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Adrian Alderton

11:31 AM, 16th September 2021, About A week ago

Yet another new Housing Minister - 'Big Beast' Michael Gove

God help us.
Just look how he screwed up the Education system.... Read More

Adrian Alderton

9:38 AM, 13th August 2021, About a month ago

Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS) payable on multiple purchases under £40k?

Speak to a couple of other scottish solicitors. I have found that the agents/solicitors etc to be very helpful in Scotland. I also had an ADS query and was told it was payable but further enquiries with other solictors indicates that it is not so I am proceeding.

Good luck... Read More

Adrian Alderton

10:53 AM, 7th July 2021, About 3 months ago

A kinder way to deal with tenants who are not paying rent

Good idea as many tenants just need a helping hand to get through a crisis. When i worked in Local Auth Housing years ago we were always looking for financial or other support agencies which sometimes proved successful. SSAFA for example were always very good and very occaisionally social services but lets not go there.... Read More

Adrian Alderton

10:51 AM, 25th June 2021, About 3 months ago

.Gov online repair checker for tenants

Mainly refers tenants to the Local Council or Shelter advice. All local authorities have environmental health/private sector housing officers and provide much more comprehensive information.
God help us if this is the best they can do.... Read More

Adrian Alderton

11:58 AM, 20th April 2021, About 5 months ago

What is defined as Capital Expenditure?

I did some research on this for the same reason as you. You can claim capital improvement but not repairs. Improvements talk about substantial improvements such as extensions and additional rooms/facilities. So renewing a kitchen is a repair but a kitchen extension your could claim for the portion extended. We renewed rotten single glazed windows with double glazing which appears to be classed as an improvement. Most works however are classed as repairs.... Read More