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Jonathan Clarke

7:39 AM, 12th October 2019
About a month ago

Pros vs Cons of having UC tenants?

In my experience clashes often occur when people of theory who operate in the back office meet practical people who work on the ground in the thick of it . Their problem solving abilities unfortunately often do not align. When they do though music is made. UC tenants will benefit from this. Both of their respective approaches have merit in what they try to achieve . Practical people tend to look and deal with the problems here and now . Theorists tend to deal with a distant Utopian view 10 /20 /30 years down the line often long after they will have left that particular office. Both can leave carnage behind them or if they are high in IQ and EQ they can leave a dynamic positive blueprint that others can work on for the good of all. We need both types of people but its often not a happy marriage so progress is slow . All we can hope for is we all go in a direction which is loosely agreed by both parties to be the best route we as humans can achieve. The world needs people with High IQ AND High EQ . Together they can look after those less fortunate than themselves. I enjoy the company of those with both high IQ and/ or EQ . If push came to shove and I had to choose either / or I would prefer on balance to hang out with people who have high EQ as they have a certain desirable warmth about them. High IQ people are equally fascinating to converse with but they can sometimes leave you a bit chilly on departure . The ones with both high IQ and EQ are just the best . They seem to understand the complexities of life and a certain aura of innate goodness often surrounds them .... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

0:39 AM, 7th October 2019
About a month ago

Improve don’t lose Universal Credit

Yes I would keep it now . No point going back
The idea itself has merit
But nothing about it works for me
I have been a guinea pig for the experiment and got stung
They have had 6 long years to get it right but have failed
Basic stuff just completely messed up
Project management woefully inadequate
Needs a complete re brand
Skoda managed it . But it takes years not months
I wont be hanging around
Will I ever return . Doubt it the trust is gone
Its not that hard surely
LHA paid direct to me one day
UC paid to the tenant next day
Result I dont get paid by the tenant
And why a 5 week wait before I or they get paid
That breaches my AST T&C`s
Instead have a 5 week preparation before it changes
Then you hit the ground running
Someone might have the courtesy to ring me up when they are thinking about converting from LHA to UC
But no - a wall of silence from DWP
If i was getting paid direct with LHA there surely is a valid reason for that. But that valid reason is completely and deliberately ignored when it goes over to UC .
No one can be even bothered to ask me
But I hold the keys
Surely that`s worth a phone call to keep me on board
DWP set out to make the tenant breach my tenancy .
They succeed every time
A Sec 21 gets issued
And they have and will continue to be issued
DWP deliberately set the tenant up to fail
Its disgraceful... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

8:22 AM, 6th October 2019
About a month ago

Property inflation three times wage over last decade

The average figures are of course relatively meaningless
Vast variations exist - as has been pointed out
I`m in the SE
Some I bought in 2010 have doubled in price so beat average wage inflation by over 6 times not 3

Take leverage into account though as well and at 75% LTV that figure jumps so my property is beating wage inflation by more than 24 times now in the past decade
I recommend reading
Real Estate Riches by Dolf de Roos
Chapter 4
`Beating the Averages Easily`... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

21:57 PM, 5th October 2019
About a month ago

Pros vs Cons of having UC tenants?

I`ve been doing LHA for 20 years
They messed that up but got it sorted eventually in 2011 so i stuck with it worked it to my advantage with enhanced strategies and it was all going fine for many years with direct payments and up front deposits and RIA and DHP when needed..... Beautiful
But they have gradually messed it all up with the LHA freeze and HB caps and 37th percentiles and finally the straw which broke the camels back - UC
They needn`t have messed up UC of course - but they did
A spectacular own goal
When no one in authority has the duty or common decency to tell me that my tenant is swapping over from LHA to UC but they do it behind my back and the first i know of it is when i dont get paid something is wrong with that system .
When after 3 yrs of paying me £650 pcm LHA direct they decide to give £650 UC to a recovering alcoholic tenant of mine who goes on a bender and almost kills herself then something is wrong with that system
If only they could be bothered to ask me about that tenant whom I`ve known for 3 years before doing that switch I could of flagged it up as a disaster waiting to happen . I was the most obvious person in the world to ask for a reference - but they actively choose just to ignore me
And no one ever apologises of course
They just make excuses and make the same mistakes again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

15:06 PM, 18th July 2019
About 4 months ago

Real rents v LHA rents - info request

Reply to the comment left by David Lovegrove at 18/07/2019 - 13:41Yes . I dont know how many areas have been given this lifeline. I did see some stats once but cant remember where now . My council kept it very quiet of course hoping LL`s wouldnt find out. It would have been nice if they sent me an e mail. I discovered it by accident over a year into the freeze . I bet dozens of tenants have been evicted up and down the country because of being kept in the dark by lack of transparency . The 3% lift pa could have made the difference between keeping someone on or letting them go . The Gov pretend they want to reduce homelessness but dont do anything to keep us informed of a pay rise
Imagine an employer who was really short staffed and was keen to keep his workers . They have a 3% rise pa in their budget all costed but dont even tell you let alone automatically pay you. So when a worker puts in his notice as he hasn't had a wage rise for 3 years they just let him go rather than tell him and pay him a 9% rise . Its unthinkable they would do that as its so counter productive.
It just shows the double standards of the government... Read More