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Tim Rogers

9:51 AM, 5th July 2018
About 3 months ago

Repair or improvement?

There may well be no modern DPC, but check 2 things, firstly how far above ground level are your floors, (as a rule of thumb damp will not rise more than 3 ft), and secondly take a very close look at the lower external brick work for a line of slate mortared in, ( this was a common old style dpc). If you have either then the damp is either because of a change or from a different source.
I have a 1890 built mid terrace where tenants reported "rising damp" in 2 rooms. On inspection we found the 2nd floor instance to be drastic condensation, ( 2 cross flow air bricks were fitted). The ground floor issue was traced to paving slabs being laid that breached/hid the slate line height. Putting in a 300mm trench below the slate line and back filling with gravel permanently cured the problems, somewhat more effectively and a lot cheaper than neighbouring silicone injection work.... Read More

Tim Rogers

11:50 AM, 19th June 2018
About 3 months ago

Rents or equity?

Given that approximately half your portfolio is in personal names and you are in your 70's, I would view your decision process with inheritance tax in mind, if you have not made provision already.... Read More

Tim Rogers

8:40 AM, 10th May 2018
About 4 months ago

Return on Investment or Capital Employed Formula?

I'm somewhat more simplistic in my approach. Add up all the costs of the purchase. Add up the total rental minus any regular costs, (block maintenance payments, insurance, gas / electric safety / service). I don't particularly concern myself with how the finance is split, provided your not going into the negative ie mortgage payments greater than rental , (15% profit after mortgage is a nice target)

If the percentage figure of rental / costs is above 5% then it's viable, above 7% is the target and anything over is a bonus.

If you own the property over a long time frame you need to decide if your going to keep working the cost figures on the purchase price or the current market value, always factoring the ancillary costs surveys, legal, stamp etc...... Read More

Tim Rogers

9:49 AM, 18th April 2018
About 5 months ago

Ltd Company interest on Directors loan?

I believe there is another possibility. The company owes you personally a debt of some £375k. This can be repaid over time without attracting personal tax. Once you have made the company deductions and paid corporation tax the remainder can come to you tax free.

With an income of some £30k you'd be looking at 22-25k pa.
Your personal tax allowance would be taken up by the 12k from the other properties.

If you outlive the debt repayment period, some 15-20 years, you can take a revenue stream as allowed by the tax rules at that time. Only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the 'loss' of interest, but as it is all the same money pot.......... Read More

Tim Rogers

13:45 PM, 12th February 2018
About 7 months ago

Sold property but still being chased for council tax!

Councils are seeking money from every place possible. The cleanest route is to supply documentation of the sale and it's date.

However, document every person and time you deal with the council and back any phone call with a registered, ( not recorded), letter. Do NOT trust them to keep accurate or correct records.... Read More