost if I purchased a token/coin operated timer equipment controlling a standard dryer

Any comments suggestions on any of the equipment necessary please




Neil P

18:37 PM, 24th January 2013
About 8 years ago

I had the same dilemma when fitting out an 6 bed HMO...the rent includes all utilities but i didn't want a tumble dryer on all the time at "my" expense - though i thought it was reasonable to provide one for their convenience and to avoid condensation. I looked at coin-operated machines but they were very expensive (geared for launderettes) i did some research and found using a normal tumble dryer attached to a coin meter fitted the bill. It cost £124 plus fitting (it had to be hard wired by a qualified electrician).

Have a look at I bought a TIM30.

It's worked superbly. Tenants are happy to pay £1 for an hour - they recognise they cost a lot to run and have never questioned it. So we're all happy 🙂

Steam Engine

10:15 AM, 18th March 2015
About 6 years ago

After receiving an electricity bill for one quarter double what it normally was and having to repair a high end Bosch washing machine with worn out bearings after just 6 months we decided to ask questions to one of our more talkative tenants in our HMO.

We found that another tenant was taking in washing for others for cash on a regular basis and drying it free of charge in the tumble dryer we provide.

Our initial thoughts were to provide a dryer to prevent any of the tenants trying to dry clothes in front of fan heaters in their room.

Despite encouraging them to put washing on the line, as my family does, they seem reluctant to do this.

Although we have not yet done it we are considering fitting a coin slot meter to the dryer.

This is specifically an HMO problem caused by the fact that electricity is paid for by the landlord with no onus on the tenant to be thrifty and not wasteful.

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