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Jonathan Clarke

8:47 AM, 30th June 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Had to pay solicitor to prove I don't own the Council's land!

Great story Mick

I feel your pain

Its rare I haven't got an ongoing complaint running with my council. Recent ones

1) A council house next door to mine which they didn't realised they owned . Said they had no responsibility for the broken fence between us . But Its a shared one so surprise surprise they will now pay 50%

2) New roof they did but didn't bill within the 18mth time limit - 10K saved . Nice victory but their paperwork delay costs the taxpayer over 50K for the whole block. Criminal waste

3) Had a flood in their block . They neglected to understand what the difference was between clean water coming out of pipes and dirty sewage out of a soil stack
£350 compensation for that one

4) Crack to their building structure on a leasehold flat . Structural engineer called out . Then about 4 messed up visits to repair since September last year . Still not fixed . Now they say its not their problem. It is of course but they just haven't worked that out yet .
The ombudsman couldn't even get a reply from them on the last one so may serve notice on them soon

I thought they may say i was a vexatious complainant . But I have had legal advice to say that's only if you complain and haven't got sufficient grounds for winning . But I do have sufficient grounds for winning and i so often do win.......

so i keep going - the public need to know... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

22:05 PM, 7th April 2021, About 4 months ago

What can tenants do about noisy neighbours?

Each case is different
Noise from neighbours can be a very complex issue
Blanket advice to reason with them first is simply not appropriate or best practice
In some neighbourhoods that could put you in real danger
Likewise reporting it to some authorities can also potentially be counterproductive. It can make matters worse. It depends very much on the conflict resolution skills of the individual dealing . Many are not trained sufficiently. Also on a practical level if you sell the house you would have to declare this on the TA6 and your sale could fall through .
Think carefully and seek professional advice in confidence from someone who understands the nuances of conflict resolution before deciding the best route for you .

We have a legal system based on an adversarial form of justice in this country. Its geared up to divide rather than heal and often it leaves pain in its wake when solicitors, police, eho`s get involved... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

21:34 PM, 7th April 2021, About 4 months ago

Can I report this to the police for fraud as UC might not do anything?

I used to have LHA tenants in 75% of my portfolio
It worked well albeit a cumbersome system
I was happy to house the homeless and give them a chance
Since UC was introduced I have consciously gone down to 20%
The UC system is not fit for purpose
Its a deliberate act by Gov to ignore its failings .
They know its flawed . They designed it that way
There is no real will to rectify it
I`ve complained to MP`s Local Councillors , DWP, Council etc
No one does anything to bring about real change
Collectively they are all culpable
They set the vulnerable up to fail.
They set criminals up to take advantage of its flaws
Its a disgrace... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

16:40 PM, 11th January 2021, About 6 months ago

Jonathan Clarke

10:07 AM, 9th January 2021, About 7 months ago

National Residential will solve every landlord problem to sell your buy-to-lets for the best possible price

Reply to the comment left by David Coughlin at 20/12/2020 - 12:25Thank you . I understand the broad logistics and business model . I still feel the wording on the website is potentially misleading and could be perhaps re worded . You say
``We sell properties FAST for 100% market value within 28 days OR we buy properties for cash in 7 days.``
Some people may be attracted to the 100% MV figure and if not sold within 28 days feel you imply you will step in and buy at that 100% figure within 7 days . But the reality that will not happen. There is a potential conflict of interest for you and to what extent you market the property to 100% MV purchasers or there is a temptation that you hope they dont buy so you can buy at 80% . Perhaps a better more transparent wording would be
``We sell properties FAST for 100% market value within 28 days OR we step in and buy your property for cash @ 80% of market value in 7 days.``... Read More