Rent guarantor necessary in this case?

Rent guarantor necessary in this case?

11:18 AM, 28th September 2020, About 4 years ago 4

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I have a 2-bed flat where the rent is £640 pcm. The tenant is part working and on UC. As she can pay 5 weeks deposit herself and RIA, the Local Authority have said they can’t help her further.

I am just waiting for her to allow me to talk to DWP direct about her claim/her to tell me how her DWP breaks down exactly (I can see she has a monthly lump sum but not sure how much is for rent)

Should I still ask for a rent guarantor? She can’t get one herself so will need to use a company. Surely if she is claiming and loses the job she would get the rent paid in full as she has a son (under 16) living with her.

Advice please!


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12:38 PM, 28th September 2020, About 4 years ago

Get a guarantor! Any deposit won't cover much. An experienced property manager told me that T is far more frightened of a stern guarantor, such as dad. than the county court!

Robert M

12:42 PM, 28th September 2020, About 4 years ago

I'm not sure from the question whether this is an existing tenant, or a prospective tenant?
If she is already your tenant then you cannot demand evidence of her UC or insist on a rent guarantor, your contract is as it already is.
If she is a prospective tenant, then seeing her UC claim breakdown will not necessarily help you to establish anything that has a bearing on your new proposed tenancy.
ALWAYS get a guarantor wherever possible (or even more than one).
Do NOT assume that she would be entitled to have her rent paid by benefits if she lost her job, things are never that simple.
ALWAYS get a rent and damage guarantor.


13:15 PM, 28th September 2020, About 4 years ago

Ask her to complete a benefit calculator with the property address she is due to rent and you will get a breakdown of what she should get from UC. The link to a benefit calculator is given below:
Hope this helps. I would also suggest that you get a guarantor who is a homeowner or earning a substantial salary and has been working for a good length of time

Mick Roberts

9:59 AM, 5th October 2020, About 4 years ago

Ha ha I shun't laugh, cause Rob & Clint know what does happen. UC will not talk to Landlord whatsoever. Well they may, but only to tell u No if u wish for breakdown.
UC doesn't know what a Landlord is, so much so that tenants are starting fraudulent claims inventing houses & rent figures cause UC DOESN'T ASK THE LANDLORD FOR ONE BIT OF PROOF!

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