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Guy Bradley

11:18 AM, 10th December 2018, About 3 years ago

B&Q Responds!

Hi, well done for bringing this to light recently. I had stopped shopping at B&Q as soon as I heard they had 'adopted' Shelter...lost track of how long ago but have since used Wickes primarily and a variety of smaller builders merchants/online and it has been fine - in fact am sure I will have saved money etc and am not supporting Shelter (who I used to be behind but they have become toxic and a lobbying organisation with a blanket anti-private-landlord agenda á la The Guardian and, sadly, the Conservative Party... Read More

Guy Bradley

11:20 AM, 30th May 2018, About 4 years ago

Guarantor moved, changed mobile and deleted LinkedIn?

Hi there, I have successfully used for various traces. It's £35, they ask you a few questions prior to tracing and you only pay when they have tracked them down. They are actually called NATIONWIDE TRACING SERVICES LTD (btw I have no affiliation with them apart from being a satisfied customer on a few occasions)... Read More

Guy Bradley

11:15 AM, 30th May 2018, About 4 years ago

NLA Removes Online AST Service?

Hi, How unprofessional. I stopped the renewal of my NLA membership last year. I was disappointed at their slow, lacklustre opposition/lobbying to the tax/licensing and general persecution of the majority of decent landlords.... Read More

Guy Bradley

10:18 AM, 22nd August 2017, About 4 years ago

"Those drawing on wealth or income from additional properties are disproportionately rich and wealthy"

Hi, for what it's worth my experience of younger individuals who want to purchase a property (and this is obviously not a scientific study just based on my observations of younger 'millennials' & slightly older via renting out a few properties and running a company/employing the above) is that they seem to have been slightly spoiled (not simply by their parents but also by society/media etc) to have unreal expectations that they can have everything/live like the Beckhams/reality TV stars/Facebook friends and all the latest gadgets, new and shiny car etc NOW. I purchased my home when I had turned 30 but that was after probably 4 years of saving. staying in whilst my friends went out, putting off having a car etc, etc.
It was a struggle then (early 90's) to afford the deposit and payments (btw interest rates were many times higher than now) but I managed it through delayed gratification, support from family (not financial btw) and being single-minded.
I do have some sympathy for potential purchasors these days but it is more because of the environment they have been brought up in rather than the particular financial situation which seems pretty similar to mine was back in the day.... Read More

Guy Bradley

12:13 PM, 26th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Liverpool Council lose at Property Tribunal

Larry, congratulations in bringing this case and having your arguments upheld. Liverpool City Council look increasingly incompetent, poorly-advised and arrogant in their handling of this revenue-generating exercise. Shame on them and well done again.... Read More