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12:26 PM, 4th July 2020
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20:54 PM, 17th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

ONS private rental price index

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at 17/06/2020 - 10:48
I am sorry but I can't be alone in this. There must be more people who don't know the difference between median and mean. Please would you explain?... Read More


11:10 AM, 11th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Appeal to Scottish Government on energy efficiency improvement works

Reply to the comment left by Jireh Homes at 11/06/2020 - 10:54
Where on earth is anyone going to find £5K per property? As usual it is a piece of madness. No matter how much you want to make things better and no matter how much you don't want to get fined it is a pretty steep requirement and, as always, they never put enough thought into it and never allow enough time to get it done. What happens when they decide that gas boilers are not the thing and we need to save the planet and we need to use electricity and/or put in solar panels and earth source heat pumps and things? What will happen to the EPC then? We will all be at "F" won't we? Somebody please enlighten me!... Read More


11:00 AM, 4th June 2020
About a month ago


20:13 PM, 30th May 2020
About a month ago

NAPIT electrical testing exceeds new regulation requirements?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Morgan at 30/05/2020 - 19:33
Yes, that is how I understood it to be. The 100% relating to the circuits and the sockets only 20% may be tested/checked but this depends on what else the leccy finds. If you wanted to you could have more than 20% of sockets tested even though no reason is found to indicate that it is necessary but if it makes you feel safer then go for it but it will cost more.... Read More