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Jonathan Clarke

2:18 AM, 19th April 2020
About 3 months ago

12 out of 13 tenants asked for "Rent-Free Holiday"?

Its been better than I feared for me. My East Europeans are all paying . They were exemplary before covid and have carried on in that same vein. All my LHA are direct to me so no problem . Some cant top up for now. My 2 UC are direct to me no problem. About 5 workers have genuine difficulties and I`m working plans with them. And there are one or two who are taking the P as there always will be . But my memory is long . I tell them all. Think about 6 mths down the line not just today. I may have some difficult decisions to make then because of covid. I know it hard for you and its hard for me . Lets work together and keep each other in our respective good books as we have been for the last few years. The tone is set and mutual respect I hope will emanate from that . Time will tell... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

2:04 AM, 19th April 2020
About 3 months ago

Landlords as Victims, never considered?

The landlord is yes at a major disadvantage when things go wonky . I kinda knew that though when I became one and that feeling has never changed in 20 years . So I work with the system I am given . There is no strong union to fight my corner.
The newly formed NRLA should be our voice but it is not a powerful enough voice so I have to rely on my own endeavours.

So I factor that potential financial loss into my plans and think how can i avoid my personal pain
Its down to me . How do I get the advantage . Its all about tenant selection for me . Get that right at the outset and the tensions are not there down the line. That requires time and interview skills . Its never going to be foolproof but the tenant selection processes used by many agencies who pump that job out to these third party firms are next to useless . I wouldn`t rely on them one bit . They ask maybe 3 questions by e mail. No due diligence. Its a disgrace .
I do my own interviewing and set the tone right at the outset.
Dig dig dig into their lives and you will tease out the strengths and the weaknesses in their application. After all I`m giving them keys to my 200K asset and asking them to pay me 10K every year for say 5 years . Its a big ask and a big risk
Look for good values instilled in them by their parents and their schooling . That tends to stick with them through life . Good tenant selection though at the outset tips the scales in your favour.
Good Luck... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

1:26 AM, 19th April 2020
About 3 months ago

"Don’t jump on the repayment holiday bandwagon"

I`m not taking any mortgage holidays

If I did my credit rating may not get affected but the question would / could be raised on any future application. And if I were a lender and i was in two minds about lending i would be def be using the `he took a holiday during covid` as a perfectly legitimate factor to decline that application.

As soon as a tenant fails to pay the rent one month even if they make it up the next month that fact is indelibly locked into my mind that they failed to pay . It will forever become a factor down the line when I`m making a decision about them in the future. If they were for example to ask me for an upgrade a year later I would be naturally thinking - Can you really afford it as you let me down once before . A lender will be thinking exactly the same .

So I say only do it if you really really need to .
Don`t do it just because you can.... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

19:42 PM, 8th February 2020
About 5 months ago

BBC Two’s three part-series into Universal Credit

UC was introduced in 2013 and still 7 years later it feels like its still in its infancy . The idea had merit but the implementation has been almost criminal in how it abuses human rights by leaving people without food for 5 weeks . It is the direct cause of me after 21 years of housing the homeless to stop taking on anyone new on HB . LHA had it faults but all mine were paid direct and it worked . UC stopped all that . The communication from the DWP is abysmal . No one but no one in authority has the duty to even tell me when a tenant of mine goes from LHA to UC. This is a 3 way relationship but my needs are simply just ignored . So the first time I find out is when my LHA doesnt come in and they are now 4 weeks in arrears. Why doesn`t someone in authority have the decency to even tell me? The tenants often keep the money as they in many instances have not the skills to manage their finances.
Give a recovering drug addict £700 and the chances are they wont pass it on . Its cruel to give them that money .The temptation is far too great. But no one bothers to ask me for a reference or a summary of their tenancy for the past 5 years before they click the button and pay them rather than me . They do it all behind my back . Its criminal neglect in my view
Its a total disgrace
Its not fair on the Job Centre staff
Its not fair on the landlord
Its not fair on the tenant who is set up to fail
The faults are so obvious and seismic that anyone with a modicum of intelligence can understand those faults . But there is a institutional culture which just ignore the faults in the system . This I have come to understand is now I believe a deliberate act on the part of government because the faults are so so obvious and the sad thing is they are preventable .
If you haven`t fixed it after 7 years you have no intention of fixing it. They just tinker around the edges .The 6 week to 5 week reduction wait for money was a monumental farcical decision. This demonstrated it was just a paper exercise
Shocking... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

19:06 PM, 8th February 2020
About 5 months ago

R.I.P. David Knox - A.K.A. "Appalled Landlord"

Sad news indeed. I did not know him but he always posted intelligent, thoughtful and well constructed posts so you sensed he was a good man . My condolences to the family... Read More