NO voice, no action!

NO voice, no action!

9:17 AM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago 7

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Hello, All landlords should write to their local MP and ward councillors to express why they are exiting the PRS market.

Without a collective voice we remain silent.

I suggest that a draft template letter that can be modified.

It is important that we do not continue to express ourselves in an echo chamber forum such as this but be outwardly communicating with facts on the numbers leaving PRS, the potential consequence on the housing sector but also the positive benefits we provide for transient communities.

Perhaps something property 118 can coordinate?

No voice, no action!



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Bernard Mealing

10:52 AM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago

Please. Lets be pro active rather than being passive. I have already sold 4 of my portfolio of 12

John MacAlevey

11:03 AM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago

I concur with Bernard, this year I was obliged to help long standing client landlords dispose of several good properties specifically as they were in licensable areas & the once safe investment had become a liability. I wrote to Truss/Sunak & the revolving housing minister`s job (no response at all) laying out what damage they are bringing to the PRS. The PRs as a route to tenure is disappearing fast thanks to politicians who just do not understand the implications of their short term political decisions.
A unified draft template with the ability to add local condition effects would be powerful I think, it`s very easy to email your MP.

Markella Mikkelsen

11:04 AM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago

I wrote to my MP with regards to the proposed Renters reform paper outlining my concerns on the abolitio of S21 and tackling ASB - his response only just stopped short of calling me a greedy unscrupulous landlord. There was nothing in my original letter to suggest that I was, in fact I stressed how important to me was the welfare of my tenants.
Unfortunately, this is what years of brainwashing has achieved.

I will send a second letter and keep the channel of communication open.
I welcome the idea of a draft letter.

Christine Howard

11:11 AM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago

Please may we have a unified draft template.
We have 10 properties in Cornwall, and now with the money to be spent on the new Regs of EPC C upgrade, and assisting our long term tenants (none less than 9 years), Cornwall Council ignoring the Council Tax reduction for one month between tenancies (insisting we relet immediately without any issues checked or decoration etc required) - we most certainly be selling all properties. The tourist industry has already suffered due to lack of properties to rent for staff - properties are now Air B&B.
Please publish a draft for all to follow, or as suggested all Landlords to issue a Section 21 before the White Paper is passed.


12:27 PM, 4th October 2022, About 2 years ago

I concur with Christine. I too have 6 rental properties in Cornwall which include a student HMO and a holiday let, both of which are going to be severely impacted with the abolition of fixed term rental agreements.
I also fear for my ability to re-mortgage in order to expand my portfolio as property values in Cornwall are relatively high and I have already been refused a further advance where the rent { market norm } is deemed to be insufficient to support a loan of under 50% Loan to value.
As most other landlords I am concerned about the increased levels of legislation and unfair taxation together with the loss of landlords rights over their own properties, all of which are contributing to increased rent and reduction of available properties in the market. The property market has been working well up until this avalanche of negative factors have been imposed on us.
Government does not appear to have any notion of how the PRS works and the " unintended " consequences of their actions. We are not " social housing providers. That has always been the responsibility of the local authorities and government.
I have already written to Cherilyn McRory, our local MP, expressing my views.
We do not need all this licencing, the local authorities have all the powers they need to pursue the very small minority of "rogue " landlords. Landlords do not serve eviction notices on decent tenants who look after the property and pay the rent, a factor which seems to have escaped the notice of the government and all the " Landlord Bashing " tenant support groups who do not help to house anyone.
I look forward to the template, if produced, which we can use for both MP's and the wider public to counter all the negative publicity we are receiving.
I am happy to contribute to it's formation with further comments if desired.


7:10 AM, 12th October 2022, About 2 years ago

I agree with the sentiments expressed. I too am planning to sell up and would appreciate a template letter.

Reluctant Landlord

8:04 AM, 12th October 2022, About 2 years ago

DITTO. Template letter required - not only makes it easier for LL's to get the message across, it looks like a concerted effort when we do it as a group. Time to ruffle some MP's feathers and get them understanding the REAL issues out there as opposed to the tripe they are spoon fed by the media/Shelter etc.....

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