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Angus Ryan

16:41 PM, 3rd March 2017, About 5 years ago

Meet The Housing Minister - Tell Him What You Think


I attended the Taunton meeting yesterday which was well attended. Gavin Barwell presented himself as a nice plausible guy who you could work with. However when asked about Landlord mortgage interest/gearing concerns he sadly didn't want to understand and duly trotted out the usual rhetoric of only 1 in 5 landlords will be effected as backed up by the OBR and that the govt needed to create a level playing field for first time buyers etc etc.

I'm afraid we are going to have to suffer some degree of carnage in terms of evictions and bankruptcies before the govt will review their policy to exterminate the private landlord. If you have not done so already now is the time to think about restructuring your rental business!... Read More

Angus Ryan

9:29 AM, 6th June 2014, About 7 years ago

Estate Agent charging for NOT selling my house!

Thanks for your input Mark and Vanessa.

As I still feel quite angry about it I am minded to take my chances and let them take me through the small claims court after I have sent them another letter refusing to pay along the lines of Mark's comments above.

It is an unfair clause as there appears to be no exit for a seller if they want to go elsewhere. I understand this type of sneaky clause is quite common in estate agency agreements but is invariably invoked.

They have picked on me but I will call their bluff and at least try and frustrate them.

Thanks again... Read More

Angus Ryan

8:28 AM, 22nd January 2013, About 9 years ago

Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

I would advise hooking up a vented dryer hardwired to a coin meter charging £1 for an hour. You'll be providng a valuable facility which the tenants will appreciate and you'll make enough money to pay for a replacement when the dryer finally konks out. Just remember to go round regularly to empty the coin box!... Read More