Could Post Brexit Government Be Landlords Dream Team?

Could Post Brexit Government Be Landlords Dream Team?

22:27 PM, 30th June 2016, About 8 years ago 25

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Could Post Brexit Government Be Landlords Dream Team

Homeowners and landlords alike appreciate stability in the UK property market, so being a nation of homeowners the majority of the UK will doubtless be thankful for a new top tier in Government.

Our prediction is an all female team to fill the top two positions in the post Brexit Government with ….

  • Teresa May as Prime Minister; because of her experience, track record and diplomatic approach
  • Andrea Leadsome as Chancellor of the Exchequer; because of her background in finance, banking and fund mangement

Andrea Leadsome is known to have been angered by many of George Osborne’s, including the nonsensical reductions of finance cost relief for individual landlords.

If we are right about Andrea Leadsome becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, this is possibly our best hope of seeing a reversal of George Osborne’s policies to reduce finance cost relief for individual landlords. Of course, the backup plan remains to challenge the legislation under EU State Aid law, which still applies post Brexit, via a Judicial Review funded by the #TenantTax Campaign.

We think Michael Gove might land himself a position as Foreign Secretary, however, he has just stabbed Boris in the back, so might be seen as someone not to trust.

Boris Johnson announced earlier today he will not stand as Prime Minister after Michael Gove withdrew his support.

The former Mayor of London revealed his decision at an event that had been set up to launch his campaign to succeed David Cameron.

He said:

“Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament I have concluded that person [to lead the country] cannot be me.

My role will be to give every possible support to the next Conservative administration to make sure that we properly fulfil the mandate of the people, that was delivered at the referendum and to champion the agenda I believe in.”

Just to lighten the mood a bit, there is of course an alternative (wink, wink) 😉

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Simon Hall

23:10 PM, 30th June 2016, About 8 years ago

If that happens it would be brilliant. So you do not think there is any possibility that Theresa May will elect Osborne as her chancellor? (hope not)

Simon Hall

23:13 PM, 30th June 2016, About 8 years ago

What happens to Mr Gauke in this situation, would he still hold his current position? as I think he has been a real culprit in passing all anti landlords legislations.

Michael Fickling

10:39 AM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Theresa May...almost as arrogant as George....another geography student.... her recent actions ( eg.).. included attending the police federations own conference and slagging off the service... the audience.?..young and junior officers ( senior staff are not allowed to be members)...who have given up the best years of their lives for their vocation....her rationale??....based on her perceptions of an event they had no involvement with whatsoever..indeed many of them werent even born at the time. Wonder how she would feel about being castigated for the actions of some of her Home Sec. forbears from twenty years back!.???... Also has a terrible reputation for her ways of speaking and dealing to staff. An ill considered lady and an ill considered choice for any senior position until she learns to have some genuine humility.The problem with Cameron and his cabinet has been a repeated assumption that ministers know better than real world practitioners. Hence eventual policy U -turns.. Hence their "shock and awe" losing on Brexit despite weeks of continued and very close polls. Arrogance on a monumental and even self delusionary scale!...This woman reeks of that arrogance.No thanks.

Anne Noon

10:42 AM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Absolutely brilliant, sums up the Corpocracy perfectly!! By the way did you all know that the Government is selling off the Land Registry. This is despite the fact that it makes a hefty profit. Their charges are minuscule and if the Land Registry were to triple their charges, they would still be cheaper then the independent companies that sell you aTitle for 18.99 which you can get from the Land Registry for under a fiver. (possibly increasing profits from 100,000,000 to half a billion- that would contribute vastly to the pay-down of the National Debt.

Currently there are three or four companies who are bidding for the Land Registry , all of whom are based in Offshore Tax Havens. Therefore all that revenue which theyw ill create by increasing prices, will not be subject to tax .

