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Mick Roberts

8:17 AM, 16th February 2019
About 9 hours ago

Lack of Justice in Housing - Local Authority Gatekeeping

Are Local Authorities so blind to saving money that they can’t see the wood for the trees? They certainly are. In most of their departments.... Read More

Mick Roberts

8:09 AM, 16th February 2019
About 10 hours ago

Sefton trial case - Landlords Alliance

Done, we have to hope. As the councils are just waving their hammer as they have the power to it seems do whatever they like.

The losers have been the good tenants in the good houses all to get at a minority 21% (The councils statistics) bad houses, so 79% suffer. It's not on.

There hopefully will be some winners, the tenants in the poor houses, but many of us, my tenants included, are saying it's not worth A LOT OF US suffering where there wasn't a problem before in order for the council to use OUR MONEY to go after the minority bad Landlords. They should be made to pay for their own punishment. Not take funds from our rents and our house improvements.... Read More

Mick Roberts

6:45 AM, 24th January 2019
About 3 weeks ago

DWP complaints system is not working!

It is shocking.

I too have several cases going to ICE. One is a tenant with ZERO rent coming in. Not many Landlords can survive 18 EIGHTEEN months with no rent coming in. I'm prepared to play the game to get things changed. Most Landlords give up & evict the tenant, which is surely DWP's intention.

It is dumbfounding that the people who oversee ICE (Independent Case Examiner) and who fund ICE-is the SAME people who get investigated by ICE. Yes ICE investigate DWP & Universal Credit UC, yet it is UC who decide how much money ICE can have. Hence 18 months, & most Landlords give up & evict the tenant. The Govt should be stepping in & changing this.
And if any media new radio people are listening, please pick up on this, ring me or Caridon or Bill Irvine https://universalcreditadvice.com/ & we will tell u the truth which DWP & the Govt aren't.

I even had some higher up staff in Stage 2 complaints ring me early Dec, Please Mick send 'em me direct first, don't go to ICE, put FAO xxxxx & I will look into them. I did this & they din't even reply.

ICE won't look till u get this Stage 2 reply, so u just sit on a park bench all day wondering what to do.
ICE now (after many months of saying this is wrong, by Me, Bill, Caridon, Sherrelle) now tell us to email Neil Couling, Amber Rudd, Stage 2, to give 'em one last chance to reply. Yes you've guessed it, even the Director of ICE Neil Couling & Amber Rudd, head of UC, don't reply, they are definitely not bothered about preventing homeless.

I have to ask Caridon Landlord Solutions to deal with some of my cases & I'm supposed to be a Housing Benefit expert. That's how bad UC is & how good Caridon is.

I urge all Landlords to complain about their UC tenants rent not coming in. Quite often with UC, it's not the tenants fault & their local Job Centre just have not got a clue about the rules & housing people & preventing homeless etc.
Landlords, don't give up, the only way we gonna' get this changed is by keep complaining. As u know, it takes the Govt 4 years to see what we knew was normal 4 years previously.... Read More

Mick Roberts

12:06 PM, 19th January 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Nottingham to use data modelling to target 'rogue' landlords

Nottinghams track record of data doesn't fill us with confidence.
I had an admission although they din't know they admitted it, from Nottingham Council, that they have made 70 SEVENTY changes to Nottingham Selective Licensing website since July.
Which tells us how much they got it wrong at the beginning. Which is what we all said.
What we all know is, us good Landlords that are paying for the License, it has a to be a fact that we have less budget now for our tenants to do repairs, maintenance, refurbishment, upgrades etc. A 2 year old knows that. Yet Nottingham Council don't.
And yes this accepted and issued is absolutely diabolical. How much is this all costing, the admin.
Loads of officers employed to check we've put the correct address down and to check the land registry to tell us the we not telling em the correct mortgage lender as spelled by University of Mars. And we must tell Nottingham Council the way they ALREADY KNOW as it says on the Land Registry.
Meanwhile, how is this making our tenants houses better?
And another meanwhile, approx 17,000 landlords houses have still not come forward and are not paying for licenses and hiding etc. So their houses are still not found and ultimately not improved for the tenants. Isn't this what Licensing was meant to be for?-Improving the tenants houses?... Read More

Mick Roberts

11:51 AM, 19th January 2019
About 4 weeks ago