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John Bullock

12:23 PM, 23rd August 2019
About 4 weeks ago

The Alliance position on Section 21

Great piece Larry and succinctly put.... Read More

John Bullock

11:46 AM, 12th August 2019
About a month ago

Liverpool landlord harassment - Shocking and horrific!

Truly shocking Larry. Thank god the landlord from London had the Alliance familiar with PACE to witness this folly.

As you know equally shockingly I have a legal case with LCC sub Judicy so I can't say anything as yet but I implore all landlords to use the same legislation they hit us with us to challenge them in court. It has to be played on the same field we are judged but they are making vast mistakes but landlords need to tackle them on. Join the Alliance.... Read More

John Bullock

18:20 PM, 5th July 2019
About 3 months ago

The Dirty Dozen

I was part of that team that met with Sefton. I can assure all those thinking about membership that Larry is doing this for YOU as like many of us he is sick of landlords being the brunt of poor central and local government thinking but Larry took action. The NLA meaning the National Landlord Alliance is not a talking shop but an ACTION group looking to even the field. Sick of being a door mat then join the fight as we have drawn the lines here.... Read More

John Bullock

10:58 AM, 8th June 2019
About 3 months ago

Section 21 Summit Success

Don't let the negative vibes rock your boat Larry. What's the obsession with numbers I'd rather be on the side of right not a statistic in a crowd. For sure it's quality that counts and bringing a result to the table for a small fledgling entity on your reduced years is a wake up call. I can only assume what you are doing is right because someone thrown their dummy out the pram. Keep up the good work!

Let's never forget the UK in my opinion has three clear objectives and certain suckers are taking in the propaganda..
1) Government wants large institutions as they are easier to manage rather than lots of individual landlords.
2) The banking system is in crises and if they build too many houses current loan to value restrictions will be breached as house prices fall. So it won't happen. So due to lack of housing investment over 35 years they blame the landlord for a problem they created.
3) They want prices to rise and especially rents as inflation erodes the national debt as a percentage of income.

This was never about serving the needs of tenants it was about looking after UK Plc so they blame landlords.

Thank god for The Alliance big, small, large or tiny they are all merely adjectives but results are substance. It takes a brave decision to raise your head over the parapet but thankfully some one has. Well done Larry.... Read More

John Bullock

18:03 PM, 28th March 2019
About 6 months ago

Abject Failure of the ICO is beyond belief

Larry is it because we are mere commoners and Local Authorities and ICO are now our BETTERS. We must know our place?... Read More