Lender’s Surveyor not happy with manufacturers cladding certificate?

by Readers Question

9 months ago

Lender’s Surveyor not happy with manufacturers cladding certificate?

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Lender’s Surveyor not happy with manufacturers cladding certificate?

Hi Guys I was wondering if any one have come across this issue and mind sharing it.

For a long while I have been trying to remortgage my 5 bed HMO flat in London. I am restricted to the number of lenders as this flat has got decking access and is ex-council.

Anyway through a mortgage broker I found a lender with decent rates and happy to lend. The surveyor went round and the problem is the flat has external cladding and the surveyor has requested me to get a cladding specialist firm to inspect it and provide a certificate that fully meets Building Regulation and Fire Safety standards.

I have supplied the manufacturers cert which shows all info, but he’s not happy with it.

I am struggling to get a cladding specialist to attend the flat and supply the cert – council are not being much help.

Has any one had similar situation to this ??

Many thanks



Neil Patterson

9 months ago

Hi Ridvan,

I would speak with the lender and see if they are happy to accept the manufacturer's certificate as the surveyor could just be over cautious in trying to protect the lender. Then if they are happy the surveyor may be.

Ridvan xhakaj

9 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 23/11/2017 - 11:39
Hi Neil

thanks for taking the time to write
we checked with the lender and below is their reply. i even offered to take an insurance against the cladding but still not happy..

(This does have information fire safety information but the document does not confirm that this system is in place on the subject property so can't be relied on.

Without putting words in the mouth of the valuer, I would expect a firm that specialises in installation and testing of cladding to provide a new report to confirm it fully meets Building Regulation and Fire Safety standards.)

Rob Crawford

9 months ago

Could the problem be that even with a safety certificate that shows compliance to building regs that it won't be accepted because the post Grenfell safety cladding issues are still to be embroiled into the building regs? However, I am surprised that it is an issue for a small HMO. This means many more small properties that have been clad to achieve new EPC requirements could also be effected!

Jireh Homes

9 months ago

Hi Ridvan. From reading this narrative I deduce the issue is proof that the insulation applied is that detailed in Manufacturers Certificate and as such an additional certificate from the Installer is required. Assuming the contractor engaged by the Council there may have a copy (although possible none requested) or similar document (copy Wok Order ). If no luck with Council or pursuing with original contractor then resorting to independent installer to conform may be your final option

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