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9:39 AM, 18th December 2021, About a month ago

Small strip of land causing massive leasehold issue?

I recently had a similar situation with a strip of land adjoining my back door which we had been in posession of since the houses were built. My neighbour moved in several years later and has been living there for more than 12 years since so we have been in posession for 45 years. My solicitor claimed it back for us as "adverse possession". Speak to a solicitor specialising in this type of problem.... Read More


12:05 PM, 11th October 2020, About A year ago

The Latest Scam - Landlords Are The New Target

I too have had dealings with the SRA against a solicitor who was eventually struck off. Utterly useless. No help whatsoever. Help yourself. They won't.
Property title stuck in limbo for two years due to solicitor's ineptitude/dishonesty.... Read More


20:32 PM, 5th October 2020, About A year ago

Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

I have to agree with the feeling of many that 14 days is not long enough and will merely provide ammunition for us to be sniped at by all and sundry.
We need to suggest a reasonable set of rules which is fair to both sides, emphasise the help that many landlords are already giving to their tenants at their own expense with no thought from the government about the injustice of the current situation and , as Mick says, point out the inevitable consequences for the most vulnerable in our society.... Read More


10:44 AM, 22nd September 2020, About A year ago


I have to agree with most of the comments on here. I have already commented on another forum the governments inability to recognise that the UC system is broken and that most of the problems associated with it could be cured with a few simple adjustments to bring it into line with accepted practice in the PRS, ie rent in advance. full payments direct to the landlord, not changeable back to the tenant at a whim etc.
I also applaud Dr Beck for her lucid and constructive articles and agree she would be an ideal candidate to put our points to the government. I have to agree though that they are unlikely to take any notice unless sufficient numbers of all the bodies involved in the PRS are backing up her message. As has been pointed out none of the organisations which I and a lot of others joined and paid subscriptions to ( and probably still are )
have shown any teeth or inclimation to get into a dispute rather than discussion with this government whose policies appear to be the complete opposite to what I always believed they stood for.
In conclusion I would be happy to contribute to a judicial review if some one more qualified than I were to review the likelihood of a positive result.
I have forwarded some of Dr Becks articles to my MP, who says she understands landlord's situation!... Read More


19:27 PM, 1st September 2020, About A year ago

Legally frustrated?

The SRA will probably refer you to the ombudsman! Both absolutely useless.
If they are close go to the solicitors and make loud complaints about their failings in reception, preferably when they are busy!... Read More