Website for victims of domestic violence from property sale

Website for victims of domestic violence from property sale

9:48 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago 5

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When my Property is sold I intend to devote my energies towards helping Battered Wives.

In their lifetime 25% of women will be in a battered relationship and at any one point in time 10% of women are beaten by their partners. The whole approach to dealing with a Domestic Abuse situation is back to front in my view.

If the Police receive a Domestic Abuse report on attending I would wish to see an Exclusion Order of 200m placed on the male so that the wife and children remain in the house, such that the wife is safe and the children’s education is not effected.

This is cheaper on the public purse. There is generally no requirement for the Local Authority to house a single man.

The vulnerable person is the Injured Party, that is the wife. For a Conviction there has to be “Corroborative Evidence” and if the lady has visual injuries. i.e. bodily injuries, particularly to the face, then prima facia there is little doubt who inflicted the injuries are who is the Injured Party. Children under 18 years are also considered vulnerable.

To free up Police Time the Officer/s attending will be empowered to issue the Exclusion Notice. The hearing will be the following day in the Magistrates Court where the exclusion Notice will be either confirmed or dismissed! If not dismissed then a trial date will be confirmed unless the male admits guilt.

In Kent the Police are absolutely excellent when a Domestic Violence Victim is murdered but simply do not have the resources otherwise.

The Proposal is not ideal and only applies to Bodily Injury. It applies to all forms of relationship including same sex partnerships, same civil partnerships and hetro-sexual partnerships. I have provided a collection of photographs showing some horrific injuries to ladies.

For 30 years I banked with Coutts up until age 70 years and I am very pleased to note that the Coutts Foundation is doing its bit for battered wives.

Fergus Wilson


Pete Lightowler

10:57 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Hi Fergus

I applaud you wanting to do something about battered wives. But don't forget the men who suffer similar abuse in relationships too. No person should have to suffer abuse and feel not able to spaek out and find the resources they need.


11:39 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

Dear Fergus,
I think the public might support you on this one.

Do however be careful with moving too many powers away from the courts and handing them to the police. Do think of the way local council officers can respond in a reactive way towards landlords. Such an approach could inappropriately be used by the police too.
The police were not interested when £6900 of vandalism was caused by a tenant, or his friends who regained possession (burglary), of my property. But the police were more concerned about his threatening tones to me when we were discussing earlier the deductions from his deposit.
All parties in a relationship should feel safe but not to be judged on the whim of the police. The police have adequate powers to "relocate" people by use of their existing powers under the Bail Act. People who have been assaulted have the ability to apply to the courts the same/next day for Exclusion Orders and may be powers of arrest attached too, and have been able to do so for numerous years.

Dennis Stephenson

11:43 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

I agree with Pete. Potentially, and this is difficult to quantify because of shame and the male unwillingness to report violence against them, there are more male sufferers of domestic abuse than females. Don't forget that bullying and threatening coercion can also be classed as abuse and much more liable to be done by a female than a male. A point that I also think about with charity advertisements for saving young girls that the young boys are also at risk and there are few charities for them. So surely you should be concentrating on eradicating and alleviating all domestic abuse irrespective of the sex of the victim.

Dennis Stephenson

11:54 AM, 3rd April 2019, About 3 years ago

In continuation, be careful in wanting powers moved to police/fire brigade as it will probably result in fewer interventions. Police are very, very reluctant to intervene in family matters even to enact court orders when the ex-partner, and most particularly ex-wives who still have a major advantage in law, break them. My son has custody of his children and several times his ex-wife has refused to return them meaning a visit to court and even though he has a court order for their return the police have refused to attend. In law it is much more advantageous to be female than male.


19:43 PM, 4th April 2019, About 3 years ago

Hmmm. "There is no boundary relating to Race or Nationality." It seems there is when it comes down to gender where you are concerned. "This is cheaper on the public purse. There is generally no requirement for the Local Authority to house a single man." There should be!

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