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Michael Bond

11:47 AM, 7th January 2021
About A week ago

Leaseholders will be given right to extend leases by 990 years at zero ground rent

I am in negotiation with a Housing Association and others to provide land on which will be built houses to be let to villagers at an affordable rent. This is in a Dorset village which attracts buyers looking for holiday, retirement and investment homes. This has driven purchase and rent prices beyond the reach of locals. In order to pre-empt any "right to buy" which would remove these local homes from the pool of homes in the village affordable to locals I intend to provide the land on a 125-year lease rather than freehold. Will this no longer work?... Read More

Michael Bond

17:10 PM, 21st December 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Private landlords have done everything they can to support renters

We, private landlords, are giving our tenants more help than the "social sector" are giving theirs. Why is this not headline news in the newspapers, and on TV, even though obviously BBC are not going to mention it?... Read More

Michael Bond

18:06 PM, 15th November 2020
About 2 months ago

Section 21 review hearing date and tenancy missing?

Many District Judges sitting on housing cases have only limited knowledge of housing law. Why would we seriously think the court staff would get it right? They are civil servants. Getting it right is the least of their concerns.... Read More

Michael Bond

11:19 AM, 20th October 2020
About 3 months ago

Beyond Section 21 Report - The unintended consequences if government doesn't listen

it is essential that specialist housing courts are presided over by specialist and specially trained judges. Currently District courts dealing with housing matters are presided over by District judges whose previous experience has usually been as solicitors with a particular specialisation - criminal, family, etc. Almost none have specialised in Housing :Law and sometimes exhibit alarming ignorance. Self-representing landlords and even their solicitors may not have the relevant law books to hand, and hesitate to tell a judge in his own court, even in the politest possible language, that he is talking b***s.... Read More

Michael Bond

11:55 AM, 13th October 2020
About 3 months ago

Winter support package for rough sleepers

Rough sleepers are the small tip of a huge iceberg of insufficient housing across the country. Th rest of the iceberg is made up of young people sofa-surfing, young families living in their parents' spare bedroom, etc. Could not some, perhaps 10%, of this half a billion pounds be allocated to unclogging the planning system so that the housing shortage may be reduced?... Read More