Landlords Alliance progress report

Landlords Alliance progress report

8:23 AM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago 10

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The new Landlords Alliance has only been operating a few months and we would like to say to all our members and to P118 a huge Thank You.

We have been working hard investigating these horrible greedy organisations called councils who set up dubious licensing schemes to rob cash from landlords on the basis that we are all rogues and criminals. We now have files on Liverpool city council, Sefton council, and Salford council to name but a few. These useless organisations are not fit to collate data. They have engaged in wholesale GDPR breaches. Their wrong doing pales into insignificance when compared to the ICO which instead of policing GDPR legislation, assists and covers for offenders.

Readers of P118 have remarked on the situation where Landlords have not joined, but prefer to criticise from the outside. This is a great pity and surely it is better to join and work with us from within. The Alliance is a new organisation and compared to the likes of the £60 million Housing Charity aka Shelter, a ‘David’ against Goliath. Despite apathy, despite the PR machine that is Shelter we have had massive publicity in print media, online and on the radio.

As long as Shelter push the narrative that the PRS is the problem, we will push back and expose Shelter. We are not the slightest worried about the erroneous view that it is wrong to attack a charity. The opposite applies. We have a duty to call out a charity, where such a charity is wrong . Shelter’s attack on us is wrong. Where and when has it ever been necessary to set up an organisation to counter a charity. That says it all and Shelter’s campaign gave birth to the Alliance.

The mountain we must climb is steeper than we could ever have imagined. Having said that, so arrogant and careless are our enemies, that we can easily prevail if we overcome the apathy, but only if we get in to the ring and fight for our sector. I said at the outset, before we set up the Alliance, that landlord apathy was the real enemy. Unfortunately that is still the case.

Join the Alliance now or stick with the organisations on whose watch we have had Section 24, licensing, civil penalties, the dilution of Section 21 etc etc. Politics of late has been totally dominated by Brexit, but the one area, the one sector that has been targeted, that has survived the Brexit hype has been the PRS. The attacks by the media, Shelter and politicians has been relentless. Forget Junker, Barnier and co. remember the real issue is Criminal landlords ruining lives, tearing society apart while scoffing champagne every night on the balcony. Such is the stupidity of the narrative.

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Dr Rosalind Beck

8:54 AM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

Yes, Larry. Sometimes people think that one person doesn't make any difference. So they may secretly still head off to B&Q or M&S, knowing that both are supporting the anti-landlord charity Shelter. But one person makes all the difference - there are two million landlords in the UK, who spend a hell of a lot of money.
I would also say that any landlords reading this should contribute the £100 to join the landlords alliance and be part of 'landlord power' - showing that if people or organisations stick the knife in, we will not support them and will spend our money elsewhere. It is only when they see their profits slump that they will realise landlords are no longer a push-over.
Last year I contributed to a legal campaign against licensing in an area nowhere near me, but on the principle that even if something doesn't affect me directly, if it is wrong, then I should support it. So others who feel they are not yet affected by all the attacks on the PRS, if they feel these attacks are wrong, should also consider becoming part of this. We have to stick together and I mean landlords, landlords' families, businesses dependent on landlords and so on - which comes to a lot more than 2 million people. We need to fight back, as no-one else is going to help us.

Larry Sweeney

9:18 AM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

Thank you Ros., Completely agree.
I took up this baton, but if another landlord group was set up to fight our cause, I would never attack or undermine it, on the contrary I would support it . I simply cannot understand those who snipe from the sidelines.
As regards Shelter, here is the deal.
Shelter are well aware of our presence indeed their pr man Mr Beales gave a statement to the BBC stating that we were a handful of landlords , no more. Mr Beale was wrong . If Shelter keep attacking the PRS, great that will help us recruit at an even greater rate. If on the other hand Shelter stop attacking the PRS, then obviously our members would be unhappy for us to continue attacking and exposing Shelter. Either way , landlords win as a halt to the attacks would be welcome and a positive step, but a continued hatefest will be met with an even higher profile campaign exposing Shelter and we will use their attacks on the PRS to recruit and build our war chest.
Finally we have another surprise for the housing charity that houses nobody.
Watch next week for another Tweet on that lovely charity.


