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John Bullock

21:39 PM, 25th September 2018
About 2 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Hi Larry,

Definitely very supportive. I think we should have three areas of focus and I would suggest;
S24FA15 - restriction on relief of loans associated with property.
HHSRS2004 - Selective Licensing
GDPR - compliance or lack of by Local Authorities.

The second would provide what I call QIR - Quick Impact Results as local representatives could challenge local issues using a proven results driven tactics. I think providing wins early on would demonstrate worthiness in the arena such as those you have delivered.

In my experience as a Councillor and Accountant I’ve witnessed first hand poor decision making so the name of the organisation should be catalystic. Your job title could be a Catalyst!

I’m in.... Read More

John Bullock

18:16 PM, 17th September 2018
About 2 months ago

2 hours by Bicycle or Helicopter

Larry I can’t help but feel this is little to do with quality or standards in housing but more to do with treating landlords as a cash cow. Given the charge is £250 (OMG) what happens if the tenant is not in or you’re ill? Are they charged £250 again? You can see this becoming a mine field and a bare trap for landlords whom are stuck in traffic as a consequence to Highways repairing pot holes. As for the breaches in law when courts or tribunals have created precedent it makes you wonder about the quality of so called professionals at Councils. Certainly Larry you are the benchmark by which they will be challenged and in which I’ll have your back as we move forward.... Read More

John Bullock

17:24 PM, 13th September 2018
About 2 months ago

End of the Road

As normal you are so right on the points you are making Larry. Given your success against Liverpool City Council have you thought to ask their support against Sefton and see how they respond as the issues are mirrored with Liverpool?... Read More

John Bullock

18:52 PM, 3rd September 2018
About 3 months ago

Sefton Council and the Surveillance State

Larry you are exacting. There is a conflict between the two pieces of legislation (HHSRS2004&GDPR), which will take precedent is not for us to decide but to reasonably take a view. The Judiciary will argue it out. My personal view is that if I am to make disclosure in order that Sefton MBC remain complainant with GDPR I will charge fees remonstrative with my professional accountancy fees. If they decline payment to me I shall decline to voluntarily make disclosures pertaining to acquisitions or disposals of my property. It will leave the Council in an awkward position as they either accept they cannot maintain accurate data or they accept they collected data they could not maintain in accord with GDPR. We must never lose site that Licensing Perse has neither improved housing standards or increased convictions of unfit landlords.... Read More

John Bullock

9:48 AM, 26th May 2018
About 6 months ago

Tenant won't claim his deposit and wants to go to court!

This is not an issue of a deposit and dilapidation whuch appears to be your focus. The fact he does NOT want to reclaim the deposit is significant. No keys passed back - no claim of deposit - no handover he remained a tenant. The issue is one of abandonment as whether you can confirm he had in fact left the property and whether you unlawfully changed the locks. I think would address this point initially as everything is beholden to this outcome. Good luck... Read More