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Colin Dartnell

2 months ago
One months rent robbed by ex-owner of new flat

As others have already said It is your solicitor who has messed up. They are the ones you need to chase. They are working for you and should have dealt with this on completion so funds were allocated correctly.

Who told you not to escalate, and why, could it have been you solicitor?... Read More

Colin Dartnell

3 months ago
Borrowing request hits brick wall?

I would wait until you find the property you want before taking out any loans. You will be paying interest on the money while it is sitting in the bank earning next to nothing.
It does sound a bit like you want money in the bank to spend on whatever you choose, which if you do you spend it you may not be able to raise further capital for property when the time comes.... Read More

Colin Dartnell

6 months ago
Sale of Freehold without Freeholders approval?

I may be wrong here, but I thought that if a freehold was sold it had to be offered to the tenants (leaseholders) first, under a right of first refusal? It sounds as though it was not offered so it may have been an unlawful transaction.

It is not made clear whether the other freeholders knew about it, if they did surely they would have stopped a cheap sale. Otherwise it reduces the value of their share of the freehold.... Read More

Colin Dartnell

7 months ago
Interest only Resi mortgages from Private banks?

I wonder who told you that, it's not true at all there are plenty available.... Read More

Colin Dartnell

7 months ago
Freeholder wants to charge for consent to let property

Not much point in commenting until you know what the lease says.

The only question, did the freeholder know from day one (ten years ago) that you were letting the flat out, if so, and he did not stop you then I would have thought you could take it that he had given consent. I don't see how they can claim retrospective charges now.... Read More