Free insulation for tenanted properties

Free insulation for tenanted properties

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Free insulation for tenanted propertiesDid you know that landlords can now get free loft, cavity and solid wall insulation and more, especially if your tenants are in receipt of benefits?

The procedure to find out whether your properties qualify for free insulation is simple; it costs just £100 for a survey and if the works go ahead the survey fee is refunded too!

The surveyor will measure the existing insulation in the loft. Cavity wall insulation is a simple drill test and holes are filled again afterwards. The turnaround on insulations is really fast and done by approved insulation teams.

External insulation is available for properties pre 1920 which are of a solid construction. An additional wall is added and then rendered. It looks really smart, adds value to a property and costs the landlord nothing!

There are a lot of misunderstandings amongst landlords surrounding the Green Deal. I don’t profess to being an expert but I do know that a lot of the work which is completed as a result of Green Deal assessments isn’t necessarily paid for with Green Deal funding. There are several grants available too! These are very much dependent upon your tenants’ financial circumstances. Therefore, it is important that your chosen assessors/surveyors and the companies they work with to arrange funding and installations based on their recommendations also obtain comprehensive details of your tenants finances to obtain the most efficient funding. The company we have now partnered with are a FTSE 250 company and employ over 70,000 people. They provide these services to Housing Associations and Councils. They are, therefore, incredibly well placed to advise you and your tenants properly.

The problem with trying to investigate all the different schemes yourself is that you don’t know what YOU don’t know and you don’t know what you local man doesn’t know either!

It’s all very well trying a DIY approach to this but why bother when, under the scheme we have put together, you get the £100 survey fee back when the works are done anyway?

What’s the point in going to a local supplier who has a handful of contacts when you can go to a National company which is bang up to date with all the schemes available?

In terms of the £100 survey fee, I can’t see why some landlords might perceive this is an issue. Why would anybody do the research if they were not indenting to go ahead?

As I see it, the £100 is merely a refundable commitment fee.

Conclusion – if you are serious about improving your property and you want the best advice on all schemes without doing the leg work then pay your £100 to our recommended supplier, get the work done and get your £100 back. SIMPLES!

Advantages to having an assessment and proceeding with works are; increased property values, reducing carbon emissions and happy tenants as the cost of the energy bills will be lower, especially over time as we are all aware that energy costs are rising quickly.

The businesses we have partnered with have surveyors and installers throughout the country which means that customer service is fast and efficient. Remember, your survey fee is refunded when the works proceed.

How to get FREE insulation for tenanted properties

If you would like to know more please complete the form below.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Important note – this article was updated on 8th April 2013. Some of the comments below refer to Michael Wakefield, an insulation specialist who very kindly who provided content in the original article. We have since removed that content and now refer all enquiries to a National supplier which has the resource not only to respond quickly, but also to arrange and complete insulation work in a timely manner no matter where your properties are located.

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Mary Latham

11:48 AM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Thank you for letting us know about this Mike I think that the solid wall insulation will be a of great interest to the many landlords who own Victorian properties and the boiler swap for those who have good old boilers but they are not energy efficient. I will be passing this information to landlords at my meetings

Mary Latham

12:49 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Wow! Mike Wakefield is on the ball, he mailed me within minutes of completing the enquiry form and I have just spoken to him about working in the West Midlands to make a big difference to tenants fuel bills and landlords EPC - all for FREE!

13:51 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Thanks for this info Mark. I have requested more info and will pass on the message to other landlords.

19:00 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

I would like Mikes contact details as I am really interested. Especially if he can do boiler replacements! do you have an email address or telephone no?

Mary Latham

20:04 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

I just completed the form at the bottom of the post and Mike came back to me within a few minutes. It might take longer as it is Sunday but I expect that he will reply tomorrow.

22:09 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Thanks Mary

The situation is this; the whole house approach is or was based on a landlord or maximum three closely controlled to have fifty solid wall properties. We would then be able to offer the following. Heat glass/ Boiler /solar PV/external insulation etc.

For a landlord with one or a few solid wall properties we can offer external insulation only. I'll clarify this by mid week.

I'm receiving a lot of requests to simply swap a boiler. I'm unable to do this.

Obviously if your property has a cavity and loft I'm able to do both of these.

Yet again all is free.


Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

23:14 PM, 16th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Hello all and thank you for your comments. I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today as it was my stag night last night. I'm getting married on the 12th of October, at this rate I may have just recovered from this hangover by then!

I created the form as opposed to giving out Mike's details as I'm trying to convince Mike of the commercial benefits of sponsoring Property118.

When the form is completed it sends a copy of the enquiry details instantly to both Mike and myself. This allows us both to see how much interest there has been. I'm delighted to say there have been several forms completed already.

This process also means that Mike can respond to and track enquiries far more efficiently so if you want to contact him please complete the form. When you do complete it you will receive a confirmation email with a link to Mike's website and you can obviously learn a lot more and get contact details from that.

I had several conversations by phone, text and email yesterday with Mike and he seems like a very genuine and knowledgeable guy.

I will amend the main text in the article now to make it a bit clearer about what happens when the form is completed.

Thank you all for your interest in this, I thought this would be a useful contact to share but I didn't expect quite so many people to enquire over the weekend. When this article goes into our Newsletter to 65,000 people tomorrow night I think Mike is going to find himself VERY busy!

2:37 AM, 17th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Everybody has had a reply to all there questions

11:36 AM, 17th September 2012, About 12 years ago

What are the limits on free solid wall insulation?

Is it external or internal? (External often looks wrong unless the property is detected)

Does the property have to have a tenant in it?

What are time limits to get this?

(I am thinking this could open up buying a property with solid walls and getting it to standard)

20:35 PM, 17th September 2012, About 12 years ago

Hello Ian
Its external Only insulation. The property does not have to have a tenent in it.
The Scheme starts early Oct - so by Mid Oct we will be able to give you a further update on your property. There is vast amount to be insulated , so it wont happen over night - but as long as your property is in the system it will be done - Nov/Dec time id guess at.
Feel free to submit your list to me via the form below.

Property details - including age
Size , Bedrooms etc


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