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Jonathan Clarke

1:30 AM, 12th September 2018
About 4 months ago

Why didn’t Shelter find somewhere for Stephen?

In my view it started out as sheer stupidity - not evil .
But by the government seeing the massive fallout they have caused over the last few years and not acting on it to rectify it then what started out as sheer stupidity has now morphed into sheer evil .

Its the collective government hierarchy complete and total inability to understand that many people will spend HB money allocated for rent on drink ,drugs , food , cigarettes, cars, holidays, clothes instead .

If the government are ever able to understand this most obvious weakness in human nature then and only then can they can start to mend the broken system

They currently want to take a 30 year old chaotic dysfunctional irresponsible person and make them responsible overnight. That aint going to happen
They offer no training or education or ongoing support but instead just bombard them with a chaotic dysfunctional irresponsible administrative system which baffles them

They set them up time and time again to fail
Once you can forgive, perhaps twice but not 1000 times
And when you do that time and time and time again that`s evil... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

7:21 AM, 25th February 2018
About 11 months ago

Mick Roberts on BBC Radio Nottingham

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 25/02/2018 - 06:55
Hi Mark
I agree maybe not insurance but if the council wants to work closer with us and take their HB tenants maybe they should have a separate pot of cash to pay for this kind of incident .
They could do an inventory at the start with photos/ video then once a year do a house check for the mandatory stuff but also check condition from our point of view as well and we pay if the mandatory stuff needs doing and they pay for the cat 2 / 3 level stuff which the tenant has contributed to it becoming that way

If they stay say 10 years the deposit is not the right tool to deal with what maybe happens in that 10 years inbetween

I am all for be held to book if big stuff goes wrong which is down to me but so should tenants take responsibility for ongoing minor stuff and specifically for not reporting stuff .

No tenant has ever rang me up and said sorry I punched a hole in your door last night or my jimmy spilled some oil based paint on you nice new carpet . When a house check comes they strategically place things temporarily to cover the offending stain or hole

We both should up our game and be accountable... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

7:09 AM, 25th February 2018
About 11 months ago

Mick Roberts on BBC Radio Nottingham

Yes and also when they move out I get the charitable

`I left the sofa and wardrobe for you as the new tenant might want them . Yes I know they are a bit old now and past their best but you know someone might like them if they are just starting out . Don`t worry I`m not asking anything for them.`

In my head I am thinking why would anyone want your orrible sofa with food and drink stains spilled over the last 7 years or your cumbersome chipped double wardrobe which is falling apart with door hanging off and disintegrating before my eyes

No you just cant fit it all into your ford fiesta so I`ve got to pay two people to break their back to lift that monstrosity of a sofa take the door off it hinges to fit it through it then drive to the tip 3 miles away wait 15 mins in the queue at the the local tip to dump for you

Thank you but that`s not charitable that`s called work and it costs me... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

1:01 AM, 25th February 2018
About 11 months ago

Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

What an utterly weak programme... Read More

Jonathan Clarke

0:48 AM, 25th February 2018
About 11 months ago

Mick Roberts on BBC Radio Nottingham

Nice one Mick . Say it as it is
All my BTL`s have got their annual gas certs . Keeps me legal
But I havent got one on my own place . I`ve lived in my own house for 26 years but no one cares about my health it seems . The mortgage company or the local environmental health officer or the council tax peeps have never worried about me enough to knock at my door to check my boiler is safe
I`ve had 3 kids spent their whole childhood growing up there but no one has intervened to protect them against possible Cat 1 dangers in my own house. It may be a death trap for all they know I may be neglectful . But no one actually cares though .
If they did care surely they would check up on me just once in that 26 years to see I am not a rogue parent
Its hypocritical and just wrong to blanket target all landlords and make them pay for licensing
And as you say where does the tenant responsibility come in
Ive had persistent door smashes as tenants . They have a domestic and bang - they punch a fist through the door . I dont fix it unless they pay but they leave it like that and they put one of their kids posters over it . Job done . If I had to legally mend it each time they have a domestic their rent would have to go up to pay for it and / or they would have to leave .
They want mandatory licensing for us what about forcing tenants to have mandatory insurance to pay for all the stuff they damage deliberately, accidentally or by neglect .
They need a mandatory pot to pay for the day to day stuff they mess up and so as many are HB the council should have a maintenance pot for them for ongoing repairs in the time when they are with me . The deposit cant be used thats for the end of the tenancy . So the EHO do their check see a hole in the door and the tenant says that was them so they should pay surely . That`s fair in my book . Why should i pay for someone else who cant control their temper . Or do they think i sneak in there when they are out and punch a hole in my own door .
I punch a hole in a door in the street i get arrested and I pay
I punch a hole in my own ressie door - I pay
A tenant punches a hole in my rental door - They don`t get arrested and I still pay
Why is it always me paying.....
.... Read More