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Pete Lightowler

10:57 AM, 3rd April 2019
About 6 months ago

Website for victims of domestic violence from property sale

Hi Fergus

I applaud you wanting to do something about battered wives. But don't forget the men who suffer similar abuse in relationships too. No person should have to suffer abuse and feel not able to spaek out and find the resources they need.... Read More

Pete Lightowler

17:53 PM, 10th October 2018
About 12 months ago

Liability for Council Tax - tenant left before contract end?

Our TA states that after the fixed term the tenancy will continue from month to month.
The TA states the tenants are responsible for utilities and council tax.
Our Check Out Inventory Clerk will state the date the tenant moved out/returned keys.
Whenever a T has moved out before giving contractual 1 months notice they remain liable for rent and bills.
If council debate liability for CT, proving all the above has always worked for us.
Some councils give 1 months grace at no charge, but not all.... Read More

Pete Lightowler

11:01 AM, 26th September 2018
About A year ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

.............and it's a YES from me too!... Read More

Pete Lightowler

8:38 AM, 5th July 2018
About A year ago

Repair or improvement?

'Bricks don’t absorb water or allow it to pass, they are ceramic and support bridges on canals,'
Garry, I think you're referring to a specific type of brick - engineering. Most bricks do absorb water, plus the mortar course will migrate damp from one side to the other. Hygroscopic porosity describes this process.

If there was no DPC inserted in the original building (eg Victorian mid terrace) and there's been no issue over the years with showing inside the building then I would want to look at what's changed - eg prolonged heavy rain, broken drainage, leaking gutters, etc.

Whether this is regarded as an improvement or a repair is a moot point, but doesn't this miss the bigger issue of who's responsible for the cost of rectifying the damp issue? IMO that's got to be the freeholder because as landlord they have a duty to provide habitable accommodation.

How do you know there's no DPC there?.Are other flats affected? Need more info.... Read More

Pete Lightowler

18:39 PM, 26th March 2018
About 2 years ago

Ending tenancy agreement paperwork?

Interesting...... my understanding is that a 6 month fixed term AST will naturally end at the end of the fixed term.
No notice needs to be given by the tenant, he can simply vacate. So doesn't the same apply to the LL - he's not legally required to give any notice as the AST will end naturally. Obviously this wouldn't apply if the AST were to become periodic.... Read More