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Mick Roberts

14:18 PM, 20th April 2019
About 2 days ago

Theresa May announces she will ban section 21

Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey said Won’t work if landlords can still force tenants out by hiking the rent. For nine years, the Tories have failed to tackle problems facing private renters'.

Well his Labour Government has gave most tenants in Nottingham a rent increase they didn't deserve or none of us expected, with http://www.selectivelis
All of a sudden Nottingham tenants and Landlords got fined £780 for doing nothing wrong and already having a good house.
My point is, the politicians and imbecile Councillors create a problem where one didn't exist. They know nothing about housing people, they do know about creating policies that win them votes, even if the policy don't truly work, as long as they stay in power, screw how many more be homeless cause of it.... Read More

Mick Roberts

15:09 PM, 18th April 2019
About 4 days ago

Abolishing S21 without S8 fully 'fit for purpose' will have dire consequences

I've issued & followed up about 7 Section 21's the last 8 years or so.
All for rent arrears & damaging houses.
The last 2 Section 21's with evictions has been purely cause of Nottingham Selective Licensing http://www.selectivelicensingtruth.co.uk & Universal Credit.
The first 4 out of 5 from memory was because of the benefit cap-A change bought in by Government on EXISTING families that ALREADY HAVE the kids.
And the last 2 evictions was PURELY cause of new legislation by Nottingham Council & interference, change of rules from the Government.
So my point is, I we end up evicting not cause we want to, but from bad tenant behaviour & the Govt bringing policies in that make it impossible to stay in their home cause of new Govt Anti-Landlord (Which end up being anti-tenant) policies.
And my other point is, if the Government & authorities KEEP CHANGING the rules, goalposts in their idiotic wisdom thinking they making it better for tenants, they ARE NOT! Come see what's happening on ground level.
And yes, your words:
The cases where the tenant does pay the rent, eventually, but it is always late, refuses to give the landlord access and fails to communicate regularly, leaving the landlord with no choice but to pay the mortgage out of his own pocket until the tenant coughs up?
I have many of them, not yet evicted cause of them reasons, but as one gets older, one cannot bear much more of the late payers & the same ones every year who just won't play ball with the Boiler service man WHO IS TRYING TO SAVE THEIR LIFE!
And Yes Monty, many Landlords when asked by the Council Homeless Dept, Why u evicting, if Landlords says cause of rent arrears, Landlord says No as he knows the Council won't help them. I've said this for many years just cause I need tenant gone & new tenant in to pay mortgage quick.... Read More

Mick Roberts

14:13 PM, 16th April 2019
About 6 days ago

Tenant Fees Act 2019 – Draconian legislation

Brilliant reading & coming from a solicitor as well, let's hope the imbecile Govt may notice.
I have mates ask me every week about buying to rent or their existing house, what shall they do.
And they just don't grasp it when I say 'Leave it with a Letting Agent, there are so many rules u got to follow, u will get caught out & fined 30k etc.' But they not listening & want to extract that last £50 Letting Agent fee, not knowing what us lot have seen the last few years with extra Legislation, Licensing Fees, Universal Credit, Section 24, Deposits, etc. etc. etc. etc.... Read More

Mick Roberts

13:55 PM, 9th April 2019
About 2 weeks ago

RLA/Pearl "Welfare Reform and Universal Credit" survey

Reply to the comment left by Nick Clay at 09/04/2019 - 11:22

I believe I've emailed u directly through the RLA email someone gave u.
Checking emails, yes on 8.4.19 0817.

I'm here, you've got my number if u want to know what's happening. I only have so many on UC so far as Nottingham is just change of circumstances at moment.

I've just got back from meeting with UC complaints manager, UC service manager, UC partnership area manager, Job Centre manager.
I'd like to say positive, & some changes coming when the UC DWP slow wheel eventually stops in the right position.
But real truth will be the rent arrears.
Still too much emphasis on making the tenant responsible.

At the meeting, very good people, but their hands are tied by the bureaucracy & slowness of UC DWP.... Read More

Mick Roberts

13:49 PM, 9th April 2019
About 2 weeks ago

RLA/Pearl "Welfare Reform and Universal Credit" survey

Reply to the comment left by Heather G. at 09/04/2019 - 10:31
Ok Heather,

They probably won't, but I see Nick has replied in this column, to which I will reply now.... Read More