Rogue tenants databases?

Rogue tenants databases?

12:23 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago 11

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Hello, I read a lot about Rogue Landlords Databases but nothing about Rogue Tenants Databases. Does any one know of any?

It does seem that tenants from hell are at liberty to trash properties, run up huge arrears, obtain tenancies by deception and walk away without being punished yet landlords can be prosecuted for very minor harmless infringements or errors with paperwork which are becoming far more complicated.

I had a tenant from hell introduced by an agent who failed to spot that their reference documents were all forgeries.

Can I sue the agent in the small claims court for my losses?

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Simon Orr

12:51 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

I emailed Mr Levelling up Gove asking for a rogue tenants data base , I got short shrift, but expected


13:34 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

Husmus already makes it possible for landlords to gain access to reviews left by other landlords in a GDPR compliant way.

We believe in collective knowledge to protect the community from bad players

It's free to leave reviews.

janet mallaby

15:37 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

Set up a petition Im sure a lot of landlords will sign it.


16:11 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

Other than private databases, there is no database of rogue / antisocial / serial fraudster tenants. Creating one would simply be a honey pot for the no win no fee lawyers.
Better news on the agent front. They are paid to act on your behalf and should provide you with copies of all documentation they have relied on as well as documents provided to the tenant.
Check that they carried out all required compliance and gave the tenant the relevant documentation.
Double check what they committed to in their contract with you, then go back to them documenting your complaint and see what compensation they are prepared to offer.
If you cannot agree on acceptable compensation (and early termination of their services) then follow the process for their redress scheme (ombudsman).
In the event that they are not a member of a redress scheme you should notify trading standards.

Tim Rogers

19:05 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

I wonder about the legal issues around setting such a database up.
Maybe our legal eagle members could comment

Chris @ Possession Friend

19:41 PM, 5th December 2022, About A year ago

Simply insist on a Guarantor, end of.

Reluctant Landlord

9:40 AM, 6th December 2022, About A year ago

never going to happen. It's a can of worms and once opened, its going to bring the woke, lefties and all the bo££0Xs about human rights out....and LL's will be accused of gunning down vulnerable tenants...

Why bring another stick out to beat the private LL with?

Terry Bibby

22:49 PM, 6th December 2022, About A year ago

I think it is time we asked about our data protection rights, and our human rights. It seems its perfectly acceptable for my tenants to assault me and continuosly verbally abuse me but if I was to do this to them I would be stripped of my business and sent to prison


7:50 AM, 10th December 2022, About A year ago

Tenant database could only work if they brought in ID cards (like most European countries already have). Then the ID number could be listed without giving out any actual names or other personal details. Would also help massively against HB/UC fraud etc but always been claimed it's too expensive to set up an ID card system any time it's been touted in the past

Brett Jones

9:00 AM, 10th December 2022, About A year ago

Surely this can be done using a passport number or driver's license number as alternative to ID card numbers?

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