Licensing costs and admin finishing off some Landlords

Licensing costs and admin finishing off some Landlords

10:10 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago 18

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Letter to Nottingham Selective Licensing,

Please pass my words onto the powers that be, so they can see what happens in the REAL WORLD on GROUND LEVEL from us that actually house people.

Screenshot enclosed of Barclaycard message received today. As you know, I’m gonna be owing you over 4k this week for the License fee balances. As you can see,  I haven’t got enough money to pay you until the balance gets paid off. Look on the bright side, at least I’ve come forward and got the rent increases off my tenants to pay for this unlike 17,000 other Landlords.

Every April, most landlords house insurances are due. I’ve just paid mine £5,500. Has anyone in Licensing apart from you got a brain? Anyone with an IQ over 21 knows Landlord insurance renewals are April.  They bring licensing in Nottingham at the SAME TIME as Universal Credit and now the rest of the license fee at the same time as house insurance renewal!

Do they ever work with good Landlords?  No wonder Nottingham council has announced this week they have to spend another £6 million quid this week on more houses. What the council is failing to say is that to buy houses for the homeless that Licensing is causing. It ain’t rocket science.

I can afford normal house expenses, boilers, kitchens, bathrooms etc. But like I’ve said before, Licensing brings abnormal costs ALL IN ONE GO which do nothing, but to take away from improving the good Landlords house budgets.

Any suggestions how I can magic this money up? Cancel my house insurances perhaps under the 14 day cancellation period? So you can have your money for this admin and 600 pages of text you’re sending my missus to tell her what she already knows – she owns the house.

The enclosed photo is of just 4 houses, letters that Licensing have sent to the missus.

Tenants need to know that this is where some of their rent money is going. On the council sending thousands of papers to Landlords wives, information she already knows.

How much is this costing? Missus has got 16 pages of text in each posted envelope. X 36 envelopes. 576 pages of text and for what?
And I presume the same to the tenants too. 1152 pages of text just for me. How much is this costing the tenant & the Landlord & the Council & the Environmental Impact?

How is tenant housing getting better for that? And you are posting these out to the tenants as well who’s Landlord has applied for a licence. Yet, the tenants whose landlord hasn’t applied for a licence, is none the wiser.

If you do get all the 32,000 houses eventually, that is 1,024,000 pages sent out just to Landlords wives/partners, never mind the rest to the tenants. 

This is a colossal HUGE amount of wasted money.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Roberts


Colin Dartnell

12:58 PM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Think about it, people only work in local government because they love paperwork so the more they can create the happier they are. Milking us dry helps to pay their wages so they can create even more paperwork and not have go out into the real world and 'earn' a proper living. They simply do not get reality. They do not understand that the more they take from landlords the less landlords there will be and so the more homeless there will be
P.S. not sure what you're saying about insurance, it can renew any time of the year just depends when you take it out.

Mick Roberts

13:03 PM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Colin Dartnell at 03/04/2019 - 12:58
Yes they don't get reality at all.

EMPO's landlord insurance scheme, if u take out in May, September, November any month, they always do pro -rata part payment up to April, then yearly renewal every 1 April thereafter.

Larry Sweeney

13:55 PM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Mick is absolutely correct. These revenue raising schemes by bankrupt useless local authorities are a disgrace.
The Alliance will in due course list councils all around the country whose schemes in one way or another are not legally compliant. It would then be up to landlords to make a judgement call. Cave in for fear of a prosecution or civil penalty or stand your ground and refuse to engage with a scheme unless it is legally compliant in every respect. Our advise would always be to refuse to get involved in illegality and if a scheme is not Compliant in every respect, walk away. It is up to the inept useless local authorities to provide us with schemes to which we can sign up to . If They cannot get it right we must stay on the side lines until they get their act together.

wanda wang

22:01 PM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

schemes in one way or another are not legally compliant. what do you mean by not legally complaint ?


Larry Sweeney

22:10 PM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to Wanda. Not legally compliant , in breach of the DPA and GDPR, and illegal licence conditions as well as primary legislation circumvented. As stated the Alliance is working and studying various schemes and we will publish the rogue council details on our website in due course.

Michael Holmes

11:17 AM, 4th April 2019, About 3 years ago

It wouldn’t do any harm for most landlords to start educating themselves about what is actually going on in this country. They could do worse than going onto YouTube and looking up Yuri Bezmenov and once you had finished with his lectures, carry on with other lectures by such luminaries as Mark Steyn and Christopher Hitchens. A run at Jordan Peterson and some real information about Donald Trump’s attacks on over-regulation, which you never hear about in the MSM in this country, will no doubt open their eyes somewhat.

Danny H

15:51 PM, 8th April 2019, About 3 years ago

Just got a letter from Liverpool Council today, telling that they're planning to continue the selective licencing scheme once the current scheme ends in 2020. Brilliant.

I own 7 properties in Liverpool, they're all licenced - so far 1 property has been inspected, and the only recommendation was that I keep a written record of inspections. Gee thanks Liverpool Council, that was worth the £500 per property I've paid for a licence.

Mick Roberts

17:26 PM, 8th April 2019, About 3 years ago

I hope by 2023 when Nottingham's 5 years is up, if we can keep letting the Powers that be, see the carnage & rent increases it's causing & already good houses having depleted funds for refurbs, & good landlords packing up, I hope Govt take notice & intervene.
I think about now they doing a consultation on it. Although, as usual they've not come to ask me & us, the people affected by it, what misery it is causing.

Yes you've paid £3500 & they've used that money for loads of admin & jobsworth political correctness.
Keep us posted if they double the price to £1000-Well just cause they can.

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