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9:24 AM, 7th November 2020
About 3 months ago

Tenants are a nightmare for allowing workman in - EICR?

Hi Steve,
I think we have your tenants brother in one of our properties. They are paranoid about contactors in the property even without cv and lockdown.
In view of age of electrics, I guarantee you property will fail on things like: -
Have all circuits got RCD protection
Have all lights got earth (if any metal fittings)
is any high level trunking either metal or secured with metal fixings
Are all bathroom fittings clearly marked to confirm zone suitability
etc, etc.
The legislation requires that the landlord must make best endeavours but cannot insist on the necessary access.
I have made sure that I have a paper trail to show how hard we have tried and that the tenant has exercised their right to refuse.
Knowing what our tenant is like I sought access to "carry out the test, all essential upgrades and certification" Otherwise if you just seek access for the test which reveals major faults that he won't allow you to repair you are opening up a whole can of worms. It is one thing trying to gain access with no known defects but quite another to allow them to live there if "dangers" are known.
Very best of luck. I share your problem.
And of course a great many thanks to the numpties of Westminster who think continuing implementing this during a pandemic is a good idea.... Read More


10:31 AM, 1st September 2020
About 5 months ago

New Electrical Installation Condition Report Rules July 2020?

Just had 9 properties tested by an electrician I would not use again. However, all 9 properties have come back as unsatisfactory. I have never considered myself a bad landlord and have always checked that gas, electric and all utilities are safe...or so I thought.
With regard to the electrics we have always checked at least every 6 months, upgraded any boards to accommodate trip fuses and replaced any fittings showing signs of damage, cracking or arcing.
The certificates report that all circuits must have an RCD. Where these now have to be fitted retrospectively they report that as works are being carried out the Fuse boards must be changed to new compliant metal ones. They are quoting version 18 of the guide as the benchmark.
Is it correct that all revisions and upgrades must be carried out retrospectively to this standard.
3 of our properties are purpose built between 2005 and 2007 and have all failed on these same reasons.
Additionally, one has failed as they could not find a gas bond on the meter which is outside the block. There are 12 flats all the same, built 2005 and the 5 which are rented all hold gas safe certificates. Is it my job to find the earthing bond or should the electrician be able to test with a meter.
Any advice gratefully received.... Read More


8:52 AM, 22nd August 2020
About 5 months ago

Thank heavens for landlords

Reply to the comment left by The Forever Tenant at 17/08/2020 - 11:52
I note in particular your comments that "You are involved in providing one of the the items that is basically required for any reasonable person to live. A roof over ones head is a necessity, so by profiting from that, you have already been put into a bad light."
An even more basic requirement is food and drink. Would you consider bars, restaurants and food supermarkets in the same light as landlords. Should those in need be allowed to eat and drink their fill, help themselves to supplies and walk away without paying. Should the government step in with legislation to ensure they cannot be stopped or apprehended or face any form of prosecution during these difficult times.... Read More


14:55 PM, 16th December 2019
About A year ago

Is it reasonable to ask for extra security on front door?

My suggestion would be to ask the landlord to either let you fit the extra security/locks you require providing you give him a copy or ask if he can arrange to get the job done at your cost.
I cannot imagine why any landlord would refuse to have the security of his property upgraded for free.
If he still says no without a compelling excuse do not rent this flat unless you want a most unreasonable landlord.
Good Luck, Mike... Read More


9:59 AM, 16th December 2018
About 2 years ago

And the landlord vote goes to - Please vote again

I would vote for an inconsequential "other" in order not to be classified as couldn't be bothered. I would much rather vote "none of the above" but of course they dare not offer that option...which would be much closer to democracy that the current system. I previously voted Tory but feel it is like turkeys voting for Xmas.... Read More