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Mick Roberts

14 hours ago
Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 24/02/2018 - 09:46Luke,
I need your UC letter u was sending to tenants with the Sec 21's.
I'm starting to draft a letter now & giving them out to all UC tenants about August, as we getting full UC around October.
I need to warn them of possible gap from HB to UC, & 4 weekly to monthly etc.
And the 'rent' is now more their responsibility as little I can do with UC.
If u can email me or send me the link it was on here.

Ha ha yes, 9 properties does sit with them well. As soon as u have big house & nice car, u r scum. Never mind the fact u worked 30 years of 12 hour days for it, no holidays for years at the beginning, went without etc.... Read More

Mick Roberts

20 hours ago
Mick Roberts on BBC Radio Nottingham

It's shocking.

>I've got loads more to say like:
I’m not saying this Licensing won’t work. It will be the massive cost & harassment to existing good tenants & good landlords.
Example in the post 22 Feb, it said 19% of houses have Serious Category 1 bad conditions. Now I’ve found out from them on the inside what some of them Category 1 conditions were.
Some were a carpet tack loose on the stairs carpet. Now this could have been the tenants carpet, but these Licensing officers make us responsible for the stairs & kitchen & bathroom I think. So that is a statistic that can go down as the Landlords fault, even thought tenant wishes to choose their own carpet & fitter.
Now I’m not defending a carpet tack being loose, it needs sorting.
But because 19% have Category 1 hazards, THAT MEANS 81% don’t have these dangerous hazards?
So that also means us 81% good landlords & good tenants are paying for the 19% bad are we?
So we’re paying £600 for Licensing to prosecute the man with the loose carpet tack.
Rogue Landlord sells papers. Good Landlord doesn’t. Have u heard people printing Good Landlord? No, they’re not interested. Where is this scheme helping good landlords & good tenants? It is MASSIVELY penalising good tenants who already stretched with the welfare cuts. It’s absolutely put the printer on full speed printing eviction notices & rent increases.
Insurance companies insure u as a risk. U be naughty boy & keep crashing & driving fast & taking risks, u pay more, If your house has the good boiler, roof kitchen, no leaks, tenants have plumbers number direct, u get no complaints, why should u pay for the man with all the leaks?
And this:
Has a 3 year old drawn the map? Why has Holmewood crescent Bestwood Park £120k houses been included, but rest of Bestwood Park not? Holmewood Crescent has been included with the £80k houses from Bestwood.
I know what Licensing has done, drawn a map and din't know how to curve the line on the computer. So it was easier to just include those with the others. Holmewood is top little quiet U road.... Read More

Mick Roberts

21 hours ago
Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

When Panorama contacted me for Benefit Cap tenants & I gave them my tenant who was on, Sara the blonde woman. They asked me loads of things, I told them loads of things that could keep people in their houses, the wrongs of the benefit cap etc. etc. They din't use ONE of my quotes.... Read More

Mick Roberts

21 hours ago
Selective Licensing Scheme 'Additional Powers' Ruled Illegal By Court of Appeal

We've got Licensing coming to Nottm & this is good news.
But I've still got to give Nottm my bank accounts & passwords, so they can take money out whenever they feel like it. We have no defense. They are right. All Landlords are wrong.... Read More

Mick Roberts

21 hours ago
Universal Credit deficit on rent?

This Universal Credit UC situation is diabolical & gonna' get worse.
I've been a victim of UC's ridiculous part monthly rules that Sherrelle at Caridon explains. If they get a snippet of wages 4 weeks ago, that was just within this monthly period, 4 weeks later, u ain't getting any rent? What? Someone somewhere, lots of landlords need to challenge & change this.
I know Housing Benefit inside out & I use Sherrelle on all my new UC cases 'cause with the system at the moment, u just don't get anywhere. Kids answering the phone don't care about u, the mortgage, the tenants rent, as long as they adhere to DWP's rules of NEVER TALK TO THE LANDLORD EVER. AT ALL COSTS. If life is in danger, don't matter. Data protection must be adhered to. Even if tenant is there with him giving him permission, NO NO NO.... Read More