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Mick Roberts

12:46 PM, 8th July 2020
About 3 days ago


Brilliant work,
We need more of u in Nottingham, although Nottingham Council have been very quiet lately. And cause of that, things are running very smoothly for the good Landlords & good tenants. Show we don't need Licensing, the majority of us that haven't got problems till Licensing's costs & admin came along.... Read More

Mick Roberts

17:06 PM, 5th July 2020
About 6 days ago

Are two rent increases within a year possible?

Us HB LHA UC Landlords undercharge for many years when the LHA rate is low, as unlike 'normal' Landlords who just issue a rent increase, we are mindful that this means more money coming out the tenants limited pocket.
So when LHA do finally increase after years of underpaying, we have to take advantage of it, after all, we are HB Landlords. We do structure our rents around LHA or get forced to take much lower rent than we may have done to working people.
So we get it while we can as u can be sure, there will be many years going forward, when we have to accept the lower amount again, as to not hurt the tenant.
Tenants & DWP do forget this when the odd one-I had about 3% saying U milking it Mick or u getting top whack. Till u remind 'em you've been undercharging 'em for the last 5 years. And then u show 'em the current rents in the area. I tell 'em it's easy, go on Rightmove to rent, put your postcode in, half a mile, you will see there are only 4 houses to rent within 1/2 a mile & all A LOT more than yours. Most are 'ok after that once you've sent 'em the links of the expensive rent houses.... Read More

Mick Roberts

10:37 AM, 27th June 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Benefit Cap - lifted for 9 months?

Aah very interesting. I'd forgot that exemption rule.
I've just had girl pack up work, gone to college, at same time had her 4th baby.
I said Are u sure u not getting benefit cap. She said No, college hours exempts it. I don't fully understand college minimum hours etc., can just remember roughly if did more than 15.5 hours, classed as full time course, wasn't allowed HB. Something like that.
So this girl could in fact not be exempt from the cap from college, but actually exempt cause just stopped work. So we could both be in for a shock after 9 months.
And she gets the Housing Element paid direct & already don't want to pay the full Housing Element she's allowed.... Read More

Mick Roberts

17:13 PM, 26th June 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Shelter highlights 125.5% increase in number of people claiming benefits

Eh & I'm hearing lot of this fraud is cause UC won't engaged with the Landlord & ask the Landlord the rent proof, How much rent, Any arrears etc. At that point, some fraudulent claims may be stopped. But u carry on DWP UC excluding the important Landlord in your process.... Read More

Mick Roberts

15:14 PM, 26th June 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Shelter highlights 125.5% increase in number of people claiming benefits

Good on Shelter to ask for more benefit levels.

But why is Shelter calling for people to stop being evicted for rent arrears? If u don't pay for something, how can u have that something? We can't keep walking out a shop without paying for the Mars Bar day after day otherwise we get barred, or the shop goes bust. And there will be then no Mars bars.

Has Shelter got a plan to pay the mortgage & the costs of which Shelter has called for some, to be paid if no rent comes in to pay for them?... Read More