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14:34 PM, 5th December 2018
About 4 days ago

Another thing landlords are going to be blamed for?

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 05/12/2018 - 12:24
Would you please elaborate on this as my understanding is that the agent took the money to guarantee that the property would be reserved for the client and not advertised further so they weren't taking money to register their requirements but to reserve the property for them... Read More


15:42 PM, 19th November 2018
About 3 weeks ago

New Housing Court proposals consultation

Well, I have filled in this survey, even though I have no experience of any of these courts. If you read it, it says people who have been through this experience. I haven't, but have suffered losses due to abandonment, non payment of rent, damage to property at the end of a tenancy, tenants who think they can decorate and obviously can't, breach of tenancy agreement and now this stupid endless tenancy we have in Scotland so I have given them the benefit of my experience even though I haven't been to court. Well of course I would have been if there was any chance of recouping my losses... Read More


10:58 AM, 13th November 2018
About 4 weeks ago

Deposit/Bond - Paper Guarantees?

I like the sound of this. I was thinking of offering to refund my (good) tenant's deposits and charge an extra £12pm so I like this conversation as it opens up all the cans of worms that I need to think about. Yes, a great idea if I could get some kind of "cover" for this extra rent.... Read More


20:54 PM, 12th November 2018
About 4 weeks ago

The Alliance is Launched

All weighed, all paid but I didn't see where to get the receipt. Here's to our success in all our ventures. Thank you Larry.... Read More


9:04 AM, 17th October 2018
About 2 months ago

Proposal to make BTL a time limited offer - Feedback request

1. I wouldn't be prepared to sell under this scheme as the benefits would be absolutely negligible.
2. 2
3. I am unlikely to be paying more than £500 CGT
4. One of them might.

5. If things get better in general for landlords or if my tenant stayed long term and looked after the property I wouldn't sell. I bought with the intention to provide an income in retirement.
6. It is just a puff of smoke! If tenants want to buy houses (any houses) they will! The reason they can't buy them is because they can't get the deposit together or they can't get a mortgage. So! Education for them so they realise they can't have a £50-£90per month TV contract AND own their own home - it doesn't work like that. Education so they know that owning a home involves a responsibility to maintain and protect it otherwise it will just go to wrack and ruin. Also, relax these ridiculous qualifications for getting a mortgage. Everyone knows that a lot of people can actually afford to pay a mortgage but no-one will give them one (I come into this category as I don't have my own home but they would give me mortgages for as many buy-to-lets as I wanted).

So some people will buy a house and then lose it for various reasons, some their fault and some not. A NANNY STATE CANNOT PROTECT THEM FROM THIS.... Read More