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Paul A Brady

18:08 PM, 8th February 2019, About 3 years ago

Landlords Alliance under laughing stock ICO investigation!

On the ICO point I have forwarded a number of documents received by me from one local authority to the Alliance as evidence of a serious data breach. In brief, the documents sent to me ( in amongst my own paperwork ) contained the personal details of a landlord and 3 of his tenants including: names, addresses and benefit levels. Will the ICO investigate these breaches?

I joined the Landlords' Alliance out of frustration at the lack of active campaigning by the established landlord bodies after hearing Mr. Sweeney interviewed on You and Yours. It seems to me there has been more media coverage of the Alliance in the past few months than the other landlord bodies put together.

George Osbourne buys a £3 million chalet in Switzerland, but wants to pull the ladder up after him and drive those people who have invest in rental property to provide an income/pension for themselves and homes for individuals and families out of the market. Hopefully, a few more landlords realised what is going on when they received their 2017/18 tax bills.

We need more people to join the Alliance and fight for change before we are all driven out of business by over regulation, over taxation and pointless licensing schemes, the costs of which appear to increase with every new authority that introduces them.... Read More

Paul A Brady

19:22 PM, 26th July 2018, About 3 years ago

Kent Landlord - Hero or Villain

If the aim of the anti-landlord lobby is to divide and rule us they are doing a very good job if the previous posts are anything to go by. Cast you minds back to the 'Life of Brian' and picture the Romans looking on as the Peoples Front of Judea fight to the death with the Judean Peoples Front. If we are so divided how can we hope to fight back.
Council Licensing schemes are a revenue raising exercise pure and simple which appear to give authorities carte blanche to impose ever more onerous conditions on the PRS while ignoring problems in the social housing sector. Social Housing providers should be subject to the same standards as the PRS. Undoubtedly, there are landlords out there who should not be in business but they will be the ones who continue to operate under the radar - because they require too much effort to track down.

This link shows a video of a 'crackdown' in Liverpool this week

The triumphant narrator says '.... this shows how selective licensing is improving tenants lives...' - what she doesn't say is that the council had the power to do this before licensing was introduced, but didn't act.

A letter to the Liverpool Echo yesterday complains about the poor response from the council and housing associations in dealing with complaints about their tenants - who holds these bodies to account?
We need to stick together and find a voice which we are not getting from the RLA/NLA - how can we find a voice if we are fighting amongst ourselves.... Read More

Paul A Brady

10:55 AM, 27th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Liverpool Council lose at Property Tribunal

Reply to the comment left by "Luke P" at "27/06/2017 - 10:19":

I think you are right Luke. I doubt we will hear much more from them - we live in hope!... Read More

Paul A Brady

9:56 AM, 27th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Liverpool Council lose at Property Tribunal

So, LCC just cannot be wrong. Even when they are wrong they are right! With a little less arrogance and dogma and a bit more humility from LCC in dealing with the legitimate concerns of private landlords this whole situation could have been avoided. Never mind, it isn't their money after all.

Questions to LCC:

1) How much did this appeal process cost the tax payer?
2) If the Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to deal with matters 1-3, who on earth
does? Or is there no appeal on these matters.
3) After my partner registered his properties, it was over 12 months before LCC contacted him to complete part 1 of the process. How can you charge a 5 year fee for what can only be a maximum 4 year licence?

LCC has brushed aside concerns about their T's & C's and now they have to reissue licences - two and a half years into the process.... Read More

Paul A Brady

21:19 PM, 30th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Liverpool City Council - The sorry saga continues

So why have Liverpool been running two licensing schemes? Surprised they are not trying to charge us double for the privilege!

The arrogance of these people is beyond belief. When they are caught out ( e.g. as with the Section 21 fiasco ) they simply say they have amended the terms, no acceptance that they were completely wrong and potentially leaving landlords open to civil and legal action. They are parading successful prosecutions of people in the local press who had not applied for licences, but not a single prosecution for poor housing conditions - as ever going for the easy targets. Not applying for a licence is stupid, but keeping people in poor housing conditions is a crime - or should be. I still meet landlords who do not know there is a licensing scheme in place! I find it hard to believe myself - hopefully one of their attempts at prosecution will be fought and fought HARD. No doubt there are bad landlords in Liverpool, as there are bad councillors, bad council employees and bad bankers, but the bad landlords will not be the ones to get caught; just the badly informed ones.... Read More