Additionally, they will have access to all your Personal information, which they may well sell off to the highest bidders. This is not good, yet another example of this Government selling off our profitable organisations to their Corporate buddies. The final decision will be made next Thursday, so please lobby your MPs to Vote against the sell-off There is still time to stop this - see 38 degrees website for details.

Oh and good luck to the female Dream Team, I was very impressed with Andrea Leadsome in the Brexit debate.


10:57 AM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Hi Mark,
As you know, Property 118 is becoming an increasingly powerful forum with some notably successful lobbies under their belt. There are also a huge number of other residential landlords in the UK.
Once the 2 final candidates are nominated, is there an opportunity to get them to declare their intentions regarding the tax relief on finance and the extra 3% stamp duty
Then those who are Conservative members and any one else who is prepared to pay £25 to join can cast their votes accordingly

Anne Noon

10:57 AM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "michael fickling" at "01/07/2016 - 10:39":

And who would you suggest for PM - Osborne (who threatened more Austerity and is trying to destroy our livelihoods? ) Fox (possibly- but no one knows who he is)? Michael Gove (Judas)? or Stephen Crabb ( anti- Gay Marriage)? I agree with you that the Home office sell-off was criminal, Public Money spent on refurbishing many prisons after they have been so run-down over the years- just so their Corporate chums would not have to spend the money themselves. - I know of a young couple who gave up their well paid positions in the prison service of one of these newly-refurbished prisons on principle - and the man is now a delivery driver. But he has a clear conscience.

Theresa May is a well know International figure and would provide stability in these tumultuous times

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

11:23 AM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mike McDonagh" at "01/07/2016 - 10:57":

Hi Mike

We know for sure Andrea Leadsome would support us.

It's too late to join the party to influence the vote though, thankfully! Remember, we might be a large group but we are still a minority.


12:34 PM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

"Once the 2 final candidates are nominated, is there an opportunity to get them to declare their intentions regarding the tax relief on finance and the extra 3% stamp duty"

I agree we should be speaking to the BBC and Telegraph & Mail and getting them to ask these questions in press conferences. Gove is starting to state policy statements and it would be good to see what they all say about measures that increase rent. May has said no new tax before 2020 so can that be spun to undo Tenant Tax?

NLA are not going to play or lobby or press Tenant Tax with anyone in Westminster for years they say. They believe the fight is lost and or is not worth rejuvenating now - maybe in 3-4 years... but not now. I believe we should work hard to get the Tenant Tax as a leadership policy point. The key phrases today is "one nation conservatism" and one nation means no buying class of citizen in favour of a sub class of citizen we call renters.

Press Office

15:16 PM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Markb " at "01/07/2016 - 12:34":

Dear Mark,
Your summary of the NLA’s position is incorrect.
At last night’s meeting, we repeated our opposition to the Tenant Tax, and said that we would continue to campaign and lobby on it, and build up the evidence base to prove what implications the policy is having on the PRS.
We highlighted that due to its 4 year implementation, it may be a campaign which lasts over several years, as we build up this evidence base, and raise awareness amongst politicians, tenants and landlords who still are not yet aware of its likely impact, but stressed this was one issue that we are committed to fighting every step of the way, however long it takes.


17:43 PM, 1st July 2016, About 8 years ago

Thank you for the correction and explanation. Perhaps you'd update the forum on what the NLA is doing currently on Tenant Tax.

I continue to believe this is a matter for now and later and any candidate using the phrase de jour of "one nation conservatism" should be asked to square that claim with the Dave and George two tired two class of citizen where the lower class (renters) are expected to pay for the upper class (homeowners and wannabe homeowners). In a one nation policy shouldn't renters have the same rights and safeguards as homeowners. Tenant Tax and attacks on the PRS are shortsighted and do noting to provide a home for all and absolutely noting to build the new homes for first time buyers. A view on the Tenant Tax now is a good chance for the candidates to state their position on the subject.

I also believe the same is true on the Labour leader contest which will surely follow shortly.

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