Neighbour might object to Airbnb?

by Readers Question

12:03 PM, 29th June 2020
About A week ago

Neighbour might object to Airbnb?

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Neighbour might object to Airbnb?

I own two little cottages at the end of a terrace accessed by a shared doorway to road (historically an open alley). Normal for Cornwall!

The neighbour holds the freehold of the two dwellings roadside (but only owns one flat) so we have shared responsibility for the front door and shared hallway.  My end of the hall leads to my garden, but is also a fire exit.

I was going to buy the upper flat roadside which is immaculate with a view to possible Airbnb prior to longer letting. However, due to regulatory work needed before re-letting my one currently empty cottage, and strong anti Airbnb hints from himself, I have decided not to buy the flat.

However, can he still dictate to me regarding my own cottage? I shall offer it to deserving family members for holiday breaks this year anyway!

Thanks for opinions.



Freda Blogs

12:56 PM, 30th June 2020
About A week ago

The freeholder is only entitled to enforce within the terms of the lease, nothing more, and you should check on your ability to sublet. You should be able to get a copy from the land registry (although it may be the same as the lease to your current flat).

Michael Bond

15:56 PM, 30th June 2020
About A week ago

Do the terms of the lease forbid letting the cottage for holidays? Surely Airbnb is no more that a different way of marketing a property for short terms lets such as holidays.


17:49 PM, 30th June 2020
About A week ago

I can see problems now and in the future. Regarding Covid-19 precautions and possible future outbreaks your property wants to be as self contained as possible and that includes the access. You should be OK if you let friends and relatives use it just giving you a small amount towards expenses. You do not own a 'clean' freehold to this property and the freeholder will d his/her best to make life awkward for you. But as business venture and registering it as a holiday let for Business Rates IMHO it is not a goer.

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