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21:04 PM, 6th January 2021, About 7 months ago

Sell it or rent it?

Thanks everyone for your comments and advice.... Read More


16:20 PM, 5th January 2021, About 7 months ago

56% of Landlords have lost rental income during the pandemic

A good analysis of lockdowns using real data, not personal opinions/theories is on YT: "Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th - Europe and USA". There are many scientists around the world (without political or financial motivations), who are equally or better qualified than our SAGE members, that oppose the use of lockdowns. A bit of research online throws up a lot of interesting facts and figures.... Read More


14:00 PM, 24th November 2020, About 8 months ago

EICR - Consumer Unit installed by unqualified electrician?

Only use NAPIT or NICEIC registered electricians for EICRs. However, not all registered electricians have the correct competency for domestic electrical inspections. On the NICEIC or NAPIT websites you can get advice, identify a suitable electrician local to you and ensure he has the right competency. For a NAPIT electrician, I believe it should be EIS domestic.... Read More


16:11 PM, 4th November 2020, About 9 months ago

Tenants are a nightmare for allowing workman in - EICR?

Check the NAPIT and NICEIC websites to see which competencies are required to do an EICR. For NAPIT I believe that the competency is "EIS". An electrician qualified to do domestic electrical inspection is required, as already stated by David not all electricians are suitably qualified.... Read More


15:12 PM, 29th October 2020, About 9 months ago

Gas Safety Certificate Failed by Boiler flue not sealed?

Get the contractor who did the CP12 to explain exactly what the problem is. It could be as simple as re-sealing the flue at the outside of the property. If the flue has a long run with more than one section you must be able to get access to check the seal integrity at the joint of each section..... Read More