Landlords Alliance under laughing stock ICO investigation!

Landlords Alliance under laughing stock ICO investigation!

15:45 PM, 8th February 2019, About 5 years ago 9

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Our members and P118 readers will be aware that we have alerted the information commissioner with respect to mass data GDPR breaches by local authorities. Furthermore we are now receiving complaints from members that the ICO are not even responding to complaints. We have directly informed Elizabeth Denham.

Are the ICO interested in clamping down on GDPR rogues.? Not at all.

Instead today, to our amazement we received correspondence from a Mr Sissons at the information commissioners office asking questions about the Alliance website and in particular the section which mentions the Rogue Tenants database. This is laughable. They now want to investigate us rather than the councils we reported.

Who said the Alliance was making no progress?

The problem here is that the ICO are now a laughing stock. Joking aside however, we demand an enquiry in to this failed organisation. To that end we will shortly be meeting an MP to state our case, unfortunately due to the Brexit votes, our meeting has been put back.

In the meantime I would urge Mr Sissons to pay his rent lest he ends up on a rogue tenants Database.

Landlords, join the Alliance now. We cannot do this without you. We want every P118 member to join the fight.

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18:08 PM, 8th February 2019, About 5 years ago

On the ICO point I have forwarded a number of documents received by me from one local authority to the Alliance as evidence of a serious data breach. In brief, the documents sent to me ( in amongst my own paperwork ) contained the personal details of a landlord and 3 of his tenants including: names, addresses and benefit levels. Will the ICO investigate these breaches?

I joined the Landlords' Alliance out of frustration at the lack of active campaigning by the established landlord bodies after hearing Mr. Sweeney interviewed on You and Yours. It seems to me there has been more media coverage of the Alliance in the past few months than the other landlord bodies put together.

George Osbourne buys a £3 million chalet in Switzerland, but wants to pull the ladder up after him and drive those people who have invest in rental property to provide an income/pension for themselves and homes for individuals and families out of the market. Hopefully, a few more landlords realised what is going on when they received their 2017/18 tax bills.

We need more people to join the Alliance and fight for change before we are all driven out of business by over regulation, over taxation and pointless licensing schemes, the costs of which appear to increase with every new authority that introduces them.


18:31 PM, 8th February 2019, About 5 years ago

The NLA has done more in the last three month than and other Landlord association around. We have cried help many times but no one answer. Now the NLA is here and what do some landlords do, stab in the back. Its a joke, We now have the NLA to stand and fight for us and some Landlords want to bring it down. Shame on the Landlords who went behind the NLA back.My experience with the NLA has been nothing but constant breath of fresh air. They listen, back us up, advise us, stand with us. If we donot stand together we will get knocked down like domino, one by one. Carnt you people see why we need an organisation like the NLA more than ever. More Landlords need to join to strengthen us and our voice we be heard and respected. Every Landlord should put joining the NLA on the top of there to-do list. "Start were you Stand"

Larry Sweeney

18:39 PM, 8th February 2019, About 5 years ago

Thank you Bugatti and Mr Brady. To Paul Brady we do have your documents ,as well as files from other landlords.
As regards the pathetic ICO investigation, we will emerge with our reputation enhanced while the ICO will be trashed. Strong words. Watch this space. It will be very difficult for the information comissioner to explain their refusal to investigate mass GDPR breaches affecting Landlords and tenants in equal measure, especially as these breaches are now in the public domain. The ICO is not fit for purpose, just as these councils cannot introduce licensing schemes such is the paucity of their compliance regimes. Perhaps we should have a rogue local authority data base as well. Over to Ms Denham at the ICO.

John Bullock

13:51 PM, 9th February 2019, About 5 years ago

Larry love the work of the NLA. As you know recently I have the victim of a mass data breach by a Local Authority and in which I have complained and received no response. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m not prepared to let it be. The authorities doing the policing and now levying penalties are seemingly not flawless and it appears the ICO is failing the public in their responsibility. All we want is a level playing field - come on ICO eventually you will have to listen.


9:05 AM, 10th February 2019, About 5 years ago

Re the National Landlords Alliance and local authority licensing schemes. Just in case anyone is unaware and so that it might be our suggestion for the way forward, I am a registered landlady in Scotland and it costs £50 every 3 years (up from £30). All Scottish landlords have to be registered to comply with the law so that means that apart from the rogue landlords (who are not registered) the Scottish authorities can find out the contact details for any let property and get on with the business of telling them off (or whatever). If this were to be adopted in England it would be cheap for the landlords, the cost would cover keeping the register and any fines upon landlords go back to the local authority and would bring in the money for them to deal with more rogue landlords. Simples! Let's adopt this approach!

terry sullivan

11:28 AM, 11th February 2019, About 5 years ago

rennie--fees will rise at every opportunity--its just more tax--got to fund the pensions somehow

Annie Landlord

9:21 AM, 12th February 2019, About 5 years ago

Really shouldn't refer to it as the NLA. That is clearly the National Landlords Association


16:23 PM, 18th February 2019, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Rennie at 10/02/2019 - 09:05
Well yes.... except that there has been a staggeringly low number of prosecutions since the inception of the Scottish scheme, so it is, as Terry says, just another tax.

I believe the number of prosecutions is as low as two (yes, you read that right, just '2') in the years since inception but I stand happy to be corrected.


13:57 PM, 2nd March 2019, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Badger at 18/02/2019 - 16:23
The Scottish scheme although cheap is not fit for purpose!

Only the good landlords register as we fear a £50k fine but also see the benefits of it if it were used properly.

About 7 years ago, the police kicked in a door of one of my flats as there was an issue and they couldn’t find my contact details. I asked why they didn’t use the register to find me and they said they had never heard of it lol.

My sister had an issue with the tenants below in one of her flats (drugs related) and she checked the register to find the landlord to discuss the problems. He wasn’t registered so my sister called landlord registration to point out this fact. They treated her like a criminal: how do you know it is let? How do you know these are not just family members? Basically they threw up every excuse not to investigate - useless!,

I would happily become a bounty hunter and split the £50k with them every time I came across an unregistered landlord. Surely they could employ someone to do this job and pay them a handsome salary with their first catch, the rest would be profit!

I have to agree it is just another tax on us honest landlords - the dishonest ones must laugh at us and know something we don’t.

I asked a friend who is high up in the local council why they don’t prosecute these landlords and he said that they fear losing in court if challenged - madness.

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