11:25 AM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

I accept that Shelter turns over tens of millions of pounds takes money from the taxpayer from the government and does not actually house anybody; is there a housing charity that houses the homeless that anyone thinks is worth supporting?

Whatever you do with the Landlords Alliance it will come over better if you are positive about something rather than just attacking things you don't like...even if those things are worth criticising. (Fair enough with Shelter...they don't house anybody).

As an example: Homeless people are less likely to be addicted to drugs or alcohol if they have a pet dog. One of the difficulties they face if they are offered accommodation is that the accommodation may not take the dog.

Anyone know a housing charity that lets the homeless keep their dog?

TheMaluka View Profile

11:32 AM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Larry Sweeney at 08/02/2019 - 09:18
If Shelter has its way then we will only be a handful of landlords, for there will be few left. That is why we must keep up the pressure to convince Shelter that it should support rather than demonise landlords.

Richard Adams

13:31 PM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

Responding to JJ's post fair comment except wearing my dog owner and lover's hat, it is regrettably a fact that many of the type of tenants he has in mind are not fit and proper people to own a dog. A dog needs regular exercise, feeding and loving attention and not to be cooped up all day for instance. Breaks my heart to see this kind of thing.

Chris @ Possession Friend

19:42 PM, 8th February 2019, About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by JJ at 08/02/2019 - 11:25
Hi JJ,
Yes, there are some local examples of Homeless charities who work ' WITH ' Landlords rather than against them. I'm writing an article on one at the moment, so watch this space.
As for initiating action against giants who would attack landlords ( and Agents ) a film title comes to mind, with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson - ....
all it takes to fight back and get justice ; is 'A few good men ' ( and women '-)

Steve B

8:32 AM, 9th February 2019, About 4 years ago

I agreed with Larry from the outset. We have nothing to lose, not even £100 as once that is given, it's offset in your tax return - more than your mortgage payment is!
Larry may not tick all the boxes and his approach may be a little unconventional but ...what are you doing about it? ... no, I thought as much, so come on give him a little help and if he (we) doesn't achieve everything then at least YOU did something!
Of course there's always apathy ... how's that working out for you?

John Bullock

18:29 PM, 9th February 2019, About 4 years ago

I agree we need to speak as one and let the voice of Larry’s NLA become louder and louder. The time is now to make a stand and fight for fairness before Shelter and it’s ilk help transfer all properties into large institutions. They erode our pension benefits and then take our security - grab your yellow vests and join in.

Whiteskifreak Surrey

12:39 PM, 10th February 2019, About 4 years ago

I am a paying member of Larry's NLA and whilst I agree with the general comments regarding Shelter (I am actually waiting to be banned from their FB page for publishing critical comments about them) - I have just came accross an article published in Axe The Tenants Tax on FB.
It is really shocking. TBH I would like Larry to put some effort into that, as this is a real killer for more and more of us. And not everyone can incorporate for various reasons. If I remember well this website really expanded after the S24 came into light. I just wonder if Larry is planning to do something about that? I hate Shelter and their approach, but S24 for us at the moment is a killer much more tangible than Shelter. I guess it is also the same for a number of members of this forum. So Larry - do you have ANY forseeable plans to tackle that? Or your only advice is going to be incorporation?

Larry Sweeney

15:39 PM, 10th February 2019, About 4 years ago

To Whiteskifreak Surrey. Thank you firstly for joining the Alliance and secondly for your constructive comments. Off course I agree that S24 is a disgrace, but we as a new organisation can only fight on so many fronts. Having said that log into the member section of our site and you will find details of one of our members, another landlord and accountant who has excellent strategies for mitigating the effects of S24. His details are on the member section especially to help all our members. It is my understanding that there is indeed an alternative to incorporation. Alternatively email us and We will get you the contact details for this Tax accountant. For any landlords facing prosecutions by councils , we have a former Council prosecutor who will defend Alliance members in such court proceedings. See the Difference between the Alliance and the other boot licking organisations. We depend completely on the fees of members, unlike the NLA/RLA we do not flog anything or get in to bed with councils to extort money from landlords. We are doing exactly as we promised.

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