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The slightly unusual dilemma of a Croydon landlord


Re-published – first published on 21st October 2013 Dear Mark (and all Property118 readers) I think my wife might be having an affair with one of my tenants. The usual give away signs are all there, lots of “girlie nights out”, which she never used to do, and phone calls where the other person just… Read more

Bank of Ireland Tracker Rate Legal Campaign Fundraising re-launched


The Bank of Ireland Tracker Rate Legal Campaign began in March 2013. History to date 100 affected BoI borrowers each paid £150 plus VAT into an initial legal fees fighting fund and instructed Justin Selig of The Law Department to obtain Counsels opinion on the merits of our case. Consensus of legal opinions was that regulators… Read more

Mark Alexander and David Morris MP considering an Early Day Motion at the Houses of Parliament 21-01-2014

Campaigns Against Tracker Mortgage Rate Hikes Reach Parliament


The campaigns organised by members of Property118 against hikes to tracker rate mortgage margins moved up a gear yesterday when I was invited to meet with David Morris MP and his aide Andre Walker at The Houses of Parliament. I spent 90 minutes with them in total. I also managed to get a very quick… Read more

Please help me with my BTL dilemma


This is my first question and will not be the last so please treat me easy. I am trying to venture into the BTL market. We have our home (mortgaged) and saving of about 20K. I playfully pressed buttons on my bank and I got 15K transferred to my account yesterday (we both have very… Read more

Leap of faith or road to disaster?


I’m teetering on the edge. I have played it safe all my life and now want to do something for my son’s future. I have properties with no mortgage that I use for retirement income. Do I wait to save up the deposit for my next property which could take 3 years+ and houses will… Read more

Landlord Bank Account for Multiple Properties

I have a separate bank account to receive rent and pay expenses for my property portfolio (80+ properties). Up until now my have just used a second current account with my bank. Everything has been fine for over six years but last week I got a letter from the bank saying that I’m using the… Read more

Choosing a property location

My buy to let property portfolio is within three miles of my main residence but I would venture further out. My main concern is that I won’t know other areas as well.  In the past I’ve looked at Rightmove to understand how much properties can be rented for and how many have been let recently. Also,… Read more

HMO Question – are basins in bedrooms mandatory?


Is it a legal requirement that every bedroom in a licensable HMO has to have a wash hand basin? I have been jumping through hoops for a year to try and get a licence on a three storey 6-bed HMO. I had a letter from the council in 2011 saying that as I had three… Read more

Letting Agent won’t release rent (6 months paid in advance)


My tenants have paid 6 month rent in advance ( as they did in the previous 6 months with no problems) due to them being students. The Letting Agent is dragging its feet and will not release the 6 months rent to my bank account stating the tenants have to sign a form allowing this… Read more

HMO Internal locks ‘deal breaker’?

I’m at the point of exchange on an HMO licensed 5 bed house, currently let to students. I received a letter from the mortgage lender Birmingham Midshires (BM Solutions) saying one of their conditions is that there are ‘no internal door locks’. I checked and there are thumb locks on all the bedrooms. The letting… Read more

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