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16:10 PM, 19th December 2020, About 6 months ago

High Court enforcement action against Liverpool City Council

Reply to the comment left by Leics Landlord at 19/12/2020 - 11:28
I am Shaun Maharaj the landlord who yesterday instructed court enforcement specialists (CES) to send their team of high court enforcement to raid the offices of corrupt Liverpool city council.
For the avoidance of doubt I state that Liverpool council lied to the echo. There were a total of 49 writs executed and almost £80k retrieved plus costs. The writs were sent up to the high court as the rogue council refused to discharge county court judgement. These judgments can be viewed as unsatisfied on registry trust. This council has more judgments than any local authority anywhere. As regards Liverpool's statement that the matter was still under dispute in the courts, this is a blatant lie. Enforcement's agents cannot attend unless judgments are already in place. The council are insulting the intelligence of the public. Finally i can confirm that numerous other cases and litigation are in train and as these separate cases are still before the courts, it would not be appropriate to comment suffice to say that Liverpool also has a £40k legal bill to pay me for failed/ fraudulent proceedings against me which collapsed in the Queen Elizabeth law courts 2 weeks ago. Liverpool are squandering tax payers money on their failed vendetta against me.... Read More


21:07 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 2 years ago

National Landlords Alliance meets Sefton Council

Clearly because of the section 21 situation i will be selling my entire portfolio which is roughly 150 houses. I have had enough, in the mean time i will only be letting the houses to working professionals, No housing benefits, dss etc, Had enough... Read More


18:31 PM, 8th February 2019, About 2 years ago

Landlords Alliance under laughing stock ICO investigation!

The NLA has done more in the last three month than and other Landlord association around. We have cried help many times but no one answer. Now the NLA is here and what do some landlords do, stab in the back. Its a joke, We now have the NLA to stand and fight for us and some Landlords want to bring it down. Shame on the Landlords who went behind the NLA back.My experience with the NLA has been nothing but constant breath of fresh air. They listen, back us up, advise us, stand with us. If we donot stand together we will get knocked down like domino, one by one. Carnt you people see why we need an organisation like the NLA more than ever. More Landlords need to join to strengthen us and our voice we be heard and respected. Every Landlord should put joining the NLA on the top of there to-do list. "Start were you Stand"... Read More


20:41 PM, 28th September 2018, About 3 years ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

I have know Larry for a while and he has and still is doing an amazing job in Liverpool... Read More