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12:29 PM, 12th March 2019
About 7 days ago

All bills included with an asterisk on the electricity?

Small capacity hot water tank gravity fed by cold water tank positioned as high as possible in the flat should suffice. The flow rate will not be great but that probably won't be a problem. Although these hot water tanks come already with a foam insulation surrounding the tank I would highly recommend spending another £10 from Screwfix and buy an additional fibreglass jacket to put around it as well. The tank needs to be kept at minimum of 60 degrees centigrade to negate any problem with Legionaires disease. Water at 60 degrees centigrade will burn you if you put your hand under the tap. You can easily have a blending/mixing valve fitted close to the tank, which mixes the outgoing hot water with cold water and set the temperature for example in the 40-45 degree range. Hot enough for washing up but no risk of scalding.... Read More


15:34 PM, 6th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Accountant, Freeholder and Managing Agent all at same address?

It depends what type of bulb is used. The old type 60 watt tungsten filament bulb used for 5.5 hours every day will use around 120 KWH in a year. A good quality LED lamp replacement will use only 20% of this amount. Persuade your landlord to switch to Ebico for this light or take over the account yourself. No standing charge and about 20p charge per KWH. Should cost you as much as £5 per annum + a new bulb every 3 or 4 years!... Read More


17:39 PM, 5th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

‘No DSS’ adverts in the private rented sector

What happens if a landlord wants to take out rent guarantee insurance. Do these policies normally cover tenants on benefits? If as I suspect, they do not, then what is the point of this landord bothering to see any prospective tenants on benefits? None of them will allow him to rent out the property in a manner of his/her choosing.... Read More


18:55 PM, 4th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Rent calculation on Periodic Tenancy termination by tenants

I would just be thankful that I've have had good tenants for over 3 years and that the tenancy has just ended with no void period.
I will be selling one of my properties in about 12 months time because I am relocating to a different part of the UK. The tenant has been with me nearly 12 years and always paid the rent on time. I will be giving him 2 months notice on a periodic tenancy. I will not hold him to it if he finds and wants to move in to another property after say 5 weeks and will refund any rent overpaid. Similarly I will not be unduly fazed if he wants to stay a week longer if he can't move into his new place until then.
Using a bit of empathy, as a tenant it must be difficult for tenants to time exactly their moving dates if going to another rented property or even moving into a property they are in the process of buying so a good landlord should allow some flexibility if he/she can.... Read More


9:51 AM, 10th January 2019
About 2 months ago

Terrible time with council tenant and shock at how law treats landlords

I remember the old TV detective series Shoestring and his mantra. His ABC of his approach to detective work.
Assume nothing
Believe no-one
Confirm everything
A little extreme but I do adopt a similar approach on commercial transactions.... Read More