Rogue tenants databases?

Rogue tenants databases?

12:23 PM, 5th December 2022, About 4 months ago 11

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Hello, I read a lot about Rogue Landlords Databases but nothing about Rogue Tenants Databases. Does any one know of any?

It does seem that tenants from hell are at liberty to trash properties, run up huge arrears, obtain tenancies by deception and walk away without being punished yet landlords can be prosecuted for very minor harmless infringements or errors with paperwork which are becoming far more complicated.

I had a tenant from hell introduced by an agent who failed to spot that their reference documents were all forgeries.

Can I sue the agent in the small claims court for my losses?

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Tim Rogers

19:58 PM, 10th December 2022, About 4 months ago

The technicalities of how to do it, IT wise, are relatively simple. There are a whole set of potential ID numbers/codes, most created by the GOV for various reasons. You wouldn't need to rely on any particular one, much the same as the Gov allows for various ID methods.

The problem is the legal aspect. What information you can hold, how comprehensive it can be, where and how you hold it, who has access and what you can release. With data protection and various GOV bodies liable to take an interest, one would have to be very very certain of the law and very careful not to step outside the legal.

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