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15:14 PM, 9th August 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Best BTL Universities

Dear Dr Beck,
CPS Homes charge about £360per person incl bills while I pay £315 plus bills (about £375pcm) for my daughter. The 6% figure quoted is spot on what all the selling agents value student properties incl in the golden triangle . Except of course if you factor in those stupidly expensive new build student accom at £170per week. I would tend to agree with you subject to those expensive new build flats.... Read More


14:37 PM, 31st July 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Cutting and decentralising tax

Hello Mark,

Before you count your chickens are there any other readers who live in the constituency of Bromsgrove? May be they would like to attend their local surgery and discuss JRMS ideas?
Sajid Javid Mp Bromsgrove · Phone
18 High Street, Bromsgrove B61 8HQ
01527 872135... Read More


11:16 AM, 16th July 2019
About a month ago

HMO Licence - self contained flats

Dear JoW,

This is a difficult area to fully explain and would advise you join and seek advice from one of the national landlord bodies. But in essence I guess from your brief outline you are likely to be at least a S257 HMO requiring compliance with various bits of legislation. And a bit more difficult too if you some how share the freehold.... Read More


11:26 AM, 15th July 2019
About a month ago

EPC inaccuracies could leave properties let illegally

Sorry to harp on with my suggestion but it works well for me! Prior to commissioning works ascertain the benefit and maximise the potential by working in conjunction with your assessor to design a specification. I moved a F to a D with two high spec storage radiators that were on the approved list. So simple really, plan with your assessor and execute the works according to cost/benefits.... Read More


12:51 PM, 13th July 2019
About a month ago

EPC inaccuracies could leave properties let illegally

Make a friend of your EPC assessor, the benefits a enormous. Seek their advice and apply it, consider paying for a preliminary opinion.... Read More