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10:12 AM, 3rd October 2019
About 3 weeks ago

DWP found guilty of maladministration

Eventually the anti landlord bias enshrined within the DWP culture will be effectively challenged with a judicial maladministration claim. Until that happens campaigning is the only route forward.
Hundreds of my tenancies over the past 20 years have only twice resulted in the need to resort to claiming benefit direct, both were efficiently processed by an independently minded and thoroughly socialist council. I have just however given up with challenging a UC claim via DWP and am several thousand pounds out of pocket. Generally all my tenants since introduction of UC require to have rental insurance in place or very good guarantors.
Just when will the DWP and it's political controllers realise they are not supporting tenants in need.
By the way, wearing my charitable hat, how many landlords have come across Christians Against Poverty?... Read More


11:24 AM, 11th September 2019
About a month ago

Do I have to supply the boiler room key?

Dear Lilia,

If the solicitor for your purchase appropriately checked out the ASTs all you need to do to 'transfer' them is serve a notice under the Housing Act. If you want to increase rents you can use S13 notice, amongst other ways, but watch for the traps. If you want to change other terms once again there are appropriate notices. Take quality advice from a professional. There are many things to check on buying a property with existing ASTs incl: arrears rent, if LHA or UC rent claims are made, all the prerequisites to establish AST, confirmation of terms from tenant, confirmation of rent arrears, authority from tenant to discuss claims with the local authority etc etc

One of my blocks the tenants are locked out of the boiler room on others the on site manager has a key. All such rooms are fully safe and secure and meet HHSRS considerations.... Read More


11:12 AM, 10th September 2019
About a month ago

Bank of England economists base theory on Generation Rent claptrap

It is worrying that the impartiality of B of E has been unduly influenced by political influences. A few years ago we had independent reports like the Rugg Report (?) now politics has replaced fact. Shame on you B of E.... Read More


12:34 PM, 9th September 2019
About a month ago

Meeting MP about S21 Abolition - What's the latest status?

Dear Larry,
Your emotions express our frustrations too.

Equities may be the way forward. Unethical investment might pay better dividends.. bombs, betting, booze and boobs, as the Americans might say.... Read More


16:03 PM, 6th September 2019
About 2 months ago

Meeting MP about S21 Abolition - What's the latest status?

Yes. That's why my 3 bed rent has gone from £580 to £780. A distinct shortage of houses to let in what was once a saturated market. The election after next will be demanding rent controls. Welcome to 1980.... Read More