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Mick Roberts

11:58 AM, 18th October 2018
About 2 days ago

Nottingham costs FOI

Reply to the comment left by Appalled Landlord at 18/10/2018 - 10:34
Wow, maybe Nottingham should be highlighting this as Landlords just think they will pay when they get caught.... Read More

Mick Roberts

8:24 AM, 18th October 2018
About 2 days ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 18/10/2018 - 07:24And Mark & Larry, we are also fighting for tenants, although they don't see it that way unless explained to them.
As most attacks/taxes/regs/rules against Landlords end up impacting on the tenant & what they pay.
Make it easier for Landlord, u make it easier for tenant.
Make it harder for Landlord, u make it harder for tenant.
Yes give us sensible safety laws we must abide by, but come on, u can't get rid of a bad non paying house wrecking tenant cause u din't give them an EPC 3 years ago? Who's that helping? Incidentally, I've not had one tenant ask for an EPC in 11 years.
Clause 24, tax the Landlord on his income, but don't allow him his mortgage expenses like any other business for the last 100+ years. So he has to put the rent up to cover the cost, which the tenant has to pay. And then a proportion of Landlords sell cause of it, reducing choice & cheaper houses for tenants-Who's that helping?
Pay the tenant direct the taxpayers money for the rent that should be paying the mortgage & the tenant spends the money on other things. What's THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN IF YOU PAY THE LANDLORD DIRECT the rent money that LHA & Housing Benefit & local councils learn't was the best thing to reduce homelessness when LHA was bought in in 2008? Yes, the mortgage gets paid & tenant keeps their home. But Oh No, DWP & UC are insistent paying tenant direct the rent Housing element part is the way to go, even though local councils feet on the ground learn't (although it did take them 4 years which I & a 4 year old knew in one day) that paying tenant direct is a shambles. So more Landlords now won't take UC tenants-Who's that helping?
Selective Licensing £780 a house, which tenant has to pay in increased rent & good houses/good tenants-79% by Nottingham councils own figures-get nothing for their money-In fact they get less, as now less funds to spend on new bathrooms/new kitchens etc.-Who's that helping?
And the list goes on.
My rents now, & I don't mind admitting it are shocking to what I'd like them to be. I've gave about 40 rent increases in the last 2 months all due to Govt & Council interference.
So we help the Landlord, we help the tenant.... Read More

Mick Roberts

8:03 AM, 18th October 2018
About 2 days ago

Nottingham costs FOI

Reply to the comment left by David Lovegrove at 17/10/2018 - 21:32
Great Yarmouth £100 per license, wow, Nottingham Labour Council should hang their heads in shame.
Yes I think (forgetting now, it's all brainwashed me), Nottingham was gonna' inspect 10% of accredited. And 50% of non-accredited.
Which roughly u could say, they spending £7 of our WHOPPING £780 on inspections-So where is our other £773 going Hmmm...…

But I think Nottingham Licensing Officers has got it all on now with trying to locate the 20,000 or so 60-70% of houses/Landlords that haven't come forward publicly shaming the Council.
I spoke to a Landlord yesterday, 40 houses, he's not bothering Licensing & his mate another 60 houses, not doing it. Wrong & I've told him may get fined, civil penalty etc.
But when some draconian rule/law/regs etc. is bought in & people feel it is so wrong, even law abiding people don't abide by it.... Read More

Mick Roberts

16:38 PM, 17th October 2018
About 2 days ago

Nottingham costs FOI

I did the FOI with Nottingham.
I got some other info out of them with homeless bill this year & am going to do the same next year & compare the two one year after Licensing.

I got some info on roads with ZERO trouble ASBO's complaints etc. And am still asking why these roads was included in the scheme.

Nottingham this week have said Ashfield Licensing at £350 must be subsidised by the Taxpayer (They should know for definite as I know they do talk to each other closely on HB issues), to have in their pricing allowance for 2 inspection visits.
As Nottingham have got this little moaning from me & the legal people about they can't charge for inspections within their fee, so it appears they looking at it.

Jo Chapman, that is amazing your info. Someone fight the other councils & Nottingham with that please. I've had enough now.... Read More

Mick Roberts

16:28 PM, 17th October 2018
About 3 days ago

Proposal to make BTL a time limited offer - Feedback request

1. No.

2. 0

3. £17,000.

4. No.

5. Riding out the storm to reap the rewards, when the Govt & Councils have destroyed a lot of Landlords, then they can come begging.

6. Codswallop. Come & ask us WHAT WE THINK would work for tenant AND AND AND that usually ignored, but important person, yes you've guessed it, the Landlord. Him/her that's providing the ruddy house in the first place.... Read More