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20:32 PM, 2nd May 2019
About 10 months ago

National Landlords Alliance meets Sefton Council

I've always been wary of benefit applicants but I have taken a few over the years, and almost all of them have been a problem I'm afraid. I will absolutely not ever take them again. The end of Section 21 means the end of risk taking in any form. I am not even going to take tenants who haven't been in their job less than a year... and I'm gradually selling my portfolio over the next few years. I currently house 26 tenants in HMO's and I have 7 other properties for singles and families and barely a void in the 16 years I've been a landlord. Things will not be good for tenants but the powers that be seem not to notice or care which makes it clear they do not have tenants interests at heart as they say, they just dislike landlords for some reason... let's see how they cope without us!... Read More


12:02 PM, 23rd January 2019
About A year ago

Tenant Fees Ban - Examples

Reply to the comment left by truuli at 22/01/2019 - 16:34
I cannot see how on earth this ban can be considered a good thing! How does this prepare tenants for living in the real world where everything has to be paid for? A standardisation of fees, or fee limits would have been much more appropriate in my opinion.... Read More


15:36 PM, 25th September 2018
About A year ago


11:21 AM, 30th May 2018
About 2 years ago

NLA Removes Online AST Service?

I had at least 2 emails from the NLA in early May advising (in large highlighed letters) that I needed to download any documents I had stored with them by 21st May, so maybe you didn't get this information for some reason?... Read More


11:41 AM, 6th March 2018
About 2 years ago

JRF report is a missed opportunity to sort out Government's mess

The fewer landlords there are (and many will leave the sector because of Section 24 and the masses of onerous hoops we have to jump through, it seems there is something new every day) the fussier they can be, so it is obvious that lower income and higher risk tenants will find it more and more difficult to find housing. I just cannot believe that no-one up there is listening and making the connection. Someone on another forum said that the Government is so fixated on all the money it will make out of landlords, who are seen as an easy target, and given they don't really care about low income families, it will be some time, if ever, before anything changes...... Read More