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9:14 AM, 26th June 2019
About 37 minutes ago

Hunt and BoJo urged to bin Right to Rent

Provided landlords have acted reasonably with their inquiries, and thereby avoid punishment, the benefits gained by landlords far exceed the burden imposed upon us.... Read More


8:01 AM, 18th June 2019
About A week ago

Don't forget Landlords Boris?

If we wind this thread back to Fergus's comment on the PCS and civil servants the disparity between our concerns and their's is patently clear. It is which group is prospering and which strives to survive.

A recent article in The Independent explained how only 8% of teachers, police, fire service members can afford to buy a home. That is true of civil servants too. If we blame Generation Rent for the attacks on our industry the article will explain the significant wage cuts those employees have suffered. I can confirm such from experience. Fortunately rents provide a very good income too.... Read More


13:54 PM, 11th June 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Don't forget Landlords Boris?

Mark and his PCS colleagues do a very good job representing the lower grade employees. However they are far away from the influence of government policy as it is possible to be. The Civil Service is very much a top down managed organisation.
The higher grades of civil servants are represented by the FDA. However, not all employees are members of a union.
I am afraid I the initial comment about the young influential policy makers being anti landlord may have some truth. Especially if you look at the policies coming from what is called the Senior Civil Service.... Read More


10:24 AM, 11th June 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Don't forget Landlords Boris?

Demographics and statistics!

We are witnessing a generation for whom the 1970s is a distance note in history and have no concept of what a pre 1979 government can be like.

How many tenants vote compared with how many landlords vote? As landlords we can expect to be taxed until we bleed along with the likes of tobacco, alcohol and motoring.

I am acquainted with both unions mentioned. They are split on a workers and managers basis and reflect their respective segments of the civil service. Is the political bias of the civil service a censored topic as yet ? Or is that still to come, along with the present Stalinistic concept of ' political correctness' and other leftie notions of fairness.... Read More


12:10 PM, 7th June 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Checks needed for DSS / LHA tenant?

Why bother with all these risks unless you can afford for it to go wrong?
LHA tenants come in many forms but the accommodated by the local council carry the biggest risk. Will the same council issue a bond and guarantee the rent and other obligations?... Read More