NLA Removes Online AST Service?

by Readers Question

9:51 AM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

NLA Removes Online AST Service?

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NLA Removes Online AST Service?

I cannot be the only one who has been affected by this? I always used the NLA Portal to create and manage and store all my ASTs securely on their server.

To my surprise, when I logged on today to check some details in one AST , the NLA seem to have unilaterally removed all my data WITHOUT ANY WARNING TO ME at all! (citing GDPR)

This is almost unbelievable.

Thankfully I had downloaded and saved most of my current ASTs as am re-financing, though there are probably still two or three with no AST now in existance. Surely I should have th right to be able to access, download, and keep all my documents? I have paid their subscription for seven years – this will probably be the last year methinks!



Guy Bradley

11:15 AM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

Hi, How unprofessional. I stopped the renewal of my NLA membership last year. I was disappointed at their slow, lacklustre opposition/lobbying to the tax/licensing and general persecution of the majority of decent landlords.


11:21 AM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

I had at least 2 emails from the NLA in early May advising (in large highlighed letters) that I needed to download any documents I had stored with them by 21st May, so maybe you didn't get this information for some reason?

user_ 12980

12:11 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

Obfuscated Data


14:29 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

I also received e-mails from the NLA advising me to download my docs before the 25May cut-off date.

Annie Landlord

14:36 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

Yes, I received at least two emails from the NLA too.

Mandy Thomson

14:44 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

They did publicise this, in fact I personally got a bit fed up hearing about it!

The point is it's NOT the NLA members data, it's data belonging to third parties - tenants or tenancy applicants.

I'm sure that if Property118 offered a document creation service they wouldn't want the potential liability for third parties data either and would remove it.

I occasionally offer informal help to other landlords, and they sometimes forward me documents relating to their tenancies. Even after GDPR, they still can't be bothered to remove or redact tenants names etc (you don't exactly have to be a technical whizz kid to do it). Good job I'm fully GDPR compliant!

Ian Simpson

15:01 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

Well I certainly didnt receive any warning at all, and they definitely have my email address and they are not marked as junk or spam. I have emailed four times since discovering this , and zero response!
What a useless organisation they are!

Jo Westlake

20:40 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

I received at least 2 messages warning this was going to happen. I can understand they wanted to remove documents with tenants names on but surely they could have left the document with all the other details. It was a great service where on change of tenant it was simply a matter of bringing up the previous tenancy and changing the names and dates. Took about 2 minutes. I've just tried their new version for 2 new tenants and everything has to be typed in from scratch every time. Why? The property is still the same, I'm still the same. It takes ages and it's easy to miss filling in bits..

Ian Simpson

22:01 PM, 30th May 2018
About A year ago

So contact with the dark side today at last...!!! They promise to restore my missing files / data which is great. It appears I missed out on all the waning emails because I had unsubscribed to their marketing emails!!
Hopefully I get all my forms back, because that gave us quite a nasty scare.
Editable PDFs are the way forward ... Keep offline , change tenant / Property and Save As each time a new one comes along. One will just need to watch when new versions of the AST pop up, as the government are hell-bent on changing the law every hour, on the hour...

Bill Williams

7:56 AM, 2nd June 2018
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Guy Bradley at 30/05/2018 - 11:15
Fully agree. I also cancelled my membership after many years. The NLA does little to support landlords and seems to exist to earn an income stream from landlords, which provides them all with comfortable well paid employment.

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