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Mick Roberts

5:54 AM, 11th January 2020
About A week ago

Landlords unable to identify payments for UC tenants due to changes in DWP system


We have a Nottingham UC Service Centre just for Nottingham people I believe.
When a tenant rings, their phone system recognises their number (If DWP has tenants latest number) & gets them through quicker to their centre & their Case Manager.
When Landlord rings, their system don't recognise number & thinks Oooh Landlord, screw him/her & that is why we queue an hour.

I've been getting tenants name & NI number on the schedule letter about a week after being paid. If I get the letter at all.
So the centres differ then, as I've been getting them like this for 3 years +.

Sherrelle, the area manager who Bill says some people get success with, the East Midlands one, she doesn't reply at all. Northampton do as I've contacted them accidentally.

David, yes. When I heard this dept. was external of DWP, I thought Yes I might get somewhere. I was shocked that they even more unintelligent.... Read More

Mick Roberts

12:14 PM, 9th January 2020
About A week ago

Landlords unable to identify payments for UC tenants due to changes in DWP system

Ooh don't get me started on this.

Under the old Live service, I WAS getting references.
When we switched to Full service Jan 2018, I was then getting paid in the bank with tenants National Insurance numbers which is apparently against DWP rules/regs. I have since reported this to ICO, who I hope will fine 'em a million quid.

I then have to start taking tenants National Insurance numbers on holiday in me phone. To which upon my meeting with 4 UC bigwigs in April 2019, they was horrified I was walking round with tenants NI numbers in me phone. I said Do something about it, pay me with a references like EVERY SINGLE other person HAS TO in the UK, the bank insists on it. How do I know who's paying me & who isn't?

You say up until 3 weeks ago. I haven't been getting any for 24 months. About 3 weeks ago cause of my complaints to DWP UC NeilPillockCouling etc., I am now starting to get some references. All wrong like, but at least someone human somewhere in DWP is pressing a few buttons with a blindfold on. Why don't they just pick up the phone & talk to me?
Tier 2 Complaints are after 23 months ACTUALLY ringing me & they too are gobsmacked I'm being paid without a reference. It's only cause they now ring me & I send em the bank statement there & then, that they say Oh I see. 23 months to get to that. They are proper THICK!

I'm expecting 7 rents in the bank same day. I get 6 in. I don't know who hasn't paid as no reference numbers. I have to evict all 7 tenants.

I'm also getting long reference numbers, not got a clue who the payment is for.

This is what DWP direct deductions say when I ask them to notify me by email who is being paid what, just as HB has been doing it simply & lovely for 20 years, their EXACT WORDS:

Option 1 – EDI Transfer Your File

Transfer Your File is a secure, online file repository system which allows users to log in, access a folder where their file is kept, and download the file at any time. Files will be available for up to 30 days after the schedule has been created. Transfer your file will initially be available only to Local Authorities.

No testing is performed as you will already have an established connection for Housing Benefit data. LA’s going ‘electronic’ will need to ensure they have liaised with their current Transfer Your File users and arrange who will download the TPP schedule files and place them with the appropriate team within the LA every 4 weeks.

See Appendix 1, 1a & 1b for further details.

Option 2 – EDI PGP Secure Email This is available for Creditors/Suppliers (excluding Local authorities).
DWP will require your organisation’s secure email address for receipt of Secure Email (S/MIME) and a copy of your public key from your server which needs to be sent securely and will be used to encrypt the electronic transaction.
Estimated set up time scales are around one month.
See Appendix 2 & 2a for further details.

Option 3 – EDI Generic File Transfer Service This is available for Creditors/Suppliers (excluding Local authorities).
Your FTPS file transfer system needs to comply with the GFTS Code of Connection (GFTS CoCo). Please review the GFTS CoCo as it explains the things you will need to agree to in order to set up a secure file transfer route.
DWP will need: Username, Password, Server IP address, Server Public Certificate bound to the user, FTPS Control Port Number (for connection setup and firewall), recommended port is 21, FTPS dynamic data port range (for firewall), recommended port range are 8050-8249. Folder path where file will be sent to
Estimated set up time scales are around two - three months.
See Appendix 3 & 3a for further details.... Read More

Mick Roberts

9:41 AM, 9th January 2020
About A week ago

Universal Credit and possible tenancy questions?

Just going through me emails.
Glad to see u on here Rob saying How it is:
"you would need to submit a completed UC47 form, and quite often these are ignored, and the UC team usually will not discuss the claim with private landlords. (they don't even acknowledge receipt of the UC47 forms, and won't advise you of the progress, or their reasons for refusal)."

Ha ha love it.

I'm gonna' email that Rose woman, Never give up. Polly Neate don't want to talk. Greg Beales said he would ring me, he hasn't.
And I all I wanna do is house the DWP UC HB tenants, yet I can't take them any more.... Read More

Mick Roberts

5:57 AM, 9th January 2020
About A week ago

Northampton Council HMO Licensing Rip-offs.

Reply to the comment left by Hamish McBloggs at 08/01/2020 - 21:50
Yes Hamish, u write to Nottingham, please do. One day, someone somewhere just one person too many will say something & the Licensing bafoon's may act. I got a few bits changed which saved Nottingham Landlords millions, so sometimes it does work.... Read More

Mick Roberts

5:57 AM, 9th January 2020
About A week ago

Northampton Council HMO Licensing Rip-offs.

Reply to the comment left by terry sullivan at 08/01/2020 - 17:47
We've done that in Nottingham. Local MP not bothered as he is Labour & supports Licensing & again is gobsmacked & does not believe that some of us get on with our tenants.
And when tenants write in to him, he says we've coerced them into writing in.

I'm not writing to Northampton MP's as well, leave that to the locals.... Read More