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Ridvan xhakaj

16:45 PM, 12th June 2020, About A year ago

New Electrical Safety standards guide for 1st July

hope you are all well

thanks for all the info above

am due for an electric inspection / cert on my hmo in east london
i will be posting an job add on my builder soon
though to ask the question if the standard Plastic consumer unit does need upgrading for a RCBO unit / Aluminium ?... Read More

Ridvan xhakaj

19:45 PM, 10th May 2019, About 3 years ago

Government funding to speed vital cladding replacement

This damn cladding has costed many thousands already while trying to remortgage an ex council hmo flat.
Yet I received another letter from the council last week as a gentle reminder
That 3 high buildings a few streets away from mine had the Clading replaced at a total cost just under 3 million and as a lease holder will be contributing to the above cost. Waiting on the amount to be confirmed.... Read More

Ridvan xhakaj

21:01 PM, 22nd May 2018, About 4 years ago

Do I need a new Hmo Licence if I add my spouse to title?

Reply to the comment left by James Barnes at 22/05/2018 - 09:27
Many thanks Neil/James

I ll let things roll it course and play by ear... Read More

Ridvan xhakaj

7:46 AM, 6th May 2018, About 4 years ago

My own landlord's GDPR policy

Hi Robert
Could you please email a copy to vani203@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks... Read More

Ridvan xhakaj

10:41 AM, 7th April 2018, About 4 years ago

New SDLT Rules Can Help Smaller Landlords

Hi Mark
thanks for the above info

relating to the case below - I called Hmrc and gave the figures below and the stld amount they worked out was over £6000 when I mentioned (November amendments to the stld) I was told that we will not profit from the amendment as we are talking Buy to let and the amendment was for Residential properties only.

(Am in the process of adding my wife on to a buy to let that i own on my sole name.
the outstanding mortgage at the moment is £160.000
am borrowing an extra £20.000 so once her name in the deed we will have an outstanding mortgage of £180.000
Deed of trust completed 99% in my spouses favour as tenants in common so she will take over 99% ofthe mortgage.
i own 2no buy to lets and have my name on a joint residential with my brother purchased in 2007 (technically i do not own any percentage on the joint Residential its just matter of time before i take my name out)
am trying to work out the Stld my spouse is due to pay on this transaction and i come up with a high figure of over 6k, a well know accountant reckons should be just over £1000, while my Conveyncer is adamant the stld amount is £2420

kind regards... Read More