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16:47 PM, 20th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Illusion of fact?

Yes, please help us to understand. What is a "strike out"?... Read More


12:29 PM, 7th November 2020
About 3 weeks ago


14:11 PM, 6th November 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill or Artificial state manipulation of free market rent?

Here goes:-

Your Views
1 The Member in Charge thinks there is a need to make private rents fairer for tenants and to create a better balance of power between
private landlords and tenants. Do you agree with this overall policy aim? If so, do you think the Bill will help achieve this outcome?
Please provide your response in the box provided.:
There is actually a need to make private rents actually payable by tenants and a need for a system that helps and encourages landlords to recoup any losses
occasioned by tenants either knowlingly or negligently.
Yes, there is a need to create a better balance of power between private landlords and tenants and it needs to give landlords more power. Why do you think that
the government deregulated rent control in 1988? Because they needed more housing possibly?
Why do you think they removed security of tenure for tenants? Because landlords weren't up for continuing to provide housing when they couldn't get their
property back possibly?
It worked really well didn't it?
What did the government do wrong prior to this? What happened to make them run out of houses and money? In 1980 Margaret Thatcher introduced "right to
buy" so not only did she deplete the supply of social (cheaper) housing, but she also gave generous discounts thereby severely decreasing councils ability to
house people.
What didn't any council do - ever? Why build or buy homes that could be rented out at about 75% of the market rent so they could house their people. I see now
that I live in Scotland that private companies are building homes like billy-o but unfortunately affordable rent isn't affordable - ask the people who have been
asked to pay that affordable rent and also look at the statistics because they both say the same thing - NOT AFFORDABLE.
So tenants cannot have security of tenure more than a certain degree that landlords are happy to deal with. If you are asking why then it has something to do with
the house belonging to the landlord and the natural desire to be in control of it.
If you have been paying attention over the last 5 years landlords have been paying out more and more and more and more.............................oh yes, and even
more. What for?
no tax relief on mortgage interest which is a legitimate borrowing to run one's business. Oh yes, sorry, I should have been a plumber! Mandatory EPCs,
mandatory EICRs, mandatory gas safety checks ( I have to admit this is one I would never miss even if it wasn't mandatory), inadmissibility of taking a larger
deposit for a tenant who represents a higher risk or keeps 5 dogs or both, tenant fees ban so I can't find out if a potential tenant is a risk to my income unless I
pay for it ( so that means the tenant can just keep moving around with no regard to how much it costs the landlord - oh for a tenant who would just stay put for 12
years), inability to save the potential tenant and the letting agent time by telling them that people on benefits will not be considered, mandatory deposit protection,
inability to accept 6 months rent up front where this can mitigate the risk of rent default, void periods where the tenant thinks they can just move out and ignore
their contract with you, voic periods waiting to find the right tenant with a lesser risk profile, council tax on voids, unpaid gas and electricity bills, tenants who
decorate without your permission and think they are grand decorators but when they move out you have to pay £1,000 to put the decoration right. I could go
so where were we? Oh yes, the balance of power. Well I can categorically state that the balance of power is ALL on the tenant's side.
2 Section 1 of the Bill it prevents a landlord of a private residential tenancy from increasing rent in any year by more than the Consumer
Price Index plus 1%? Do you agree with this? Section 1 also gives the Scottish Government a power to vary the cap by order. Do you agree
with this?
Please provide your response in the text box provided. :
No and No
3 Section 2 allows a tenant in a private residential tenancy to apply to have a “fair open market rent” determined by a Rent Officer. Do you
agree with section 2?
Please enter your response in the text box provided. :
Because of the way the system would operate it wouldn't be fair to the landlord and it certainly wouldn't be an open market rent would it as it would be regulated.
a. Won't be necessary as there won't be rent officers.
b. As above fair open market rent doesn't exist. It is either fair (but to whom?) or it is an open market rent.
4 Section 3 requires the following to be entered into the Scottish Landlord Register: the monthly rent charged for a property, the number
of occupiers, and the number of bedrooms and living apartments. The MSP who introduced the Bill thinks this change will help ensure we
have more public data about private rent levels. Do you agree with Section 3 of the Bill?
Please enter your response in the text box provided.:
According to what you say your only reason for wanting this data is so that you can control rents and have rent pressure zones. If that were not the case and you
wanted to do something constructive with the data I would be only too happy to supply it.
5 What financial impact do you think the Bill will have – on private tenants, on landlords in the private rented sector, on local authorities,
on Rent Services Scotland, on the First-tier Tribunal, or on anyone else?
Please enter your response in the text box provided.:
I beleive that landlords will scuttle off and live in Portugal (if they can afford it - not many can) or just stop being landlords because the amount of time, money and
effort to run this business is just not worth it. Should have rented from the council and then they would pay my care home bill when the time comes. Instead of
which, stupid me, I studied really hard at school, worked day and night and 7 day weeks to buy my own home, then worked day and night to buy a home to let out
so I could provide for my retirement and now I am in my retirement and all I get is money bleeding out me and sleepless nights.
financial impact on tenants....there will be fewer and fewer private rental homes so according to the laws of supply and demand the price will go up. Landlords will
be ver more reluctant to take on tenants on any kind of support so those people with the least visible means of support will be on the streets because the councils
can't provide for them and the government wont let/fund the councils to build/buy homes for these people.
Local authorities...they will all be having nervous breakdowns because they can't cope with the demand put on them
Rent services Scotland.....don't know who they are
First-tier will ever get through the doors as there will be such a queue and that will only be the people who can afford to go to court. Far
easier for landlords to just shut up shop and call it a day.
6 We welcome any other comments you may have on the Bill that you think are relevant and important, including its likely impact (positive
or negative) on equalities, human rights and quality of life issues.
Please enter your comments in the box provided::
For all of these, equalitites, human rights and quality of life issues......... if there were a database of tenants so landlords could know who not to rent to and
thereby avoid all the thousands of pounds worth of losses, landlords would stop visiting their mental health provider, tenant's rents would go down, private sector
housing would increase, working and non-working tenants would have an equal crack at the whip BUT ONLY PROVIDING THE COUNCIL PAY THE LANDLORD
I know I am shouting but ARE YOU LISTENING?
The problem is not what you think it is. Landlords aren't turning to short lets because it is more lucrative (well it was up until now). Landlords aren't turning benefit
applicants away because of stigma or because they don't like them. Landlords don't want anyone to be homeless but all the while you put the load on them
instead of sorting the problem at it's root, all these problems you are trying to avoid will continue... Read More


12:09 PM, 6th November 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill or Artificial state manipulation of free market rent?

Thank you so much for sharing your answers with us. It helps to organise the thoughts instead of just blowing up because yet another thing is sent to try us............ Read More


21:01 PM, 29th October 2020
About a month ago

Do I have to accept a Smart Meter?

Reply to the comment left by brian_g at 29/10/2020 - 17:41
I am so pleased I am not the only landlord who thinks smart meters are bad because they emit electro magnetic radiation. My tenant asked if he could change suppliers and I said yes but please think carefully before you agree to a smart meter etc, etc and I am happy to say he decided against the smart meter... Read More