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wanda wang

19:14 PM, 9th December 2018
About 2 hours ago

Stamp duty refund via Limited Company?

Reply to the comment left by S Somerset at 07/03/2018 - 11:31
Hello I am just wondering have you sold your property (1) to yourself (limited company) and claim back addition rate 3% SDLT ?

Wanda... Read More

wanda wang

22:30 PM, 6th December 2018
About 3 days ago

Agent bites back at Westminster for 5 week deposit cap

Reply to the comment left by S Somerset at 06/12/2018 - 12:28
well pointed the problem lay here in the UK, but the government hasn't get the clue. Still ask for more protection for the tenants and more regulation for landlords... Read More

wanda wang

21:45 PM, 28th November 2018
About 2 weeks ago

'Bastard Landlords' but what about bad tenants?

Well, it doesn’t matter what do you call these type of people, it does matter have Bad Tenant database, so they can be exposed. Who will take on this challenge?... Read More

wanda wang

21:25 PM, 6th November 2018
About a month ago

Exonerated after 5 years - Fergus Wilson

The government is going to publish rough landlord database, isn’t fair to have rough tenants database?... Read More

wanda wang

22:21 PM, 27th April 2018
About 8 months ago

How to recover arrears from a serial debtor?

The problem with this system is only talk about rogue landlord not rogue tenants.... Read More