Yet another new Housing Minister – ‘Big Beast’ Michael Gove

Yet another new Housing Minister – ‘Big Beast’ Michael Gove

7:36 AM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago 10

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Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has been sacked in the latest Cabinet reshuffle and replaced by Tory ‘Big Beast’ Michael Gove who famously stabbed Boris Johnson in the front during the first conservative leadership campaign after the Brexit vote.

Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath, has been given the joint jobs of Housing, cross-government responsibility for levelling up the country and retains ministerial responsibility for the Union and elections. Within the conservative party, he does have a reputation for being more radical and getting things done.

Gove will be initially charged with delivering on the government’s promise to build 300,000 new homes a year and handle ongoing issues uncovered by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association said: “We welcome Michael Gove to his new position and look forward to working with him to ensure the rental market works for responsible landlords and tenants alike.

“Key to this will be addressing the supply crisis in the sector by developing pro-growth policies that recognise the vital contribution it makes to housing millions of people across the country.”

Propertymark CEO, Nathan Emerson, commented: “We welcome today’s appointment of Michael Gove as the new Secretary of State for Housing. Over the past 18 months housing has been high on the political agenda, with the long term Covid-19 inflicted stamp duty holiday and evictions ban due to close at the end of the month.

“We look forward to meeting the new Secretary of State and his team over the coming months and hope the Department’s position and policy focus stays on track.”

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Adrian Alderton

11:31 AM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

God help us.
Just look how he screwed up the Education system.


11:34 AM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

Michael - if you're reading this, I'm happy to sit down with you and tell you how it really is in the PRS.
If you only listen to the likes of Shelter and even the NRLA, you wont have a balanced view of the rental market. But maybe you're the next in a long line of housing ministers who dont care?


13:14 PM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

I don't think there will be tears over Robert Jenrick departing. But will Michael Gove be any better?

Will he consult with ARMA and IRPM regarding leasehold reform, building safety and regulation? I doubt it. He'll be busy doing other stuff, as no minister in recent history has taken housing seriously.


13:31 PM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

I'm sure there will be some fresh regulations coming!

Ian Narbeth

17:11 PM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

At least Michael Gove is intelligent enough to see the damage that his Department does to the PRS. Whether he has the political desire and skill to avoid doing so remains to be seen.

Monty Bodkin

20:06 PM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 16/09/2021 - 17:11
The renters reform bill will be telling.

If they put the boot into landlords yet again then we'll know.


21:42 PM, 16th September 2021, About 3 years ago

It seems 'no one fights our corner' - they would not be very popular!

Shining Wit

11:35 AM, 17th September 2021, About 3 years ago

Perhaps Michael Gove will take more (or at least some) interest in the Leaseholder issue(s) currently in the media spotlight...

The Building Safety Crisis will not be solved by expecting leaseholders to fund any works in advance.
Even ignoring the morality of charging them for failings they had no part in creating (in buildings they don't even own) - they just don't have the available funds to pay the enormous bills (anything up to £200,000 per leaseholder, many millions per affected building)...


14:22 PM, 17th September 2021, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Shining Wit at 17/09/2021 - 11:35
There are some in government who accept that they are responsible.

Interestingly, leaked documents now expose that, years before the Grenfell tragedy, ACM cladding was failing all fire tests but the government ignored this and pronounced them safe for use.
Certanly a scandal that Gove should be addressing.


9:39 AM, 18th September 2021, About 3 years ago

The cavity wall insulation scandal where damp has been created in properties also needs addressing.

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