Mould (mold?) and Condensation Problems

Mould (mold?) and Condensation Problems

12:13 PM, 27th September 2012, About 12 years ago 6

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mold and condensation problemsLike most landlords I have tenants who don’t open windows, dry their washing on radiators and cause mold and condensation problems. I give them a leaflet on how to prevent mould and condensation when they first move in and we also discuss the subject on move in day. Nevertheless, I, like most landlords, continue to get calls about mould and condensation problems, at least I did! I recently recorded a testimonial video below for a company which helped me to solve the problem once and for all. Just in case you are wondering, I recorded the video for free as I was so impressed with the results.

The company is called EnviroVent, they offer free surveys and a money back guarantee if they can’t fix the problem. I’ve seen plenty of cheaper solutions and tried a few but for me this is the only one which has ever worked.

I have embedded the testimonial video I recorded for them below if you want to see what I said on that. If you haven’t got a few minutes to watch it or can’t be bothered that’s fine. What I would say though is that if you’ve got a property with a damp, mold or condensation problem you really ought to get their rep around to do a free survey.  As the reps are franchisees I wont bother listing them all. What I have done, for your convenience, is created a very simple contact form for you to complete which will go to the Envirovent Head Office and they will make sure the rep in your area makes contact.  The form is just below the video. I wake up when you press play by the way LOL

Please arrange for an EnviroVent rep to contact me to arrange a free damp, mold and condensation survey.

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9:50 AM, 2nd October 2012, About 12 years ago

When a mouId problem took hold in flat
of mine, I was told Envirovent would cost around £300 for installation for a
ground floor 2 bed flat, they then sent me a quote for £1450 plus VAT, which
was vastly over the original estimate, and given the rental income was £300 pcm would take a very long time for me to cover costs.

I took the tenants to deposit dispute
instead for allowing the property to deteriorate due to negligence and poor
lifestyle and won damages based on inventory check in and check out and an
expert report stating that it was not rising damp but condensation caused by
tenants lifestyle which had lead to the mould spores and damage.....

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

11:01 AM, 2nd October 2012, About 12 years ago

Hi Tic Tac, I'm not sure I follow. Please explain how you "took the tenants to deposit dispute". Do you mean that you took them to Small Claims Court and won or do you mean that you withheld their deposit and they took you to a tenancy deposit tribunal? Either way, congratulations, chances of winning at these things are 1 in 5 at best, let alone for something which isn't clear cut like damp and condensation. I very rarely hold onto tenants deposits unless it is a cut and dry case of damage. My rationale is that my time defending in a tribunal and my reputation for being a GOOD Landlord have always been worth more than the risk of losing a case at tribunal. I think I spent around £1,800 with EnviroVent to solve a problem in one of my flats but it was a recurring problem. I'd had 7 tenants over a period of 10 years, all of which moved out due to the problem. I was convinced it was them but after re-decorating and re-letting the flat 7 times in ten years it was very clear to me that the problem was more likely to be the property than 7 consecutive sets of tenants. I only wish i had fitted the EnviroVent units earlier as I'd be quids in by now on that property.

11:28 AM, 2nd October 2012, About 12 years ago

Thanks Mark, there had been no previous condensation problems and non since at this property, once said rogue tenants had left.
Yes it went to deposit dispute not a tribunal, it did not cost me anything, and in my case it was clear cut once a damp specialist confirmed it was not a damp issue. So it is' horses for courses' I guess.
I do pride myself my on being a good landlord but when when people deliberatly wreck a property by not opening windows for 12 months to allow bathing/cooking steam to can't blame the landlord every time.
This is the 2nd time at two seperate properties that I have won at deposit disputes for condensation damages and once 'said tenants' have moved out, the condensation problem stops.
I totally understand if it is a re-ocurring problem and Landlords want to pay Envirovent a few thousand to sort it out (perhaps it is a good investment for them), however this was not the case for me.
By the way are you aware if there are any other firms that provide such a service, as one firm having a monoply in the market means there are no comparative prices or products to choose from?.

14:52 PM, 2nd October 2012, About 12 years ago

Reminds me of a letter I got from the council enviromental officer telling me that I needed to install a ventilation device at my cost in a tenanted flat as there was condensation and mould there especially around the window area. I wrote back and told him that there was in fact such a device there and it was called a ........ window! He never wrote back.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

14:59 PM, 2nd October 2012, About 12 years ago

I'm sure EnviroVent must have some competitors, obviously I can't compare as I've only tried one solution but I'm happy to publicly endorse them here as they solved my problem.

Joe Bloggs

17:51 PM, 11th October 2012, About 11 years ago

just google positive pressure ventilation systems, etc. nuaire do and i think greenwood airvac do. prob loads others but may not install.

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